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( Jan. 18th, 2011 02:00 pm)
Otherwise known as "what happens when Jilli sees things on tumblr, then realizes she has the supplies upstairs in the storage room":

(Yes, I had a spare pair of black flats AND an assortment of spikes. What?)

(Yes, I wore them to the office today. No writer is going to sass ME, I tell you what. Now if only the threat of spiky shoes would get the network to obey me.)

In other news, guess who just stapled the arm seam of her vintage blouse after it ripped? I'm just telling myself I'm oh-so-deathrock. Or something.

In other other news, Dear LJ front page, having one of your spotlight communities be one about tarantulas? With its creepy-crawly user icon? NOT OKAY, THANKS.
A separate bobbin winder machine? Are they worth it?

This question is prompted by the discovery that the big lot of metal bobbins (in a organizer!) that I found at a thrift store work with my (well, [ profile] cupcakegothmom's Elna, but they don't fit on the shaft for winding them. (I don't get it either. They work with the machine beautifully, but when they're empty, I can't wind new thread onto them.)

So, I now wonder about bobbin winding machines. Help me, other sewing types!
Thank you, [ profile] cupcakegothmom, for entrusting me with your Elna sewing machine.

Thank you, Infamous BlueJay, for getting me the automatic buttonhole attachment.

(I'm almost done with the alterations to a blazer that didn't quite fit. One pot of pink dye, a seam ripper, two lengths of D-ring tape, some ribbon, and nine buttons later, and it will look fantastic.)

(Oh argh, I have to iron the dratted thing. Hmmph.)
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( Aug. 27th, 2010 02:08 pm)
- All of the packages from the clothing sale have now been mailed!

- Tonight is Going Dancing Night with the StuntHusband at NocNoc, and then (almost certainly) to Night Kitchen for late-night snacks. Will one of the DJs at the club play "Bad Romance" again, thus allowing the StuntHusband and myself to utterly confuse the hipsters on the dancefloor?

- I need to stop dragging my feet and look at the comments from my beta readers on the story I need to send off to Steampunk Tales.

- I also need to start writing the next GCS column.

- Oh, and work on the fiction project.

- I finished reading The Vampire Armand during last night's bath. Whooo, bombast and vampires! And my goodness, Armand is quite the cranky drama queen, isn't he? Should I start reading Violin or Merrick, or should I re-read [ profile] gailcarriger's Changeless (again!) in prep for Blameless arriving next week?
[ profile] corbaegirl very, um, helpfully points out that the "Ghastlies" fabric comes on a mauve background.

So, pink-toned and spooky? )

What I would probably do with the fabric is use it as a center panel in a 4-panel knee-length full skirt, with the rest of the panels made from black fabric. And with a 10" wide border of the "Ghastlies" on those black panels. (Which may be a bit beyond my pattern-drafting and geometry skills, but we'll see.)

I need to find someplace near me that has the mauve background version in stock, so I can take a look at the color in real life. Because my GOODNESS, that fabric is cute.
Look at this Alexander Henry "Ghastlies" fabric! (clicky-link to Etsy!) Ooooh, wouldn't it look darling as the border on a fluffy skirt? Help me decide, LJ Hivemind!

[Poll #1597752]
Sooooo, I've been looking at a lot of deathrock photos and pictures from this year's WGT over on Tumblr. Which is making me crave adding deathrock-y elements into my Victorian Cupcake Goth attire. I'm already going the route of layers of shredded tights and fishnets, but now I'm contemplating going one step further.

No, not shaving the sides of my head. Can you imagine what the Stroppy One would do? Sheesh.

I have an unlined, princess-seamed black blazer, made from stretch twill, that closes in the front with buckles instead of buttons. Notched lapels, and faux corset-lacing in the back to adjust the fit. I am thinking of taking my trusty seam ripper to the back seams, the seams where the sleeves connect to the blazer, and maybe the front seams. I'd open all of those seams up, and then "sew" them back together with safety pins. Many, many safety pins. And then wear the blazer over a high-collared, ruffly striped blouse and fluffy striped skirt. With petticoats, of course.

I can picture it clearly in my head, and *I* think it would look great. But I realize that sometimes I get these ideas, and I am ... easily blinded by the "Ooooh, shiny and new!" aspect of them. This is where you people come in!

[Poll #1576905]
Hey, sewing types! Refresh my memory: didn't Jo Ann's have a fabric last Halloween that was a stretchy knit that was pre-distressed? I could swear I've seen listings for such a thing on eBay under the name "zombie knit", but of course I can't find any now.

(I've been looking at a LOT of deathrock-y type photos lately, and I kind of want to create a deathrock-ish version of one of my usual outfits. High-collared, frilly blouse, full ruffly skirt, but with overlays of tattered and shredded fabric. Have I lost my sugar-enhanced mind? I dunno. It sounds fun to ME, anyway.)

(Heeeeeey, I think I have about 4 or 5 yards of heavy-weight fishnetty fabric upstairs in the storage room ...)

(Or I could get a lace blouse from a thrift store, distress it/melt holes in it, and wear it over a camisole. But what to do about the skirt?)

(I like parenthetical statements!)
I just got done dismantling a dark purple cotton velveteen duvet cover, which I purchased a few months ago at the Goodwill outlet for under $15. Next I need to pin and cut out pattern pieces. Then there's a dye bath, and eventually it will become a black velvety, ruffly skirt. Yes, I make skirts from duvet covers and sheets. Thrift stores are wonderful.
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( May. 14th, 2010 02:22 pm)
I now NEED an embroidery machine. Not merely covet one, NEED one.

Why? Because I just learned about the existence of the Urban Threads site (clicky-link!), and that they have THREE PAGES of gothy embroidery designs for sale.

Designs like a skull cameo! Or a skeleton key! Or a scrollwork bat!

Waaaaaant. Oh man, now I need to start researching, pricing, and saving up for an embroidery machine. Because if I can start embroidering some of those designs on the things I get from thrift stores? Oh, the possibilities!
(Conversation is slightly paraphrased)

Me: "Honey, help me decide which angle looks best for this skeleton hand I want to put on this purse."

The Stroppy One: "What? Wait, you didn't yank that off of your other purse, did you?"

Me: "No. I got an extra skeleton hand."

The Stroppy One: " ... Where?"

Me: "eBay!"

The Stroppy One: "Of course. eBay."


After going through the collection of black vintage-ish purses, the base for the new skeleton handbag* has been decided upon. Now, to spend my evening reviewing comments from beta readers and sewing a skeletal hand onto a leather purse. Time to find my thimble, and possibly some small needle-nose pliers ...

*I still adore my current skeleton handbag that I purchased at the previous Mourning Market. But Spring is coming, which means I need to be able to carry my sunglasses case with me, and the current bag just doesn't have enough room. So, time to craft a similar handbag ...

**Note To Self: Cull the handbags and sell some of them in the upcoming wardrobe sale. Yes, really.

Let it never be said that my wardrobe doesn't have a theme:

Dear [ profile] cupcakegothmom, the tip about elastic thread on the bobbin was very helpful. Thanks, Mom!

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( Jan. 31st, 2010 08:52 pm)
I was about to whine a bit about my energy suddenly leaving me, but then I realized that so far I have:

- Made that poll post asking about the black-on-black striped skirt.

- Written a bunch of notes and story snippets for the fiction project I'm working on.

- Transcribed all of my hand-written notes for the fiction project into a Word doc.

- Done 4 loads of laundry.

- Made a batch of sausage rolls.

- Chatted with [ profile] queeniex and her boy while he sculpted the prototype head for her new doll.

Huh. I guess I Did Stuff today. That might be where my energy went.

In other news, why do I suddenly want a cage petticoat type thing to layer over other skirts? Either an actual boned one (like this one from Azdaja (clicky-link!)), or one that is a "cage" over skirt that is made from strips of ribbon or twill tape. However, I am too lazy (and possibly too math-challenged) to make one of the "cage" over skirts on my own. (Even tho' there's kind of a tutorial over here on EGL.) Can I find a pre-made one anywhere on Teh Interwebs? No, I cannot, and am somewhat vexed about it.

I *should* try to motivate myself to either do more writing, or to work on the final bits I need to do to the "cranky" bloomers I'm going to be selling at Mourning Market next Sunday, but I suspect my motivation is napping. Maybe I'll just spend the rest of the evening flopped on the couch with the cats.
In the course of re-organizing/culling the skirts yesterday, I unearthed a skirt that I LOVE the fabric of, but that is made in a style that is not as flattering for me as it could be. The skirt is a heavyweight black-on-black stripe, and is the type that is gathered (very tidily!) at the waist, with a waistband. I look better in skirts that are panel or circle skirts, without a bunch of fabric gathered at the waistline.

So, my question!

[Poll #1519321]
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( Jan. 27th, 2010 04:16 pm)
I really some sort of sewing-themed LJ icon, don't I?

Anyhoodle, behind the cut-tag, the back view of the skirt! (And a repeat of the front view, and natter about the construction and so on.)

OMG ruffles! )
And yeah, I was pretty glum. Having a potential job lead fizzle out is apparently a sure way to plunge my mood into the depths. But you nice folks shared lots of happy things with me, which helped.

I spent the day working on the stripy ruffled skirt o' doom. This is possibly the most intricate version of one of these skirts I've ever attempted, since it involves a panel covered with tiers of ruffles, ruffles at the hem of two other panels, 20 buttons on the front panel, and a lining. But! It is almost completely finished! All that is left is to sew on all 20 buttons. (Yes, I like buttons. And the Infamous BlueJay gave me an automatic buttonholer that is the coolest thing ever.)

So yes, that's what I'll be doing tonight. After I finish reviewing the suggestions from the beta readers for the next GCS column, that is. With A Company Of Wolves playing in the background.

EDITED TO ADD: The signs of a quiet night: sewing on buttons, [ profile] clovisdvlbunny sitting with me, and Trinian asleep on my feet.

Dear Whatever Powers and Muses I Need to Beseech,

I would like to have Words Back, please. I reeeeeaaally need to write, and I want to. So, can I have my words back?

Thank you!

- Cupcake Goth


Sleep. So, I've mentioned that I'm nocturnal AND an insomniac, right? (I have vivid memories of being 4 or 5 and being wide awake into the small hours of the night, quietly playing with my toys because I couldn't fall asleep.) The Stroppy One, not pleased with this gradual slide into waking up at 11:30 or noon, has convinced me to try going to bed at 1:30-ish on most nights, and getting up around 10:30 in the morning. Okay, I can see the good points in this, especially since job-hunting probably works best during daylight. Except that I go to bed at that time, then lie awake until around 3:30, listening to the Stroppy One sleep. Let's hope the re-setting of my sleep schedule takes effect soon.


I left the b&w stripy fabric in the hibiscus tea bath overnight. I am going to rinse and see how it turned out very soon. If it didn't darken the fabric enough for me, my back-up plan is to run it through the washer with about a tablespoon of Rose Pink RIT. Just enough to add a faint blush to the white, not enough to make it really pink.


Okay, time to see if Words are NOT Gone. Wish me luck!
Wow, the fabric dying post brought you people out with opinions. (Which is fantastic, by the way!) The test swatches I tea-dyed last night turned a lovely antique white/pale ivory. I am going to try a test swatch with hibiscus tea, because I'm betting THAT will give me a super pale pinkish-white, which might be even BETTER than ivory.

Also in the comments, you lovely peoples gave me all sorts of crafty project ideas, including [ profile] untouched_sugar talking about paper roses made from the pages of old books (which means I have even MORE reasons to scour the thrift stores for used and battered copies of Alice In Wonderland, Dracula, and Something Wicked This Way Comes, oh dear), and [ profile] sillycecelia suggesting that I write lines of poetry in the white stripes of the fabric once the skirt is made. (I would probably copy text from Something Wicked This Way Comes or "Homecoming", just because.)

Of course, talking about making skirts from sheets sent me straight to eBay, where I went browsing for pink striped sheets. I really like these Nicole Miller pink striped ones (with ruffles!). (clicky-link!) I'd use the fabric from them for the tiered ruffles for the back panel of the skirt, the front panel, and the ruffled hem. (The other parts of the skirt body would be black.)

Oh deary deary me, projects. Wheeee!
Thanks to some excellent thrift store luck, I have a bunch of b&w striped fabric. (Helpful Hint: bedsheets are a great source of bulk yardage for fabrics. Especially if you're willing to add a lining to a skirt you make from them.)

Anyway, yes, b&w striped fabric. I just finished cutting out all of the pieces for one of my usual skirts (knee-length, ruffle-edged, and tiers of ruffles down the back panel), and those pieces are now gently simmering in a pot full of black RIT. This will turn them into a black and grey-ish purple striped fabric, yay!

I have enough of the fabric left to make a second of the same type of skirt. My question is this: do I want to cut out the pieces for the skirt and then lightly tea-dye them to an ivory shade? I already have some b&w striped skirts, and the same goes for black and pink stripe. An antiqued ivory/sepia might be a good addition to my skirt collection. But I'm dithering about it. What do you folks think?

[Poll #1515631]
Thank you very much to everyone who said nice things about the photo of me in my around-the-house clothing! Why yes, every time the dratted Body Image Monsters start muttering at me, I'm going to go back and read what all of you said. Thank you very, very much.

Yesterday turned out to be amazingly productive for me. I did laundry, made chili in the crockpot, got some GCS writing done, and embroidered a pair of bloomers that I'm going to be selling at next month's Mourning Market:

Cranky!Bloomers I embroidered Cranky!Bloomers I embroidered

In addition, something in my head went ::DING!:: at around 1AM, and I wrote down a HUGE amount of notes and ideas for the fiction project I'm working on. Mind you, I haven't looked at those notes yet today, but I'm pretty sure the ideas I came up with were good ones, and not strange scribbling. I hope.


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