The Infamous BlueJay stopped by on Monday night to give me my birthday present early.

Vintage Fluevogs! The ones I'd been pining for!

I am very lucky. I have wonderful, wonderful friends. I also have pink & burgundy boots!
You people with your "pix or it didn't happen!" Sheesh. Anyway, I will take a photo of the rest of the Goodwill loot later on - I have to start getting ready to go hit some more thrift stores with [ profile] maiaarts' hubby. Thrift Store Powers That Be, I beseech you to help me find good stuff!

But here are the Fluevogs. UK size 3, so a US size 5, I think?

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( Jun. 16th, 2010 12:15 pm)
The Stroppy One: still woozy and head-spinny.

Me: feeling a bit worse than yesterday, with bonus head-spinny and exhaustion.

Doctor's appointment: tomorrow.

If it turns out that I have walking pneumonia, I am going to be SO MAD. I don't have time to be sick! I've got stuff to do! ::shakes tiny fists, stamps tiny feet, gets dizzy and needs to have a lie down::


In "Ooooh, pretty distractions!" news: for Dr. Marten's 50th anniversary this fall, they're teaming up with Sanrio.


I'll be honest, I'd covet them more if they were the 20-eye boots, but still! Those are damn cute. Do I need more boots? Ha, no. Even I know that. Do I want more boots? Ohmygoodnessgracious, yes.
This weekend was the Fluevog warehouse/sample sale up in Vancouver B.C. There were all sorts of plots bandied back and forth to road trip up to it, but none of my potential traveling companions had the right sort of ID to leave or re-enter the country. Woe! No searching for Babycake boots in limited edition colors, woe!

HOWEVER. Yesterday was the big annual yard sale day in my neighborhood. Rummage sale at the community center, and 100+ yard sales. [ profile] maiaarts and I have a long-standing partnership for hitting yard sales, so we were compelled, COMPELLED I tell you, to Go Forth and bargain-hunt.

We got kind of a late start, as I crawled out of bed around 10:30, and there were other things to be done. But still! I found a couple of ridiculous gothic romances and some teen vampire books, an antique crystal and brass perfume bottle, a hand-tatted lace collar, a chair for Lucretia Evangeline, a display shelf for teacups and other knick-knacks, and ... perfect Victorian-style granny boots. For a dollar.

::throws the horns in victory::

Then we went to the U-district to stop at Gargoyles. I ran into [ profile] icprncs, much to my delight. And because it was there, I went into Buffalo Exchange, where I found a lovely pair of knee-high, lace-up Victorian-style boots by some brand named Seychelles. I think the reason they were at BE was that two of the decorative silver buttons at the tops of the boots were missing. But the pronged attachments for the buttons were still there. 10 minutes with a pair of pliers and my button box, and now the boots have new decorative silver buttons. And pink & black striped ribbon laces.

So all in all, I don't regret missing the Fluevog sale.

Today, on the other hand, is about putting indigo on my head, doing some writing, and doing some organizing of the storage room. Oh, and calling the parents, so they can make shocked noises about "We have a daughter? Who knows how to use the phone?" Yeah yeah yeah, you people raised me, you KNOW I'm bad about phone calls. ::grin::
- Can battered patent leather boots be repaired? The storage room cleaning unearthed a pair of lace-up, pointy-toe goth boots (yay!), but the patent finish is peeling across the creases on the toes. The leather of the boots seems in good condition, there are just spots where the shiny shiny finish is cracked and peeling. (It reminds me of peeling black nail polish.) Should I take the boots to my cobbler and see if he can rejuvenate them?

- If I wanted to turn some dark purple cotton velveteen black, what color dye bath should I simmer it in? My instinct is forest green, but I'm not entirely sure.
I no longer have the urge to drill a hole in my skull to release the pressure of the migraine, which is a VAST improvement over yesterday. Also, the mutterings of the low self-esteem monsters have (mostly) dwindled away, thank goodness. So thank you to everyone who gave me kind words and clicky-links of distraction yesterday!

Hey, let's talk about ridiculous furniture coveting! Look at this antique couch on Etsy! (clicky-link!)

I covet that like MAD. [ profile] kambriel said she would want to lounge around on it while wearing a deep red velvet dress. I said I wanted to lounge around on it wearing a black velvet military-styled jacket and bustle skirt, with pink details.

And while I'm on the topic of ridiculous coveting: I posted a photo of my dream boots on my Tumblr stream today. Boots that I probably couldn't walk in, are discontinued, and impossible to find. But MY GOODNESS, they're pretty.

Yes, I would wear them with the aforementioned black velvet military-styled jacket and bustle skirt with pink details, while sitting on the fabulous black-and-white striped couch. With a glass of absinthe. What? A girl can dream, can't she?
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( Feb. 1st, 2010 02:39 pm)
Dear hiring manager for that full-time tech editor job at the Big Software Company that I applied for IN NOVEMBER;

I see that the job is still open. (Or at least still listed on the career site.) I am EXACTLY the person you are looking for. Really. LOOK AT MY RESUME AND CALL ME IN FOR AN INTERVIEW.


Cupcake Goth


Last night when going to bed, the PMS Goblins visited and I had an epic crying meltdown for no reason. I knew it was for no reason, and even said so (in between sobs). But apparently I needed to cry. So, no surprise, I am now suffering the post-crying hangover. I suspect that I am going to get no writing done today, grrr.


Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll about the striped skirt! Re-make the skirt has the most votes, but then I keep looking at these:

and these:

and start geebling and flailing a lot.


I hope all of you folks out there in LJ land are having a good day.
Mom was very touched by everyone wishing her a happy birthday yesterday! We went out for a very tasty dinner in celebration.


Today involves checking the P.O. box, grocery shopping, and going to Half-Price Books with 8 bags of things I culled from the shelves and cabinets. I want for extra spending money for next week's Mourning Market! Tonight is going dancing with the Usual Suspects, yay!


Hey! If you're in the Seattle area, on Sunday night you should go to Pillow Full of Drone at Visonary Dance in Fremont, because celadon is performing! (The "Dark Decorum" theme music for the Gothic Charm School videos was composed by celadon.)


Clicky-links of coveting! Why hello there, Funeral Cortage 'Belle Epoch' Top Hat! You are very, very pretty. You are also cost almost as much as a pair of Fluevog boots, so sadly, you will remain on the "pretty to look at" part of the coveting list. But damn, that's a gorgeous hat.

Oh hey, speaking of Fluevog boots, have you people SEEN the new boots that are part of the Spring line?

They're not available for purchase yet. I am terrified to find out how much they cost, because ohmygod, I want them. Yeah, the designers at Fluevog know what I like, that's for sure.

Fluevog put my coveted Lambchop Minis boots on sale. A week before I become unemployed.

::sobs, stamps feet::

I wonder how fast I could sell some stuff to get them? Because the Fluevog Mini heel is the most comfortable heel I have EVER worn.

(Dear Powers That Be, if you cause a pair of them in a black 7.5 to magically arrive on my doorstep, I would not mind at all. I'm just saying.

The Morrissey show last night was a wonderful experience. He did not perform "Last Of The Famous International Playboys", alas, but it was still a great show. His voice is still as strong as ever, and [ profile] cass404 made flailyhands of excitement at each other through the entire thing.

One of the things that astonished me was that people climbed up on stage and ran at Saint Moz. I just wasn't expecting that to happen. Stage security did their best to intercept the fans and usher them off-stage, but at one point I think there were three different audience members dodging security. ([ profile] cass404 and I looked hard to see if any of those fans were in a black suit, but no. [ profile] morthael showed some sense and restraint.)


Sparkly vampire movie. Oof. Hey look, Cleolinda has put up the New Moon In 15 Minutes! You should go read that. What *I* will say about the werewolves and sparkly vampire movie is that I found it hilariously awful, wow the CGI was bad, the quote of the night was "It's a metaphor!", and I am devoutly glad that I took a flask of absinthe into the movie theater with me. (I do not usually condone smuggling alcohol into public events, but there was NO WAY I was getting through that movie completely sober.)

However, thanks to suffering through one travesty of something supposedly to do with vampires, I have decided that I have healed enough to tackle writing the long-threatened review of Dracula The Undead tonight. This is your warning.


I think my taste in footwear is regressing a bit. I can't really think of another reason why I'm suddenly browsing eBay for Dr. Marten's boots. Okay, part of the reason is that [ profile] cass404 has these gorgeous corset Docs (clicky-link!), and I find myself quite enamored of them. What a pity that I'm pretty sure that a US size 6 in Docs won't fit me, otherwise I would have nabbed the pair I just linked to. But no, my shoe size is 7.5 - 8 -ish nowadays, and I fear those boots in a size a 6 would lead to pain and suffering. But they're very pretty.


Yes, I'm wearing black lipstick in this photo, which means that yes, I wore black lipstick to work. I'm quite pleased with it.

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( Oct. 27th, 2009 09:53 pm)
And really, I have been writing. But I'm taking a break, and ... taking a break means looking at the Fluevog site, right?

Someone please tell me why I find the Lambchop boots so cute? Besides the fact that they've got the fantastic Mini-style heel, which I absolutely love on my Babycakes, I mean.

The Xie Xie boots (clicky-link!) are gorgeous, but I fear those heels wouldn't work for me. (I've been spoiled by the Mini heels; they really are that comfortable.)

Oooh, the Libby Smith boots (clicky-link!) are pretty. Yes, I am sucker for button detailing on boots. They just look so elegant!

(Of course, if I'm going to talk about Fluevogs and button details, I should talk about my completely unrealistic dream that I'm going to somehow find a pair of Fluevog Babycakes in the pink/cranberry colorway (clicky-link!) at a consignment or thrift store. Ahahaha. So, so not going to happen. But it's a pretty dream to have.)

While we're talking about unrealistic dreams, gosh, maybe someday Mr. Fluevog will realize that he should team up with Gothic Charm School, and make the Babycakes in black with pink details and pink with black details.

And now that I'm done touring the special fantasy-land shoe store that exists in JilliLand, I suppose I should get back to working on this chapter outline.
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( Sep. 25th, 2009 05:18 pm)

The long-coveted Fluevog Babycakes, on my feet WHERE THEY BELONG.

(The deliberately mis-matched stockings make the Stroppy One make the squinchy face, but I like the way they look.)

My Fluevogs! Mine mine mine! Wheeee!

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Okay folks, this is your advance warning. Tomorrow, the giant Closet Culling Sale Post goes live. Lip Service! Fluffy skirts! Military-style jackets! Shoes! An antique collapsible top hat! Men's shirts and a suit!

(And now we take a short breather from the exclamation points.)

All proceeds will go to my paying off my Fluevog Babycake boots. And, erm, my Dr. Marten Skelly boots, because when Amazon emails me and says "omg only one pair left in your size! here, have an extra extra discount!", I listen. If, by some lucky chance, I have extra money, I'm taking myself to the spaaaaa. Soaking in warm tubs all day, with occasional breaks for snacky food and body scrubs, mmmm.


The job hunt is still going. I'm playing the waiting game with three different possibilities. Which, on the one hand, yay! On the other hand, I am not good at waiting, and I'd like at lest ONE of them to become something more than a nebulous potential thing.
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( Aug. 25th, 2009 04:10 pm)
Hmmph. The other pair of boots I've been coveting for ages and ages are on sale at Amazon. However, I am already in shocking debt for my gorgeous Fluevogs, and thus cannot take advantage of the sale on the Skelly Docs. Woe! Woeful Cupcake Goth!

In other other news, Trinian, our extremely sweet-but-dumb kitty, just slid off of my lap onto the couch. In her sleep. She woke up looking very startled. Poor dim girl.
Tomorrow I should try out my knee-high Victorian boots (that [ profile] staxxy gave me a few years ago) with the new squishy pads for the balls of my feet. Because I love those boots, and if I can figure out a way to wear them for extended periods without my feet hurting, that would be fantastic*.

So I think tomorrow is going to involve me doing chores around the house wearing bloomers, a "fangbanger" baby-t (because it's FUNNY!), and knee-high boots. No, there will not be photos. No, not even if you all make the pouty face at me.

*It won't stop my desperate coveting of assorted Fluevogs, but nothing in the world will.
The Stroppy One has (semi-jokingly) predicted that we'll be suffering cabin fever by about, oh, Thursday. I don't think so. I'm very excited to oh, spend time with my cats! And sleep in my own bed! And OH MY GOD TRY AND SEE MY FRIENDS WHO I HAVEN'T BEEN AROUND IN A MONTH. And then there's the resume updating and job hunting part, but thinking about those parts of the To Do List makes me twitch. Can't I just find a patron who will support the Stroppy One and me in our wacky artistic lifestyle? A patron who understands that I need at least three pairs of new boots, right now? (One of those clicky-links does not lead to Fluevog, and is under $150, even!)

But first, I have a Gothic Lolita convention in Bellevue to go to this weekend. Yes, I'm serious. Innocente Seraphim asked me to be a panelist, and I said yes. Hey, it's another chance to dress up, see people in pretty clothes, and then browse a vendors' room that will be FULL of things I want.

After InnoSera, I have ... a blog/podcast interview thingie, and a signing with The Dreaming Comics. But nothing I'm traveling out of state for! (Yet. Who knows, that could change.)

So. How are all you folks doing? I miss people.
I don't suppose any of you have a pair of Fluevog Babycake boots (clicky-link!) in a size 8.5 that I could borrow for a day? I covet them greatly, but need to spend a couple of hours walking around in them to figure out if they'd make my feet hurt, thus rendering them unwearable to me.

(I also really like the Fluevog Mini-Lover boots (clicky-link!), but the Stroppy One does not.)

I know, I know, my unemployed self should NOT be looking at the Fluevog site. I know. But does anyone have a pair I can borrow? ::grin::
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( Apr. 29th, 2009 11:11 am)
I tend to be more of a tea drinker. I like tea, plus tea pots! Pretty tea cups! Mad tea parties! So, y'know, there's this whole bonus whimsical thing tea has going for it. But lately, I have been craving coffee. Don't get me wrong, I still have my pot of tea in the mornings, but I've also been having a double-tall americano in addition to that. My guess is I've been craving coffee because of, oh, my insomnia being worse and the ongoing sense of (mostly good) overwhelmed-ness I've been dealing with. But whatever the reason, I've been drinking more coffee.

(Dear Self, remember to call and set up the consultation for the sleep study your doc wants you to go on. With love and mild exasperation, Your Memory.)

Boots! It is all the fault of [ profile] maiaarts that I am coveting a pair of Dr. Martins for the first time in a couple of decades. But, really, how could I resist the notion of 14-eye docs with leg and foot bones on them? (clicky-link!) Seriously, look at them! They would be absolutely charming with pink ribbons for laces, worn with fluffy skirts and little fitted jackets. I really REALLY want them. Like, put them on my wish list, am poking at my budget want them.

Speaking of boots, if any of you are contemplating purchasing the JUMP Sparky boots (clicky-link!), be aware that the calves are snug. They fit me, and have stretched out a bit to now zip up easily, but they are tighter through the calves than the JUMP Bjork boots.

(Also, check Ebay for them. That's where I got mine, for considerably less than Amazon is charging.)

Skelly-foot boots ... skelly-foot boots ...

Coming soon to this LJ! A review of [ profile] mirandaluna's book In The Blood. But the short version of the review is: it made me overwhelmingly nostalgic for the 90s-era Goth scene. Especially for the 90s-era Goth scene that didn't quite exist, but that we all assumed must exist in other cities that were cooler than the ones we lived in.
Behind the cut, shoes and boots! Sizes 8.5 - 9 )

If you're interested, leave a comment and we'll figure out shipping costs.
- Remember that skirt I was complaining about a while ago, about how I was not happy with how it was fitting, and I think it needed different buttons? It now has a higher waistband and two rows of pink buttons down the front. I'm much happier with it.

- Speaking of pink buttons, I'm idly contemplating prying the black buttons off the sides of my black JUMP Bjork boots (clicky-link!) and replacing them with pink buttons. Go on, try to look surprised at that.

- One of the things I need to do this weekend: take photos of the stuff I want to sell, including the purple pair of JUMP Bjork boots, because I've only worn them about three times and am not going to bother with getting them dyed. I am also contemplating selling a pair of my vintage swordfish Fluevog shoes. They are gorgeous, but I never wear them because they've got 3" heels and make my feet hurt.

- The Stroppy One pointed out the most recent editorial on Penny Arcade to me, because it mentions a local Goth-Loli event. I don't *think* they're referring to SakuraCon - has anyone heard about this? (Sadly, that's all the info I have.)

- Clicky-links of coveting! The Empire Corsair cincher/waistcoat combo from Damsel In This Dress. (clicky-link!) Ooooh, pretty. I would love to have that in a black-on-black striped fabric.

Speaking of black-on-black stripes, the Jezebel top hat (clicky-link!) is calling to me very, very strongly. I suspect I am going to eventually purchase this, and if I really like their work, commission them to make me a black and pink striped version of this hat. (Again, go on, practice your surprised face. I'll wait.)

Okay, back to reviewing documentation on MSDN. Wheee, the excitement never stops.


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