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( Sep. 27th, 2017 10:35 pm)
Cartomancy: in which my spelling is erratic, and Miss Erzabet No Biting decides washing her paws is more important than divination practice.

Halloween Tarot: Three of Imps (Three of Wands)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Power

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( Sep. 24th, 2017 10:30 pm)

Halloween Tarot: Page of Ghosts (Page of Cups)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Healing
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( Sep. 18th, 2017 10:56 pm)
Miss Erzabet No Biting is so serious about cartomancy. So. Serious. You have no notion.

Halloween Tarot: Six of Imps (Six of Wands).

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Discernment.
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( Sep. 11th, 2017 09:57 pm)
Cartomancy, a return to.

Halloween tarot: Knight of Bats (Knight of Swords).

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Gratitude.

Hi, my name is Jilli, and I need to get back to doing things that help me feel balanced and perceptive. Which means more cartomancy and spellcraft.
Lessee, last I wrote, I was feeling better from chiropractic adjustments. That night, I was tripped by a certain large black cat, and fell down a couple of stairs. The bruise on my rear is spectacular. Thankfully, the fall didn't throw my back out again.

The doctor's appointment was good, and I have a follow-up on the 26, so we can go over the results of the x-rays of my upper spine and base of my skull, and the results of the mass of blood tests that are being run. But I kept having milder versions of the migraine that sent me to the ER ... and then on Sunday, the Stroppy One made me switch back to my old glasses (I'd gotten new ones in June), and we have determined that I probably gave myself hellacious eye strain over a few weeks. It is interesting to note that now that I've switched back to my previous glasses, the swings of vertigo and light sensitivity have died down.

And then on Monday, I slid down two stairs again and banged my right arm up. (Not Vlad's fault this time, but my own carelessness.) And the rotten cherry on this sundae of nonsense: all of this has left me exhausted, so I'm not able to get as much done as I want, and therefore I am feeling unproductive and guilty.


But! I got a new Gothic Charm School post written, I did slooooowly manage to get a couple of mending projects done, and the bedroom is still tidy after last month's Great Uncluttering. And I'm sloooowly stepping up my witchy work, because it makes me feel better.
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( Jun. 18th, 2017 10:19 pm)
Dragged the cards out of their resting place in an iron cauldon.

Halloween Tarot: King of Ghosts (King of Cups in traditional decks).

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Change.

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( Jan. 3rd, 2017 10:44 pm)
Miss Erzabet No Biting is helpful.

Halloween tarot: 10 of Bats (10 of Swords).

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Guardian Angel.

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( Jan. 2nd, 2017 12:33 am)
Cartomancy, the return of.

Halloween tarot: 9 of Ghosts (9 of Cups).

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Sanctuary.

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( Jun. 26th, 2016 10:49 pm)
Tonight’s cards!

Halloween Tarot: 10 of Imps (10 of Wands)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Power

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( Jun. 21st, 2016 10:26 pm)
Tonight’s cards!

Halloween Tarot: Knight of Bats (Knight of Swords)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Intuition

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( Mar. 16th, 2016 11:53 pm)
Tonight’s* cards!

Halloween tarot: The Sun

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Perception

*Yes, I keep taking inadvertent breaks from doing my cards. But being busy writing is a really good reason to forget to do them!
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( Mar. 3rd, 2016 12:04 am)
Tonight’s cards!

Halloween tarot: 5 of Bats (5 of Swords for the traditionalists)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Truth

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( Feb. 10th, 2016 11:33 pm)
Tonight’s cards!

Halloween Tarot: Two of Bats (Two of Swords for the traditionalists.)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Kindred Spirits. (Hi @kambriel!)

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( Feb. 2nd, 2016 10:49 pm)
Tonight’s cards!

Halloween Tarot: Ace of Pumpkins, my favorite card in this deck. (Ace of Pentacles for you traditionalists out there.)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Wisdom

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( Jan. 28th, 2016 10:05 pm)
Tonight’s cards!

Halloween tarot: Page of Bats! (Page of Swords, for any traditionalists lurking around here.)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Playfulness

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( Jan. 27th, 2016 10:51 pm)
Tonight’s cards!

Deviant Moon Tarot: 10 of Swords

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Gentleness

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( Jan. 26th, 2016 10:38 pm)
Tonight’s cards!

Halloween tarot: Six of Pumpkins! (Six of Pentacles for traditionalists.)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Truth

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( Jan. 21st, 2016 11:18 pm)
Tonight’s cards include a repeat from last night. Did I mention I own no subtle decks? I really don’t.

Halloween Tarot: 4 of Ghosts (4 of Cups for traditionalists)

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Shadow Self

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( Dec. 30th, 2015 10:05 pm)
Tonight’s cards! The 7 of Ghosts (7 of Cups for the traditionalists), and Reflection.

Sooooo I should stop procrastinating, and I should probably think about some things. OH FINE, UNIVERSE. PLEASE STOP THUMPING ME TO GET MY ATTENTION.
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( Dec. 6th, 2015 12:06 am)
Tonight’s tarot card: the 10 of Pumpkins! A nice thing to see the night before a vending event. :D

(The 10 of Pentacles, for the traditionalists lurking out there.)



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