Off to holiday parties on Christmas Eve:

With slightly big hair, even! This is what happens when I see a lot of photos of young Dave Vanian, apparently.

Spaaaaaarkly tights and vintage Fluevogs.

And and and! The stories for Yuletide went up, and the one written for me is just adorable. V Is For Virgil, Who Died En Flambé. Addams Family PLUS Gashlycrumb Tinies!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

The Tuesday that felt like Monday. I like long weekends, but coming back from them is trying.

Today still felt like Monday. Which means that Monday is lasting FOREVER, and I don't like that.

And hey, here's Dad! We spent Sunday hanging out and going thrift shopping.

Three pictures from Sakura-Con:

Hey look, it's Castiel! Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Ruffle. Butt.

I met the Goblin King. Whatever your argument was, it's irrelevant.

More notes about Sakura-Con later, after I have a brain again.

Happy New Year from the Vespertine Winter Ball!

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( Feb. 5th, 2011 10:39 pm)

How very Repo Man How very Repo Man
Found in the back of the pantry at my parents' house. No, I don't know what it is either.

Iiieeee! The light!

Okay, I was in the shade )

Yes, that is my much-coveted Cavalli H+M Adam Ant-ish jacket. I love it so.

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You sun worshippers are WRONG IN THE HEAD. I am not leaving my air-conditioned office today except to go get lunch.

Photo by the Stroppy One, taken near the coffee shop )

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In other, semi-related news: I'm still searching for a good sunblock. I'm currently using the JASON "Sunbrella" product, but it is a mere SPF 20. Why yes, I AM carrying my parasol with me every time I go outside, what of it?

Firstly, have you people seen the fabulous Corset Inspector badge available over at Girl Genius? Designed by Cheyenne Wright, it is absolutely delightful. Trust me, you want this.

Second, a photo relevant to Gothy Interests! Of a young Andrew Eldritch, without sunglasses. I know! I did not think such a thing existed!

He has surprisingly nice eyes. )
The one about the rainbow halo around the sun?

Looking straight up at noon on Saturday. That dark line is the underside of the eaves at the back of our house. EDITED TO ADD: And it lasted for about 4 hours!
Behind the cut-tag, two different Goth at the Office photos. One wherein I look a bit skeptical, the other where I look Very Disapproving, Indeed.

(Also behind the cut, a photo of my current ridiculous manicure, which involves black, pink glitter, and black faux nails that have a teeny-tiny skull and pink rhinestone on them. Did I mention ridiculous? Yes, very.)

Peeeeektures! )

See, I have a matched set!

Husband and StuntHusband The Husband and StuntHusband
Yes, they often give me that look.

Another photo by the amazingly talented Libby Bulloff, from the deathrock/big hair shoot we did. I have this strange urge to start internet-window shopping for more ankh pendants ...
::looks at To Do list, starts giggling nervously::

Yeah, I may not be around much. Writing, emails, and laundry own my time right now. So here, have some clicky-links!

Video of the Gothic Charm School picnic, from NY Post:

Photos from the picnic, from Time Out New York:

The Gothic Charm School Flickr group! (Please add photos if you have them!)

And, because it wouldn't be a proper post of clicky-links from me without this sort of thing, the hat I'm currently coveting:
([ profile] donnaricci, if you see this, the images you sent me weren't high-enough res. If you have others, can you send them to me? I sent you an email today!)

I am in need of some high-res photos of typical gothy ladies and gents. Individuals, not a couple in the same photo. To be used on TV, so the high-res part is important. Help help?
Help help! I need full-body, preferably standing, photos of a typical gothy girl and gothy boy. (One of each.) They're for a TV interview. If you've got photos of yourself that you wouldn't mind letting me use, please let me know!

EDIT: Whoo, problem solved! Donna, thank you so much!


My darling Stunt Husband is going to be out of town this weekend, woe! Any of you Seattle-types want to be my companion and carpool to Club V on Saturday night? ::makes hypno-wheel motions at [ profile] weaselmom::
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( May. 24th, 2009 03:55 pm)
I just found some photos I need to have [ profile] stroppy_baggage scan for me. Can you say a photo of my idol Ray Bradbury holding [ profile] clovisdvlbunny? ::flailyhands of glee::

And my parents are coming over in a few minutes with MORE photos. Yes, if you people are lucky, I may show you photos of me as a wee cupcake. Probably wearing a witch costume. Keep your fingers crossed, it depends on what photo albums Mom and Dad found.

Vampire Ball 2009, showing off the outfit Katie of Dark Industries made for me Vampire Ball 2009, showing off the outfit that was made for me by Katie of Dark Industries.
Taken by [ profile] mineke

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At WotC. Sometime around 1995 - 1996, I think. At WotC. Sometime around 1995 - 1996, I think.

Me and [ profile] kiltlad, at the office at WotC. I wonder what I was sulking about?
I found the flickr account for Ariel, the very nice lady who interviewed & photographed me. This is a clicky-link to the photo she took of the two of us.


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