I don't know if you people have been paying attention, but [livejournal.com profile] kambriel has been making some ASTONISHINGLY lovely new designs.

One, there's the Jacqueline the Ripper Sherlockian Greatcoat. Look at that. LOOK AT THAT. The attached capelet! The sweeping skirt!

But the design that calls to me? The one that just went straight to the "Good G-d I must own that" list of coveting?

The Susperia Gown. It's the same fabric as one of my favorite blouses, the Femininja Cowl, but it's a full-length witchygoth gown! Eeeeeee!

[livejournal.com profile] kambriel my love, you are a genius, and I don't say that lightly. Also, I am incredibly lucky to know you, and I wish we lived nearer to each other.
I want this. Oh blessed Bela Lugosi, I want this.

The Vampire's Coffin journal (clicky-link!)

::makes grabbyhands and nearly-inaudible squeaks at the monitor::

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( Nov. 30th, 2011 04:23 pm)
::whimpers, paws at laptop screen::

Remember that post I made last week, talking about the pink silk velvet J.Peterman waistcoat that I've been searching for?

Guess what popped up on eBay?

Watch this space, it looks like there's going to be a closet-culling sale REALLY SOON, so I can afford to get it. Dear Dread Lords of eBay, please let no one hit the "Buy It Now" button before I have the money.

GodDAMMIT, I hate being unemployed. HATE.
I am flopped on the couch, taking a break and waiting to feel less woozy. This is the conversation that went on inside my head:

MAGPIE PART OF THE BRAIN: OOooh! We should do our usual obsessive searching on eBay and eBay.UK for stripy blazers!

PRACTICAL PART OF THE BRAIN: Really? But we have ::stops to count:: three black & white ones. And three black & pink ones. Surely that's plenty?


Honestly, I don't know what it is. But at least once a week, I search for more stripy blazers. Ridiculous, I know.
I know that any money I make at Sunday's Mourning Market is going to be spent on a trip to the dayspa, because spending a day DOING NOTHING, wandering from hot pool to sauna, and getting a body scrub will be really good for me and the Antibiotic Cellular Death Explosion (TM the Infamous BlueJay). But what I want to spend the money on?

The Shrine "Toreador" jacket in black (clicky-link!)

That, or my next tattoo. I really, really am craving new ink. Plus, the next tattoo is in memorial of my Mom, so it's even more important to me.

I will be a smart cupcake, and spend money on something that will give me health benefits. That doesn't stop me from wistfully window-shopping, tho'.
I am still haunted by my longing for a skirt in this print:

From the Vampire Requiem line, by Alice and the Pirates. It probably wouldn't fit me, and when it was released it was over $200. Now, it's considered rare (and is the dream print for a lot of people in the EGL community), and pieces from that line go for INSANE amounts of money.

But every time I see a photo of the ivory colorway of the print, I sigh.
Do any of you out there in the LJ hivemind have recommendations for an easy-to-use, reputable Taobao shopping service? There are two different Taobao shops I would like to (eventually) purchase things from, but I'm not sure what shopping service to go with. Who do you like, and why?

(Yes, I have read a bunch of the Taobao reviews on [livejournal.com profile] egl. They don't really make things any clearer.)

Next, I need to find out if R-Series and Infanta offer custom sizing on the items I'm sighing over.


In other news: holy bats, how did I not know about this thing?

That, my darlings, is a sterling silver and carnelian replica of the Dracula crest ring that Bela Lugosi wore. The one that Forest J. Ackerman owned. A gorgeous, gorgeous replica. Guess what just fluttered to the top of my birthday wish list? Oh my yes. I'd have to get it resized to fit one of my fingers, and that's fine. DRACULA CREST RING.
But. Eeeee! Tiny crocheted Beetlejuice! I wants it!

Clicky-link! Beetlejuice! I am still making squeaky noises at the picture!

(I just discovered I don't have any Beetlejuice icons. How is this even possible?)

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( Jan. 28th, 2011 12:42 pm)
Today is my mother's birthday. I miss you, Mom.


I may call upon the local LJ hivemind soon for help with polishing Dad's resume and job hunting. His workplace is stressful and toxic, and he doesn't need that, especially right now.


In completely shallow news, this is the auction I'm stalking. (clicky-link) Yes, a limited-edition velvet jacket from 2006, designed by Gerard Way of MCR. Which I wanted when it was originally released, but couldn't quite convince myself to buy it. (The fandom had not fully claimed me at that point.) I figure none of you are quite as crazy as I am, and thus will not bid on it.


I have the best friends in the world. I know I've said this before, but it should be repeated. Thank you, everyone, who has been propping me up.
Shallow AND cryptic, actually.

Dear Dread Spirits of Ebay,

please keep the bids low on the item I am watching. Really low. Because oh my goodness, I want it.

With much hope,

Cupcake Goth


No, I'm not linking to the auction. I don't *think* any of you people would bid on it, but still. The fewer chances of a bidding war starting on it, the better. Once the auction is over, I will link to it whether or not I am victorious.
So remember ages ago, when I posted about that auction for the antique bat fangs watch fob?

Someone on the internets made their own version.

Eee! Eeeeeeeee!

Okay, with alllllll the clever and talented people I know? We have to be able to create our own versions of these things, right? Because I need something like this. You know I do. And other friends need things like this!

::goes back to staring at the shiny thing::


In other news, I don't think I'm having a relapse of the Death Blarg, but I do still feel exhausted and achy. Not thrilled about this, not one bit.
More than usual, I mean.

But good lord, I just found the next ring I want. Not that I can afford it, because in sterling silver it's nine hundred dollars. But it's a giant, locking poison ring. It comes with a tiny key to lock it! And it's made with topaz, which is my birthstone!

So, so pretty!

(Note to Self: you need an LJ icon of a photo of some of your rings, yes.)
Apparently it is the time of year when very expensive things I covet come into existence.

Behold, the new print from the Gothic Lolita brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright:

The skirt (but in the wrong colorway):

$200. Aaaand probably wouldn't fit me anyway. But oooh, I love that sort of print. Look at the details!

(As someone else on [livejournal.com profile] egl said, this print makes up for the Vampire Forest print (clicky-link)) from Alice and the Pirates, BtSSB's sub-line. Which, with a name like "Vampire Forest", should have been more enticing to me than it is.)
The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box set is now available for pre-order! (clicky-link!) It comes out in December! It's huge and elaborate and comes with a large-scale zoetrope box that plays the "Music Box Suite" on an embedded chip! 16 CDs, unreleased and expanded soundtracks, a DVD, a 250 page book, and a skull (Skellington!) -USB drive that has all the MP3s of the music! A limited edition of 1,000!

$499 before tax and shipping.
Mmm, autumnal weather! Which makes me think of boots, which leads me to stare longingly at photos of the two pairs of boots which are at the top of my coveting list. The boots that I hope someday, some glorious day, will make their way to me. Even though BOTH of these styles are no longer manufactured.

Firstly, the Fluevogs!

These are the Babycakes. I have them in all black, and I love them. They are possibly my favorite pair of boots ever. I would LOVE to also have them in the pink X wine colorway. (The Stroppy One isn't terribly fussed on them, saying he doesn't think they would go with enough items in my wardrobe. I think he is WRONG LIKE A WRONG THING. Ahem.)

Then, the boots I covet more than any other. I've wittered about them before. I keep hoping that someone will someday contact me and say "Hey! I've found a pair of them in your size!" My ridiculous daydreams about impossible-to-find boots, let me tell you about them. The Helene Angelique "Camee" boots.

[Error: unknown template qotd]

Honestly? A combination of writer/fashion designer/wealthy eccentric. I like to think that I'm actually working toward living that dream.

... which reminds me, tonight I need to do some writing. In addition to packing stuff to mail off to people.


In other news, I am fascinated with the offerings from Etsy seller BloodMilk. (clicky-link!) I especially covet the lydia sparrow claw ring (clicky-link!) (not that I have a finger that doesn't already have a ring on it, but still), and the nevermore claw ritual necklace (clicky-link!). I really, REALLY covet the nevermore claw. Hoo-boy.
The Closet Culling Sale of Doom post will go up THIS FRIDAY (8/13) at NOON PACIFIC STANDARD TIME! Tiny hats! Boots! Jackets, skirts, blouses, Lip Service stuff! And remember, I'm only taking PayPal this time around.


So, clothing coveting. Lip Service's Step In Time line for Fall 2010, to be exact.

I love this fabric. LOVE. )
Mattel has started making dolls that are cute girl monsters. Monster High! (clicky-link to the Mattel site for them!)

They're ADORABLE. Let me direct your attention to Draculaura. (clicky-link!) She's a vampire. With long, straight black hair (with pink streaks!), who wears black and pink, carries a black and pink parasol, and has a pet bat.

::blinks a lot, then makes flailyhands of glee::

The Stroppy One, when I showed the Monster High dolls to him, agreed that they were very cute, but felt that the people who make the Bleeding Edge Goth dolls should feel a little ripped off. He's ... not wrong. (However, I think I like the face sculpt on the Monster High dolls better than the BE Goth dolls.)



Yes, there will be SFD photos later today, if I can sweet-talk [livejournal.com profile] mauraanderson into wielding the iPhone camera for me.
White jackets and dresses. WTF? Why do I suddenly want white or creme colored frock coats or dresses?

There's this one, with a bustle-effect and a bow (clicky-link!), from the UK eBay seller Theatreoffashion. (Whom I have purchased things from before, and they're wonderful people. I just don't know if I love *that* particular blazer enough to pay over $100 for it.)

Or the Chemise a la Reve dress (clicky-link!), from Vivcore. (With the black sash, of course.) I'd wear it with black fence net tights, black ballet slippers or ankle boots, my hair pulled up, my b&w mini tricorn, and black lipstick.

Then there's always this frock coat-with-faux-waistcoat thing (clicky-link!), from Angel Secret. I have a waistcoat from them that I love.

Or the Ivory Carriage Coat from Clockwork Couture! (clicky-link!) Hmmm, that's one is kind of a serious contender, actually. I could replace the brass buttons with black ones ...

But seriously? White jackets or dresses? This is kind of new for me.


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