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( Apr. 21st, 2017 04:07 pm)
I am now visiting the land of Migraine Hangover, which is much better than the ... 3? 4? days I spent in MigraineLand. I woke up this morning, realized that why yes, something in my neck was out, this wasn't just a reaction to the ridiculously changeable weather we've been having. So I went to the chiropractor. A bunch of hideous grinding and crunching noises later, my pain levels have dropped substantially.

My chiro has no idea why my neck/atlas keeps going out of alignment, but has suggested that I look into Indian Club exercises to improve the strength in my arms, shoulders, and neck. Okay? He loaned me some starter clubs, and I'm going to watch some tutorials on ye olde internets. Apparently it's ... swinging clubs around. Sure! Let me learn to wave sticks around in a possibly menacing way!

(I asked him if I could just use parasols instead of the clubs. He sighed and told me no.)


The new(ish, I've been doing it for a little over a month) low carb eating regime is actually helping with the general inflammation and pain issues I've been having. It also has been helping with brain fog. On the one hand, I miss mac&cheese SO MUCH. On the other hand, having a much lower level of background pain on a daily basis is AMAZING. And, I won't lie, this is also leading to weight loss, which means that the Body Image Demons are being quieter, which is really, REALLY nice. That's not the reason I'm doing this, but it's a nice side effect.


Sometime this weekend, I really need to write a To Do list for everything I need to get done before Bats Day and Vampire Ball. But hey! The stress levels from work are dropping, which is something I kinda despaired of ever happening. Even the looming presence of multiple 6am planning meetings next week isn't making me want to run away and hide! I mean, I'm not thrilled about 6am meetings, but this time it won't be just me reminding everyone about documentation.
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( May. 25th, 2016 01:37 pm)
Eeeugh. Today is one of those days where my brain apparently never released the magical feel-awake-and-alert hormones. Got up for an 8am meeting, went back to bed after, and also just got up from a nap. I'm drinking coffee as tho' my life depends on it. Which it doesn't, because today is actually blessedly low-key for work. There are no immediate documentation fires to put out, just the usual, gently-smoldering ones.


Vampire Ball is next weekend! Wheee! Hopefully it will soothe the raging tide of I need more gothy-goth in my life right NOW that's been going on. Interacting with my subculture online is great and all, but there are times when I want to be surrounded by decorative creatures in elaborate clothing. With dramatic lighting.

I would love there to be some sort of monthly get-together for spooky types that DIDN'T involve a night club, but let's face it, I'm not up to organizing such a thing. And even if I was, where on earth where would we hold it? All the goths I know locally are scattered all over the map, so there's not any stand-out ideal location of a coffee shop or whatnot.


I need to get back to culling ... everything, really, but especially my wardrobe. Yes, there is going to be a yard sale this summer, at Thea's. I will remind all of you about this off and on.


There is potential good news on the horizon for me, but it will be a month or so before I know anything. OH MY G-D I AM BAD AT BEING PATIENT. ::twitches::
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( May. 20th, 2016 03:08 pm)
- The work trip to Ottawa was really good. Incredibly useful, solved some problems, all that good stuff. Of course, it's also left me kind of exhausted, since my body clock was in freefall the entire time. I was getting up at ... 3:30AM in my normal time zone? Yeah. Needless to say, I'm still tired, and I got home last Sunday. I mean, I know that it's because I'm paying for all the reserves I burned to get through the week (I warded off most of a migraine during the week through willpower and copious amounts of caffeine), but still. I wish I bounced back from this stuff faster.

- Which means I have been utterly unavailable to help some friends of mine with things. Ugh. Trying not to let the brain raccoons devour me over that.

- I got some very promising news about a project of mine! Aaaaaand that's all I'm saying, because of my weird superstitions. As soon as I have solid news to share (in a few months, please, dear Powers That Be), I'll be shouting it from the darkened rooftops.

- Vampire Ball is in a few weeks! Time to dress up and flounce around! And between my dress, jewelry, and hat, I will be VERY SPARKLY. Muah-ha-ha.

- Thanks to my various browsings on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, I am (yet again) coveting lots of flowing lace skirts, ruffled blouses, and lace capelets. I know I don't NEED any more of any of those things, but I wants them.

- Speaking of yet-again-coveting, with a side of dammit, I owned it two decades ago: remember the princess-seamed lace dresses from Dawn Joy? The ones with the high-collar keyhole neckline? Like this one? I'm on a quest for one in black, size 14. You know, just like I used to have, back in 1999. ::rolls eyes at self::

(Confession time: I have one in ivory, but a) I like ivory dresses, and b) it's polyester, so it won't dye.)
I am now willing to pay the premium for pre-washed, sliced, packaged veggies, because that means there are fewer barriers to my eating them when my blood sugar gets wonky. At least the veggies are a healthy choice?

Here, have a selfie:

Also, I remade my woody nightshade locket. Now with added moonstone and velvet ribbon!

And finally, to show just how crazy I am:

Yes, I'm embroidering blood spatter onto the lace of a vintage poet blouse. The blame can be laid at the feet of the Vampire Chronicles fandom.
I looked at the current "official" LJ prompt for post ideas, then shuddered.

Open Letter
Do you have something you've always wanted to tell someone but never had the chance to say? Use this post to write an open letter to someone and finally tell them what you've always wanted them to know.

Shuddered because yes, I immediately thought of who I would address that letter to, and ... no. Just no. My telling them what I think they should know wouldn't make a difference, and I don't want to have any communication with them ever again.

There's also the idea of writing an open letter to Mom, but that wouldn't do anything but make me sad.

Um, happier things, happier things ... hey, BPAL is officially doing perfumes and mementos for Crimson Peak! I am so excited for the BPAL folks, AND I am so excited to smell these creations. Yes, I am at the point where I want Crimson Peak -themed everything. This should not be a surprise to anyone.

Other stuff:

- Work is good, and on the downswing of crazy right now. THANK GOODNESS.
- I miss Disneyland and my SoCal peeps a lot right now.
- I want someone to throw a fancy nighttime garden party that I can attend.
- All I want to do right now is lay on a velvet fainting couch, eat tasty snacks, drink some absinthe, and read trashy gothic novels. I DO NOT FEEL LIKE BEING PRODUCTIVE. Pity there's all this stuff I need to do.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2015 04:38 pm)
- No longer completely wiped out with the Death Blarg, yay! I'm still coughing, and I run out of energy super-fast, but at least I'm not still flat on the couch.

- I did one of the semi-regular excavations of the floor in the bedroom on Saturday. Most of my knee-length skirts are now in storage bins, as I'm currently in a longer skirt mood. Everything is hung up. Shoes and boots are organized. Let's see how long this lasts this time around!

- Emerald City Comic Con! My panels:
Friday 11:30am, Hall D (TCC 302): Unearth Gothic and Horror Comics
Friday Friday, 2:30PM - 4:20PM, Hall D: None More Goth (I'm a judge!)
Saturday 1:50pm, Hall I (WSCC 3A): Gothic Charm School: In Real Life!

- Because my recent tumblr posting of Big Hair Jilli photos set off a flurry of messages, I have finally written the Big Hair Tutorial!

- I have roughly a zillion clothing alteration projects scampering around my brain, and no real time to work on them. I think I will at least try to write them all down.

- Sleep. I would really like more sleep. I know, I know, I need to schedule the dratted sleep study.
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( Aug. 27th, 2014 11:17 am)
- Guess who had two days in a row of 7am meetings? Thank G-D I work from home and can just call in while still in my nightgown. Yes, I go back to bed for a few hours after the meetings, but I still feel punchy and bleary.

- It's that point in summer where there is something, I don't know what, that triggers my allergies. This is part of the reason I don't like summer, the other parts being glaring sunlight, heat, and not being able to wear most of my wardrobe. Dammit, I have new boots I want to wear!

- This is also the part of the year when there are spiders. Vlad, mighty hunter that he is, delights in bringing wolf spiders upstairs from the basement to chase. THIS IS NOT OKAY WITH ME. No, I won't burn the house down to get rid of them, I promise.

- Did I mention Rufflecon yet? It's a "Northeast USA Alternative Fashion Conference" in early October, and they're bringing me out as a guest to do panels and book signings.

- OMG TIIIIIIRED. So, how are you people? Yes, I'm reading LJ every day, but not all of you are posting.
Things I have been up to: job-hunting (a few possibilities, we'll see what happens), and writing. Writing, writing, writing.

The wonderful darlings at BPAL sent me a box of the Only Lovers Left Alive scents, and I've been writing and posting reviews over at my Tumblr and the main Gothic Charm School site. StuntHusband is going to mug me for the bottle of Kit, but I won't care because I have Shelley, Byron, and Keats and BLOOD POPSICLE. Seriously, folks. Blood Popsicle. This may edge out Lump of Coal as my favorite BPAL ever, which is quite a feat considering Blood Popsicle doesn't have any chocolate note at all.

What else? Wishing I was back at Disneyland. Working on vague-ish ideas involving Patreon. Doing witchy stuff (including making a poison locket pendant using a bunch of the woody nightshade that grows in the back yard). Actually spending time with some of my friends, which has been really nice.

And just to make it clear: while I may not post here as frequently as I used to (blame Tumblr), I am reading my FL every day.
Hi, I've been kind of quiet lately, because I am ridiculously, ridiculously busy. My team is understaffed right now (epic understatement there, and hey, if any of you are technical writers or editors and are job-hunting, drop me a line), so I am currently juggling ...

::stops to count, cross-references with the White Board o' Insanity::

... 4 different projects. All of which are happening right now now NOW.

In addition to work being Do All The Things, homelife is chaotic right now, too. The Stroppy One has a tight deadline, I have a tight self-imposed writing deadline for a project, and hey I probably should get around to writing another Gothic Charm School column, shouldn't I? In addition to wanting to find time to see my friends and family, get some exercise, and start trying to go to bed earlier.

Let me put it this way: I am having to work on reminding myself that pushing and guilting myself to Do All The Things is a quick ticket to exhaustion, CrazyTown, and finding deep emotional resonance and meaning in the lyrics of Pete Wentz*. Ahahahaha.

Anyway, here, have some Goth at the Office photos:

Behind the handy cut tag! )

... the idea of taking tonight off from my assorted responsibilities and projects sounds REALLY enticing. Hmmm.

*The new Fall Out Boy album is delightful, and I find a little too much fun in figuring out which lyrics are going to be rattling around in my head when I'm having a Bad Day.
Good: the migraine that flattened me on Tuesday has completely dissipated.

Good: I had a (MUCH TOO SHORT) visit with Kambriel last night!

Bad: Kambriel and Carolee aren't hanging out in my living room right now, and Kambriel is flying home to the other side of the country tonight.

Good/Bad: I remembered some things about self-care, and dropped out of vending at the Steampunk University this weekend. Good because hey, I realized that I needed the downtime, bad because vending there is always fun.

Goth at the Office: wearing a necklace made from an antique straight razor, like you do.

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( Feb. 28th, 2013 03:55 pm)
Things have been busy. (Hel-LO understatement!) The Stroppy One launched the Kickstarter project for the Magic: the Gathering anniversary art book. (clicky-link!) Work has been a constant whirl of herding cats. Plus there have been some working from home days thanks to insomnia, too.

But! This weekend we will be at Emerald City Comic Con! Table Z12 in the gaming exhibitors section. The Stroppy One will be there all weekend, while I will be there on Friday and Sunday. If you're at the con, please stop by and say hi!

And finally, today's goth at the office photo:

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( Nov. 5th, 2012 08:37 pm)

Stripes, and skully Docs.

Assorted good things:

  • My new boss started today, and she seems very cool.

  • This insane work deadline is almost done.

  • I spent the weekend running around at a local Sherlock convention with minim and the Infamous BlueJay, and I had a really good time. I still claim that I am fandom-adjacent for this fandom, however.

  • Shout!Factory has signed an agreement with Warner Brothers to release ALL the episodes of the Beetlejuice cartoon on DVD! Finally! (But dammit not in time for my birthday.)

  • I have two cats flopped on my legs right now. Which is utterly adorable, even if they're putting my feet to sleep.

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( Dec. 31st, 2011 11:57 am)
There are a lot of year-end memes out there, and I'm not doing ANY of them. 2011 was, with no hyperbole, the worst year of my life. Death, illness, unemployment, stress, and depression were the themes.

But there were some good things about 2011, too. I was able to spend more time with my loved ones, even the ones who don't live nearby. I went to Disneyland and the Tim Burton exhibit. I made a lot of progress on the fiction project I'm working on, and my agent is excited to see it.

But on the whole? I have never been more glad to see a year end. Next week, I am burning the 2011 calendar, because I really do need to see this year go up in flames. Literally.

May 2012 be kinder to us all. Much, MUCH kinder.
Aaauuuugh, hate job hunting. HATE.

Today, in addition to the job hunting, there are household chores, Dad coming over to visit and meet his newest furry grandkids, prepping a GCS post to go live tomorrow, and working on the Big Writing Project. Oh, and making stuff for Mourning Market.

I need to win the lottery.

However, Trinian and Ruthven are being affectionate big kitties, and Vlad and Erzabet are still incredibly cute and snuggly. So that's good.

How are you people? How was the weekend?
- Today is the last day of the dayjob, which means I am now freaking out thinking about all the things I need to get done. I have realized that I need multiple To Do lists to keep everything in order. Ahahahahahahaha. My eventual dream/goal is to become successful enough that I can hire a personal assistant. Because ZOMG, that would make life simpler. (So would a housekeeper.)

- I am in a better mood today. Okay, I feel kind of overwhelmed, but I don't feel unreasonably cranky or low. I will take what progress I can get, thanks.

- EVENT! EVENT! I am vending at Mourning Market on August 21st at Club Motor! Wheeee! Gothic Charm School books and art prints, Cranky!Bloomers, book roses, and maybe some other exciting things. If you're in the Seattle area, please stop by!

- The settings for cross-posting between DW and LJ are thwarting me, currently. Which means doing this by hand, whee.

- I talked to my doctor yesterday: according to my latest bloodwork, the numbers for the marker for the Lyme disease dropped! So the current mix of antibiotics and supplements I'm on are working, oh frabjous day! But I still need to learn/remember that I have to factor in a day of crashing after an event, grrr.

- Accessory sanity check: how ridiculous would it be to take my cupcake pink vintage vinyl purse (a frame style with kisslock closure), and sew a skeleton hand (decorated with a black satin bow at the wrist, of course) on it? In other words, just like most of my other purses, but with the color scheme flipped. *I* think it would look great, but I realize I may be in the midst of a decorate ALL THE THINGS with bones! frenzy.
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( Jun. 14th, 2011 06:00 pm)
Productivity is one of those things I sometimes indulge in.

(Wait. Full disclosure here: many people (including my therapist) have pointed out to me that what I consider being lazy and not applying myself would be getting a lot done by other people. There, I admitted it, my sanity check people can stop gently glaring at me and muttering.)

So. Today involved dayjob stuff, quickly updating my resume and sending it to a friend at Amazon (because they've got a couple of editor positions I'm interested in), doing a supply run for Crankybloomers (which I am going to be selling at the Time Travelers' Rummage Sale in July and the Mourning Market in August), pulling out a bunch of trim for the Crankybloomers from the stash, chatting with some people about job hunting and resume stuff, and culling the closets for items to sell at the Time Travelers' Rummage Sale. (The amount of ruffly, quasi-Victorian stuff I'm letting go of is mildly astonishing, even to me. Oh, and boots! I'm even selling a pair of 8-eye Docs.)

And tonight I'm going to do some writing and website upkeep.

So why do I feel as if I've been slothful and haven't gotten anything done? Oh brain, why are you determined to serve me crazycakes?
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( May. 3rd, 2011 02:49 pm)
Yesterday, we packaged up Tzepesh's remains and sent him off to the very nice people who are going to clean his skeleton for us. When he comes home, he will sit next to Dread Beast in his very own coffin box, and I will say goodnight to him every night, just like I do with Dread Beast.

That ... errand? Chore? Went as smoothly and painlessly as possible, considering I was already having a fairly low day. But now it's done.

The Insomnia Fairy visited last night, much to my dismay and loathing. As I said on tumblr/twitter/FB today's to-do list:

- Day job
- Write GCS prom article
- Not fall asleep on the keyboard

I have promised myself that if I get the GCS prom post off to the beta readers in a timely fashion, I can spend the evening reading the big art book that came with the Elfman & Burton box set.
I am having one of those days. Fuzzy-brained, kind of achy, and wow, did I not want to wake up this morning. Combine that with a sense of ennui and lack of motivation, and you have my current state. Bleah.

However, yesterday ended up being good. I went to therapy (yes, I am seeing a therapist now, and she has been amazing in helping me learn ways to cope with stress and crazy), then had chocolate martinis with the usual suspects. Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate martinis and delightful company is ALWAYS good.

Now I just need to find my motivation to write. I am very late in writing anything for GCS, I have 5K of a story I need to create as soon as I possibly can, and I need to write a proposal about Something so I can send it to my agent. But any time I open a text document to work on something, my mind just ... drifts away. Yeah, I know, stress can do that to a person, but it's still frustrating.

This weekend: hanging out with Dad and sorting through stuff. And maybe writing. I hope writing. The words are there, it just feels like they're out of reach on a really tall shelf or something.
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( Feb. 2nd, 2011 11:01 am)
Today: not great. I was blindsided by a wave of missing Mom last night, right when we were settling down to go to sleep. I hate crying in general, but especially when I'm trying to go to sleep. So I have that post-crying hangover feeling today.

Also, I'm just tired and achy. Which is another reason for the ugh. Thank goodness I am working from home today, with tea and cats and comfort movies.

In addition to the dayjob, I need to respond to several emails (dear [ profile] staysonpaper, I got your message! I will reply enthusiastically today!), organize stuff for this weekend, and ... drat. I'm forgetting something. Augh!

But seriously. Not in a great headspace right now. I know it happens, and it will happen, but I still don't like it. Send distractions.

(Ooooh, speaking of distractions: [ profile] ailleann23 posted a link to Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco covering "Science Fiction Double Feature" (clicky-link!) While I am not usually a PatD fan (I think they're okay, but they don't make me go all flailyhands), there is something about this video that makes me grin. So adorable!) (Which tangentially reminds me: [ profile] jaborwhalky, tell me the gossip!)
- So, is this headache a looming sinus migraine, or is something in my neck out of whack? It's at that awkward stage where I can't tell. As soon as I can convince Trinian Queen of Fuzzwumpia to stop sleeping on my feet, I will go take some Advil. Cat. On Feet )

- I tried a zombie ichor variation of the bloodspatter manicure using Orly's "Galaxy Girl", which is a blue/red/purple shimmer duochrome polish. I ... I think I'm underwhelmed. I may remove it tonight and go back to the traditional bloodspatter.

- I would like my award for being adult now, thanks. I called an agency and did stuff pertaining to dayjob. I fear that bout of productivity (along with the headache) has sapped my brain, because the idea of settling down and doing writing is making me feel a trifle woozy.

Okay, must remove the cat from my feet and take something for this headache. The coffee and food is obviously not going to fix it. Then I need to find my motivation ...


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