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( Sep. 25th, 2014 09:45 pm)


[ profile] minim_calibre kindly drove me to an appointment and grocery shopping. Whole Foods has the pumpkin display up, yaaaaay!

SFDS (not that you can see a lot of detail):

- Pointy-toe black leather shoes (a long-ago present from the Stroppy One).
- Tiered black lace skirt (over petticoats), from eBay. (An aside - it is DAMN hard to find that sort of skirt these days. Hmmph.)
- Black cotton blouse with lace insets, random thrift store trip.
- Black velvet skirted waistcoat from ChicStar, one of my wardrobe basics. (I have three black and one burgundy.)
- Four different vintage glass pearl necklaces, because if I'm going to wear some sort of pearls, I'm going to wear LOTS OF THEM.
- Hair down (shocking!), and my pink streaks in need of goth upkeep.
- The usual sort of makeup: burgundy eye shadow, black liner, and Noir Red lipstick from Besame over MAC Nightmoth liner.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2013 12:19 pm)
Last night the StuntHusband and I toddled off to the monthly club night we like.

It was also Santarchy, so there were all sorts of drunk characters in varying degrees of Santa costuming. But! There was also someone in a full Krampus costume, who stopped at our table and gave us a leaflet proclaiming we had been naughty, with a short explanation of who Krampus is. Yay!

A bonus photo of me tormenting the StuntHusband, with context! I have a ridiculous fondness for overwrought gothic romance novels from the 60s/70s/80s, and the more outlandish, the better. Someone on Tumblr posted the cover to one that I immediately had to get. As it turns out, this particular novel is notable for the fact that it's all the classic gothic romance tropes, but with queer characters.

StuntHusband refuses to read it. I, however, am going to be indulging in it tonight.
So the Infamous BlueJay made me a mermaid skirt. Which I like a lot, even if the Body Image Demons were muttering really loudly. I decided to ignore them, and wore the skirt (and one of the batwing hem jackets that BlueJay made me years ago) to Six's reading at the Wayward Coffeehouse.


Then today I did a Halloween thing I'd never done before: I went to a pumpkin patch! With [ profile] theda and Thekla! I totally blend in at a farm, yep.

In theory, I like Spring. But pollen and schizophrenic weather means that I'm dealing with some level of a sinus headache almost constantly. And y'know what? I've got a high pain tolerance (which, yes, has occasionally led to me ignoring things that I should have talked to a doctor about, because it's just pain, and I don't want to raise a fuss, and yeah. I know, I know, and I've been lectured about this many times.), so most of the time I just wince and ignore it. But the other night I had a sinus migraine come on so fast that I thought I was going to throw up while on the bus home, and when I DID get home, I flung myself on the couch and clutched an ice pack over the upper right side of my face. Remind me again why trepanation is such a bad idea?

And there are other things going on leading to stress. Nothing for folks to be worried about, just the usual accumulation of Too Much To Do and not enough time or energy. What all of this means is that I am trying to improve my mood by wearing things that I KNOW I love. Such as today's outfit:

Mmm, red velvet. And wacky hair volumizing powder which does indeed give my baby-fine, fly-away hair some gentle lift without needing backcombing or hairspray. I think this is my new favorite hair product.

Oh! LilyElspeth/Lorax of Sex custom-dyed a pair of my vintage Fluevogs. Originally they were black and cream, but now they're black and matches-my-lipstick burgundy:

Tonight, I need to get some writing done and try to go to bed early. Ahahahahaha. Yeah, we'll see if either of those happen.
I was very productive last night, and even convinced myself to do 40 minutes on the exercise bike. (The trick, apparently, is to bribe myself with watching part of Life on the Murder Scene (the "Revenge"-era MCR documentary) while pedaling. Shut up, I own my fangirlish ways.)

This morning, I posted a new Gothic Charm School, applied extra-sparkly eye makeup, and while applying my eyeliner decided that to really make today better than yesterday, I needed to wear one of my favorite outfits, not the outfit I had set out last night.

Olde Skool text-version Shallow Fashion Details! )

(The Goth at the Office photo will happen later.)

Now I focus on work stuff, and listen to the bandom playlist to remind myself that no matter how bad I felt yesterday, I am more emotionally stable than Pete Wentz. (That's a very comforting thing to remind myself, sometimes.)

Over a hoop skirt, no less! And with my beloved J. Peterman silk frock coat that I've had for ... 15 years? Something like that.

One of my co-workers told me that he really likes my long skirts, that it makes me look like I'm floating down the hallway. Hee!
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( Jan. 4th, 2013 04:39 pm)

ZOMG, I am tiiiiiiired. But I'm wearing a skirt that Katie from Dark Industry made me ages ago, plus other items that make me feel all fancy. Not awake, but fancy.

I think this weekend I will A) WRITE (because I need to get a new GCS post done, and work on the fiction project) and B) make myself a long black skirt with ruffles. Oh, and SLEEP IN. Sleeeeeep.

My Gloria di Notte skirt by [ profile] kambriel! Remembering how to walk so I don't catch the lace hem on my bootlace hooks only took about two minutes, thank goodness. Also, I need to unearth the petticoats that are longer than mid-calf, but aren't the epic doorway-blocking ones. (Yes, I have multiple petticoats of varying length and floof. What, doesn't everyone?)

I am tired. I went to bed at a reasonable time last night, but the alarm going off at the appropriate time to go to work was not fun.
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( Sep. 14th, 2012 05:48 pm)

Deadlines. Ahahahaha, deadlines.

But! A previous outfit photo involving this long velvet vest won for "ChicStar of the week!" on the ChicStar site, which meant I won $100 to spend there! Yes, more long velvety jackets, send them to me.

AND! An update to the MCR blog announced that they will be (gradually, two songs at a time) releasing Conventional Weapons, the album they recoded and shelved in 2009. NEW MCR MUSIC. FANGIRL FLAILING LEVEL = HIGH. Ahem.

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( Aug. 13th, 2012 05:11 pm)

This is actually a summergoth outfit. The blazer is lightweight cotton (with a smidge of spandex) and is unlined, the dress is lightweight rayon, the hosiery is lightweight lace, and the hat is the straw version of my top hat.

That doesn't change the fact that I'm not looking forward to the 90*+ weather that's coming up this week. Ew.

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( Aug. 6th, 2012 04:17 pm)

JUST OBEY ME. Dammit. Yes, work has been vexing today.

Also, look: a Summergoth outfit! Which means we can be ALL DONE WITH SUMMER NOW, THANKS. Bring on autumn. Please?
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( Jul. 31st, 2012 04:02 pm)

Yes, seeing the Mary Poppins Army defeat Voldemort made me dig out my Mary Poppins-esque frock coat*. Now help me find a handbag that is bigger on the inside.

*Which came from J.Peterman ages and ages ago, and has gone through assorted revisions and tailoring. It's one of the jackets I keep searching for on eBay, because it really is one of my favorites.

I didn't have to growl at anyone today, as it turns out. But my teammates were delighted with my Very Fierce Vampire appearance, and my boss (who's a huge horror movie geek) asked me about the mechanics of getting custom fang caps made.

Shallow Fashion Details:

- Black rayon sundress from Dharma Trading Co. (with trim added by me).
- Black lace coat dress made for me long ago by Laura of the Pale Court. I think of her every time I wear it.
- Black lace footless stockings, cannibalized from a pair of lace tights from Target, IIRC.
- Stripy peep-toe flats from eBay.
- Straw top hat! (Which I stained black with art markers and sharpies, then covered in a layer of black tulle under black lace. Mmmm, summer-weight top hat.)
- Ankh rosary, with my sterling silver replica of the ankh from The Hunger, fang caps made by Victor, and black lipstick from the Portland Black Lipstick Co. Hi, I own my clichés, stamp my GothCard now. ;-)

I'm still feeling a bit tired and sickly, but I've armored myself against that by wearing a stripey blazer. Yes, this is how my mind works.
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( Jul. 12th, 2012 01:27 pm)
It's summer-appropriate if I say it is, dammit.

(Actually, this outfit IS pretty summer weather -appropriate. The dress is a rayon sundress from Dharma Trading Co. (I added the lace trim to it), the stripey blazer is by the Infamous BlueJay (and is unlined mid-weight cotton*), openweave tights, and the top hat is straw (that I colored black with art markers, then covered with black lace).

I'm still not PLEASED about that burning orb thing (I'm covered in SPF 30 powder sunblock AND I have a parasol and giant sunglasses at my desk), but I'm going to cope with it as best I can.

*Speaking of which, I need to find a source for more mid-weight b&w striped cotton, where the inches are about 1" wide. I need, oh, six yards or so. Yes, I know about Spoonflower, but I'd rather not pay THAT much. Anyone have any leads?
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( Jul. 11th, 2012 03:07 pm)
With the blank stare of the sleep-deprived, because whoo, insomnia.

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( Jul. 10th, 2012 03:29 pm)
Have I mentioned how much I love making skirt appliques out of t-shirts? Because I do. It is my New Favorite Thing.

Yes, that is a vampire bunny on my skirt.
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( May. 31st, 2012 03:16 pm)

Pink & black stripes, and a tie! )

I need to remember to find a correctly-sized balance ball to bring to work as my chair. Sitting in the standard desk chair is not good for me, that much I remember.

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Wednesday is the weekly 9am meeting. (I usually don't have to be at the office until 10am. Bless you, tech industry.) So Wednesdays are HARD.

In other news, I discovered there's a tiny, wonderful chocolate shop about 4 blocks from my office. Win! I think I'm going to try and take more short walks around the neighborhood here to see what else I find. The last time I seriously spent any time in Pioneer Square was ... good G-d, 20 years ago. (Really?! It's been 20 years since 1992? Someone, tell me my math is wrong, because the passage of time is freaking me out. Again.)

Black lace blouse with jabot from Newport News ages and ages ago, black lace skirt made from a thrift store prom dress, and stripey waistcoat made from a thrift store blazer that was a smidge too small for me.


In other news, [ profile] muse_books commented with more information about the LJ Scrapbook thing I reblogged last night:

Error in this meme..... paid users always have had 2GB with option to pay
for an upgrade. The item on [ profile] news in English says:

Will I still have the same amount of storage space for my images? Yes,
all account levels will retain the same storage space levels as before,
including if you've purchased the extra storage space add-on. These
levels are not being reduced.

Huh, okay. I'll admit, I don't remember how much storage space I have for images, but that's because I have a permanent account (thanks to the kindness of the StuntHusband, who isn't even ON lj anymore.)


In other other news, I'm having olives, Brie, and GF baguette for dinner. Because I CAN, dammit.


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