3 Custom Color will match discontinued lipstick. (This is not news to me, I've known about them for years.)

Do I want to sent them the last smidge of my long-hoarded Original Formula Chanel Vamp lipstick, so I can get it duplicated?

PRO: I'd finally have more Vamp! I could stop searching!

CON: $60 for two tubes, minimum two tube order.

Even more ridiculous, I am vaguely thinking of doing this with my discontinued One True WnW lipstick. (Instead of the Vamp, not in addition to. I'm not yet willing to spend $120 + shipping on 4 tubes of lipstick.)

This is going to lead to me swatching Vamp vs the WnW color, isn't it?
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( Jul. 13th, 2016 04:30 pm)
Things that are hilarious to possibly no one but myself:

Thanks to a recent purchase at the MAC counter ("Last Dance" Dazzleshadow), I have pretty much recreated one of my favorite eye shadow palettes from the early 90s.

"Last Dance" - pale pink/gold, with tons of pink glitter.
"Sketch" - matte blackened burgundy.
"Plum Dressing" - satin cherry/plum.
"Mylar" - matte white.

Between that and the fact that Rituel de Fille's "Night Wanderer", layered over MAC "Nightmoth" pencil, is super-close to the original color of Revlon's "Blackberry" lipstick (not the modern formulation--we will not speak of that pale abomination), my ElderGoth roots are showing A LOT.

... actually, they are, and I need to dye my hair. Good thing I stocked up on SFX "Burgundy Wine" and Manic Panic "Vampire Red" recently.
My skin is getting paler.

Which is not a problem, really, except that finding foundation that works for me is already difficult! Seriously, I've been resorting to adding some of Ye Olde Manic Panic Dreamtone white liquid into my BB Cream, and it still oxidizes to darker than my skin tone. The Kat von D Lock-It foundations (in liquid and powder) oxidize just enough to be darker than my face.

I've got a compact of Manic Panic "Creature of the Night" powder foundation that I'm going to try again, but I seem to recall I stopped using it because it was too chalky of a consistency, and just wouldn't blend. I'm pretty sure I've also got a jar of Aromaleigh foundation in 00 (Ghost) that I need to try again.

I know, I know. Go ahead and stamp my goth/vampire card - I'll be over here under a parasol, hissing at the sun.
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( May. 9th, 2013 04:16 pm)
Tea time! With a flask of bittersweet chocolate vodka sitting on my desk, which I virtuously did NOT add any of to my tea.

Vintage Fluevogs and burgundy lace tights. Which reminds me, I need to go to a Marshall's and look for more lace tights, because that's where all of mine come from.

And finally, from when I was trying to decide if I wanted more tea, and wanted to show off my new Vlad Dracul portrait necklace. (You can find everything on Etsy.)

In shallow makeup news: Inglot lipstick #175 is pretty much my perfect color, the #22 loose shimmer eyeshadow is SPAAAAAARKLY and I loves it, and I've become a convert to the whole BB cream trend thanks to Skin79's "hot pink label" (seriously, that's what it's called) version of it.
I was very productive last night, and even convinced myself to do 40 minutes on the exercise bike. (The trick, apparently, is to bribe myself with watching part of Life on the Murder Scene (the "Revenge"-era MCR documentary) while pedaling. Shut up, I own my fangirlish ways.)

This morning, I posted a new Gothic Charm School, applied extra-sparkly eye makeup, and while applying my eyeliner decided that to really make today better than yesterday, I needed to wear one of my favorite outfits, not the outfit I had set out last night.

Olde Skool text-version Shallow Fashion Details! )

(The Goth at the Office photo will happen later.)

Now I focus on work stuff, and listen to the bandom playlist to remind myself that no matter how bad I felt yesterday, I am more emotionally stable than Pete Wentz. (That's a very comforting thing to remind myself, sometimes.)
This whole week has been bad. Just ... gnnng. Bad, and I'm hoping next week is better. (It should be, what with The Damned concert and going to PDX for the My Summer As A Goth Halloween movie party on Friday.)

But! Hey look! Aromaleigh is re-launching! http://aromaleighv2.wordpress.com/

"Aromaleigh’s founder, Kristen Leigh Bell, will be acting as the Creative Director, and Director of Product Formulation for the new Aromaleigh. With all the amazing, improved pigments and ingredients that are available now, the opportunity to work for Aromaleigh in this capacity is very exciting!"

I'm hoping the new people behind it bring back Porcelaine finishing powder and the Voile and Glissade powder foundations. Because while I have a stockpile of Glissade in both shades I liked (L1 and OO), it would be reassuring to know that they exist beyond my cache.
I wish that the Back-2-MAC program let you trade empty packaging for eyeliner. Because I certainly don't need any more lipstick from MAC, but my goodness, do I need another tube of Liquidlast Point Black. It's my One True Liquid Liner, because it lasts through EVERYTHING. Events? No problem. Sudden weather changes? Sure. Allergy attacks? Yep. Crying, crying, and more crying? Oh thank goodness, YES. Sure, it takes longer than other liquid liners to dry, but I find using a hairdryer set on "low" to speed it up strangely soothing. (It helps with my sinus migraines, okay? It's not entirely because I'm a crazy person.)

While I'm thinking about shallow makeup things, it would also be nice if MAC started making more colors of Liquidlast again. In addition to Point Black, I have Powerplum (dark burgundy) and Visionaire (pearlized candy pink), and I love them.


In other news, I am having a day where I feel like I've been beaten with a pillowcase full of rocks. I'm not sure if this is just a flare-up of my ongoing health issues (CFS and Lyme Disease, with a side of Cat Scratch Fever, yes really), or if I'm coming down with something. Either way, I'm not thrilled with this.
(Which you've already seen if you follow me on other social media places.)

(Yes, someone at the club asked me if I was a Christmas caroler. ::sigh::)

(The eyeshadow is Cupid (light pink matte), Gothic (shimmery red), Bleeding Poppy (shimmery burgundy), and Edie (super shimmery pink), all from Aromaleigh.)

Last night was wonderful. There were a bunch of my favorite people out, who made sure to keep me distracted when the DJs played songs that triggered my OMG MUST DANCE NOW! reaction. (Dammit, that was the first time I've not danced to "Bloodletting" by Concrete Blonde at a club, ever. Grrr!)

Congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] sistawendy! Welcome to being a girl, dearheart. I'm very happy for you.
Hey ElderGoths! Remember the Dior Plastic Shine lip lacquers? I would kill to have those re-released. Okay, I would kill to have the "Memorable Violet" and "Outspoken Violet" re-released. "Memorable Violet" was as close to the perfect color as I had ever found. I'm assuming that even if I still *had* a tube of it, it's probably a little beyond the use-by date, drat it all.

(This post is prompted by this photo, btw.)
Why YES, the Adam Lambert* concert is tomorrow night. Which means tonight involves doing a test-wearing of my outfit for the concert, and possibly blaring silly pop music. (At this very moment, the Stroppy One is giving thanks that he will be out of the house for the evening.)

Hmmm, I will need to do a test-run of some of my makeup, too. Because while the mixing medium from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is fantastic for making smudge-proof liner out of loose pigment/minerals, I have no idea if it would work well as a glitter sealant. This is an important thing to find out!

*My theory is that Adam Lambert is the modern incarnation of Marc Almond. But taller. And prettier. But my goodness, wouldn't Glambert covering "Sex Dwarf" be aaaaaaamazing? Yes it would, don't argue with me, or I'll fling glitter at you.
The changing weather (noooooo! Not the Burning Orb again!) means that demons have taken over my sinuses. This, combined with PMS, means that I am working from home. And wearing bloomers that have an embroidered patch that says "Cranky", because I can. The Stroppy One, because he loves me, is going to Go Forth and get me an iced double-tall Americano.

Makeup! Oh dear, MAC is releasing a Disney Villains collection. That clicky link leads to a makeup blog with some photos and color descriptions. Let me direct your attention to three particular products:

Maleficent Lipstick

Violetta Violet purple (Amplified) (Permanent at PRO)

Dark Deed Burgundy plum (Amplified) (Limited Edition)

Maleficent Beauty Powder

Briar Rose Soft violet pink with pearl (Limited Edition)

Argh. I do not need more makeup, and honest, I really do know that. Not to mention that MAC has developed a depressing trend of making lipsticks that look great in the tube, but are either brown-toned or just not vivid enough.

Hey, you know what I'm doing next week? Going to see Adam Lambert in concert! Tall, pretty, sparkly pop star! This means I need to make a decision on what I'm going to wear. Well, pink and black is kind of a given. )

Okay, time for more editing, more headache meds, and more water. I promise I will try not to give into the urge to drill a hole in my head.
Today I had enough energy to put on makeup!

(Look, I like playing with makeup. Going for nearly two weeks without playing with makeup was making me cranky and twitchy.)

Thanks to a whim to play with my Lip Tar colors, I have discovered that I look ... odd with bright pinky-fuchsia lipstick. Now I know. Also, this may be a sign that cabin fever is setting in.

I am hoping that the next step in my recovery is that my brain comes back enough for me to work on my writing projects. I keep opening up notebooks or documents, staring at them, and then going "Nope. Words Gone." Vexing, very vexing.
From Miss K's blog:

This weekend, through 11:59 PM EST 6/2, save 35% OFF the entire Aromaleigh inventory!

Required coupon code at checkout: MEMORIAL35

Enter code in coupon code box and hit "apply" to see your discount taken prior to checkout!

Y'know, in case you've been staring covetously at the Victoria's Revenge collection or something ...

And now, I try to write. I don't know if I'm in the headspace for it, but I need to make an effort.
The new, limited-edition eye shadow line from Aromaleigh is on the site.

Victoria's Revenge, a handy clicky-link!

Miss K of Aromaleigh kindly sent me samples of these, and goodness gracious, they're amazing. Some of the colors I will be purchasing in full-size jars? Bleeding Poppy, Ruthless Indulgence, Oleander Vapor, Apocalypse Pansy, Skeleton Key, and Infernal Chaos. The swatches for the colors, while lovely, just don't do justice to the depth or shifts of color the shadows have.

Go, click the clicky-link and marvel at the colors! You know you want to.
(EDITED TO ADD: for whatever reason, LJ times-stamped this really strangely. So I'm making it show up now.)

This morning involved exciting things like not being able to wake up AT ALL and sleeping for an extra half hour, tripping over cats, and sticking the mascara brush in my eye. Oh, and brewing a pot of tea, then remembering 15 minutes later that the cup of tea is sitting RIGHT THERE ON THE DESK, and maybe I should drink it and see if that helps with the lack of awake? Yeah, one of Those Sorts of mornings.

But! Today's outfit includes my glow-in-the-dark Skelly Docs, my new Medal for Heroic Tea Service (clicky-link!) (Mine, of course, is pink & black, not pink & grey.), and a jabot I made last night from a length of vintage crocheted lace. So those things make me happy.

Hey, I haven't wittered on about lipstick in a while, have I? A review of Lip Tar. )
Help me, oh LJ Hivemind! I have an upcoming photo shoot where I need to look, er, mad. Not angry, but crazy. I would also prefer that the mad look be at least a bit flattering, because I'm vain. (Look, I will freely admit to my vanity. I am not in denial about it.)

Anyway, yes. Mad-looking makeup. I'm thinking of something vaguely Emilie Autumn-ish, but without the heart or the exaggeratedly-tiny lips.

EA photo under the cut, so you can see what I mean )

But maybe more pinks and deep purple/browns, instead of red and black, because I've learned that trying to do that sort of look in red and black makes me look tired and unwell.

So, this is where I turn to the LJ Hivemind! Give me suggestions or tips for doing flattering-yet-mad-looking makeup, please! Thank you.
We went and saw Zombieland this afternoon. Wheeee! I loved it. I now have "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica stuck in my head, and I want a Twinkie. A note for the squeamish: this is a gory, blood-spattered movie. If you don't do well with gore, you might want to give this one a miss. I, on the other hand, cannot wait until I can own my own copy of it.


If you wander over to the blog of Miss K of Aromaleigh, you can read all about how you can donate to a worthy cause AND get eye shadow custom-made for you. I think it's a great cause AND a tempting incentive. (I chose the school asking for books as my donation recipient, because books! Everyone needs books!)

The Victorian Dress-Up Doll for the novel Soulless! I love these sorts of online paper dolls (okay, I love paper dolls in general), and the fact that it's for one of my favorite new books is a bonus. (I'm also a smidge envious and coveting, because it's been a long-cherished dream of mine to eventually do some sort of Gothic Charm School paper doll thing. Someday, someday ...)

The Raven skirt from MorriganNYC. I covet this skirt SO MUCH. I'm waiting to hear back from them to find out if they have any of the black with silver print left in stock. I need to find someone who is capable of doing finely-detailed screen printing and talk over some ideas with them. But until I do, I'm going to be keeping a close eye on the offerings from MorriganNYC, yes indeed.
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( Sep. 28th, 2009 12:04 pm)
Well bother. I just received email about that job I interviewed for a few weeks ago. I didn't get it. I am trying to look at this as meaning there is something far better for me out there, and am mostly succeeding with that. Mostly.

Today is a day of answering a lot of email, packing up some more things from the Closet Culling sale that need to be mailed, schedule-wrangling, and possibly writing. Oh, and calling about a medical bill that should have been covered by my insurance, and I need to become Very Stern with some people about No, You Are Not Going To Send This To Collections, Let Me Explain In Great Detail From My Notes Of What You Said Last Time. Whee.

The weekend was mostly fun. Oooh, new makeup from MAC! Yes, I ended up with three different black-hued lip products, and I will be posting reviews of them soon-ish. Yes, I DO believe that black lipstick, if done well, is both appropriate and flattering on an ElderGoth. So there.
Dear Cosmetic Companies,

You know what you should do? You should study the color of very ripe Bing cherries, and match it exactly in a lipstick. No, don't give it a brown undertone, don't make it lighter, and don't make it only available in a sheer formula. An opaque, satin-finish lipstick. That's all I'm asking for.

(Dear NARS Cosmetics, yes, I know that your "Chandernagor" matte lip stain is almost exactly what I'm talking about. Could you please make it available in the USA again? That would be great.)


Cupcake Goth
Should I purchase duplicates of the 4 MAC shadows* I use the most and build a palette for traveling? So that I don't need to worry about shuffling it from one makeup bag to the other?

On the one hand, I AM doing a lot of traveling in the near future.

On the other hand, do I NEED duplicates of 4 eye shadows? Even if I wear them almost every day?

Dear LJ Hivemind, please give me advice!

*Mylar, Sketch, Sweet Lust, and Forgery. None of them limited edition colors, thank goodness.


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