Today is FAR better than the rest of this week, for various reasons:

- I did indeed go to bed earlier last night, which meant extra sleep. I think I just need to accept that I need a minimum of eight hours sleep to even function, and more than that if I want to feel, oh, alert and happy. I think this means I need to take shorter baths at night, hmmph.

- I am indulging in a favorite outfit AND fluffy hair. (Volumizing powder + a smidge of backcombing.)

- ADAM ANT TICKETS. He's playing Showbox at the Market on Sept. 7th, and I am GOING.

- An extremely tight deadline at work just got pushed back, oh thank goodness.

- CLICK-N-SHIP notification from [ profile] kambriel! Which is not as good as having her visit, but hey, pretty clothes! (I'm pretty sure she didn't scrunch herself into a priority mail box.)

... plus iced coffee, a co-worker bringing in doughnuts as penance for breaking the build, and people giving me information I need. All good things!

Today's Goth at the Office photo: fluffy hair! (I need some sort of big hair icon, yes.)

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( Aug. 7th, 2011 11:18 am)
Last night's Exodus/Rob Zombie/Slayer show was a lot of fun. (Dreamwidth peeps, the photo of my outfit with the amazing skeleton jacket my friend Thea painted is over here.)

I always forget how much of a pantomime metal shows are (including the crowd) until I go to one. I Do Not Blend (and in fact, frequently confuse the natives), but I always have a good time. The second time I left and returned to the bar area, I started to pull out my ID for the security guard, but he just smiled and waved me through, saying "Go on, Cupcake". I'm pretty sure he had no idea of my nickname, it was just happenstance.)

Before Exodus took the stage, our crowd realized that none of us could remember any songs by them. At all. We all knew we'd heard some, but we couldn't remember them. When the lead singer introduced "Toxic Waltz", Jesse and I turned to each other with expressions of "Oh, right!"

Rob Zombie, as always, puts on a show of amazing bombast. Giant robots! Lurching skeletons! Giant gouts of flame! Zombie wearing some sort of huge articulated claw hand! He played "Living Dead Girl" and "More Human Than Human", so I was happy. (I wanted to hear "Spookshow Baby" or "House of 1000 Corpses", but I knew that wouldn't happen.)

Slayer. Wow. Loud. I don't actually own anything by Slayer*, they were always the music of boyfriends. But I admire them, and they put on a very intense show. And in between songs, the lead singer comes across as very soft spoken and sweet. (It turns out he's a devout Catholic, and teaches Sunday School. I am utterly charmed by this.)

So all in all, a fun time, and I'm very glad I keep the good earplugs in my purse.

*In fact, the only Slayer-related song I own is Tori Amos' cover of "Raining Blood". Which I adore. No, really, it works amazingly well!
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( Apr. 8th, 2011 01:02 pm)
- The Stroppy One just got off the phone with the vet. Tzepesh is eating of his own volition, so they may not have to put the feeding tube in. We have an appointment at 4PM tomorrow which, if we're lucky, will be his discharge appointment. He's going to be on steroids for life, but that's no big deal, really.

We're going to go visit him today; when the Stroppy One visited him last night, Tzepesh had more energy and was very affectionate.

- Have I mentioned that I'm going to be at SakuraCon? I am! And I'm doing a panel/Q&A thing at 10PM on the Friday night of the convention. Come on down, say hi!

- For those of you who went and looked at my DW journal: No, I don't cross-post much stuff there. I mainly use it for reading the folks who have migrated away from LJ. (I am not planning on leaving LJ, for various reasons. Including the fact that long-ago, the StuntHusband gave me a permanent account. All my things are here!)

- Okay, why did none of you tell me that the Slayer & Rob Zombie "Hell On Earth" tour is playing Seattle in August? Yes, I plan on going. Rob Zombie puts on a fabulous live show, and Slayer is always fun. (Tho' come to think of it, I never really owned anything by them. Slayer were always one of the bands the assorted boyfriends listened to.)
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( Apr. 4th, 2011 12:20 am)
Wheeee, second MCR show! I didn't have anywhere as clear of a view of the stage (Showbox SoDo is notorious for this), but the energy was just as high, and the sound quality was slightly better.

Helena was wrenching. Cancer hit me even harder than it did on Friday night. But the final song of the night? VAMPIRES WILL NEVER HURT YOU. So I have now seen them perform it twice, and am incredibly happy about it.

Two pictures:

The Stroppy One very kindly wrote this on my arm for me, before I left the house.

What I wore, including my new leather motorcycle jacket, which I found at Buffalo Exchange today, for $15. Mmmm, Deathrock Victorian, let me do more with it.

Many, many thanks to [ profile] cass404, [ profile] minim_calibre, and the Infamous BlueJay, for being my concert-going companions. And extra-special thanks to the Infamous BlueJay for deciding I needed an Apocalypse Mouse shirt from the tour.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, a new GCS lesson will be posted.
They played Vampires Will Never Hurt You. My all-time favorite song of theirs. THEY PLAYED VAMPIRES, PEOPLE.

(This is kind of a big deal, since they hadn't performed that song live for ... I think since the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge era. I had never seen this song performed before.)

Other high points: They played my favorite song off Revenge (Thank You For The Venom), and one of my favorites from Danger Days (DESTROYA). Also, all of the entire band remains ridiculously pretty and adorkable.

The setlist )

I am really, really glad I thought ahead and wore cry-proof eyeliner and mascara. I expected to get choked up and teary during Helena and Cancer (which they always perform live); I did not expect to really cry and almost start sobbing. (For those who don't follow MCR, Helena is the song about the death of Gerard and Mikey's grandmother, and Cancer is about exactly what the title says.) Both songs have always affected me strongly, but even moreso now, for obvious reasons. (Let me put it this way: I pulled both songs from my iPod in January. I'll eventually put them back on. Eventually.)


[ profile] cass404, with her fantastic mask!

Me, with Big Hair. Washing that out tomorrow is going to be all sorts of fun.

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( Apr. 1st, 2011 01:57 pm)
Whoo, tonight is the Portland MCR concert! To say that I am looking forward to this show would be putting it rather mildly. And then on Sunday, the Seattle MCR concert! Two MCR shows in three days! Lemme see your jazz hands! [/obligatory Killjoys reference]

Oh, and everyone wish me luck: because I am exactly that crazy, I entered the drawing to be selected as a "Road Reporter" for the Seattle show. The prize is photo passes and attending the Meet & Greet, and then you have to send them your write-up of the show within 10 hours. OF COURSE I entered the drawing.


In other news, April Fool's Day. No, I don't do April Fool's jokes or pranks. I spend the day being wary and suspicious of everything, which makes me kind of cranky. (I don't LIKE being wary and suspicious! That's not my default setting, dammit.)
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( Feb. 24th, 2011 11:46 am)
- Snow! We have less than an inch at our place, but if I look out the window I see little flakes drifting gently down. The weather better not keep me from going to the Emilie Autumn concert tomorrow night. (Speaking of which, [ profile] marc17, how are you feeling, hon?)

- But with weather like this, I am even MORE glad my dayjob involves me working from home. I can be snuggled up on the couch, a version of Dracula on in the background, and be productive. Yay!

- Ye Olde To-Do list today includes dayjob, sew a skeleton hand onto the purse I want to switch to, decide what I'm wearing to the concert tomorrow, find tea cups for [ profile] marc17 and I to take to the VIP pre-show event, and take a look at some notes from people. And maybe, just maybe, make scones. Which would make the Stroppy One very happy, indeed.

Thank you for sharing your various Good Things with me yesterday. They made me smile.
Soooo, on February 12, MCR played a sold-out show at Wembley in the UK. The song they closed with?

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Possibly my all-time favorite MCR song. (I'm not joking. While Thank You For The Venom, House Of Wolves, and Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back come pretty close, Vampires is ... well, yeah. You know me.)

Dear Powers That Be, please have Vampires be part of the US tour set list. PLEASE. I will be rendered incoherently gleeful (yes, more than I'll already be at a MCR show), and just. Please.

- The Adam Lambert concert was AMAZING. He is ridiculously good looking, charismatic, and knows how to work a stage. I, er, may have spent most of the concert gaping in delighted glee. Seriously, he has the most stage presence I have seen in YEARS.

[ profile] minim_calibre (who also had great fun at the concert) made the disconcerting observation that the fanbase for Glambert is verrrrrry similar to the fanbase for Twilight. Giddy, impressionable teens and, erm, giddy, impressionable older women. (Just with more sequins and glitter, and far fewer questionable undertones about stalking and abuse of power dynamics in relationships.)

- I am working at home today, which means that in between tech editing, I am doing Goth Upkeep. I am defrosting a bag of henna for step 1 of Mud On Head, I'm going to removed my chipped glitter nail polish and replace it, and I'm doing laundry. Non-stop fun, I tell you.

- Tomorrow night the StuntHusband and I are going dancing! (And possibly to the Night Kitchen after.) People should come join us, it will be fun!
Why YES, the Adam Lambert* concert is tomorrow night. Which means tonight involves doing a test-wearing of my outfit for the concert, and possibly blaring silly pop music. (At this very moment, the Stroppy One is giving thanks that he will be out of the house for the evening.)

Hmmm, I will need to do a test-run of some of my makeup, too. Because while the mixing medium from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is fantastic for making smudge-proof liner out of loose pigment/minerals, I have no idea if it would work well as a glitter sealant. This is an important thing to find out!

*My theory is that Adam Lambert is the modern incarnation of Marc Almond. But taller. And prettier. But my goodness, wouldn't Glambert covering "Sex Dwarf" be aaaaaaamazing? Yes it would, don't argue with me, or I'll fling glitter at you.
The changing weather (noooooo! Not the Burning Orb again!) means that demons have taken over my sinuses. This, combined with PMS, means that I am working from home. And wearing bloomers that have an embroidered patch that says "Cranky", because I can. The Stroppy One, because he loves me, is going to Go Forth and get me an iced double-tall Americano.

Makeup! Oh dear, MAC is releasing a Disney Villains collection. That clicky link leads to a makeup blog with some photos and color descriptions. Let me direct your attention to three particular products:

Maleficent Lipstick

Violetta Violet purple (Amplified) (Permanent at PRO)

Dark Deed Burgundy plum (Amplified) (Limited Edition)

Maleficent Beauty Powder

Briar Rose Soft violet pink with pearl (Limited Edition)

Argh. I do not need more makeup, and honest, I really do know that. Not to mention that MAC has developed a depressing trend of making lipsticks that look great in the tube, but are either brown-toned or just not vivid enough.

Hey, you know what I'm doing next week? Going to see Adam Lambert in concert! Tall, pretty, sparkly pop star! This means I need to make a decision on what I'm going to wear. Well, pink and black is kind of a given. )

Okay, time for more editing, more headache meds, and more water. I promise I will try not to give into the urge to drill a hole in my head.
Dammit, I slept fine! (Thanks to the miracle of modern pharmacology, but still!) But oh lord, I cannot wake up today. I have had two pots of tea, and have just returned from a walk to get a double-tall iced Americano. Let's hope that finally does the trick.

Soooo, I'm thinking of purchasing a few more replica skeletal hands, to sew on other handbags. I think this is going to be A Thing with me, a skeletal hand with a pink bow on my purse. Because with sunny weather (which we had this weekend) comes the need to carry my sunglasses AND my translucent powder sunblock AND a fan, which means a slightly larger handbag is required. Also, I think that one of my Deborah Lewis handbags with the straps to hold a folding parasol would look quite charming with a skeletal hand on it. I may take photos of the handbags in question to show you peoples and see what you think.

Tonight, I absolutely, no doubt about it, NEED to do writing. I'm behind on my next GCS article. I was going to write this weekend, but looming sinus migraines = words gone.

Hey, Seattle peeps! Is anyone going to the Toy Box Trio & Unwoman show on Thursday night? I need to figure out a carpool option.
No, I'm not thrilled about this. I would like to feel better now, please, as I have things to do, and I want to go dancing on Friday.

One thing that is keeping me distracted is the news that my favorite sparkly improbable boy, Adam Lambert, is playing in Seattle in July. He's so pretty! And tall! And glittery! Yes, I'm going to the concert. With some friends who never, ever have counted as designated adults for me. Wheee!
Whoo, the coffee from Besalu was particularly nummy today. I kinda-sorta wish I had another one, but no. I will just have to "make do" with more tea. Oh woe, not the chocolate-rose truffle tea!

I am not going dancing tonight, as my usual dancing companions have other plans. But! I AM going to see Blackbird Orchestra (with Nathaniel Johnstone and guests!) and Robert Riel's Bakelite 78 tonight, so yay! (A big thank you to [ profile] marc17 for the suggestion and being willing to play chauffeur for me!)

But before that, I get to go for sushi, and then for a babycake from Cupcake Royale. Buttercream frosting, oh thank goodness. Plus I get to see [ profile] minim_calibre, her charming spouse, and my beloved Princess Tickybox.

This weekend involves stuff for Mothers' Day (hi, [ profile] cupcakegothmom!), and possibly going to IKEA to look for organizing-type furniture for my storage room. If I get my way, there are pink chests of drawers in my future, oh yes.
[ profile] cass404 and I went to the HIM concert. Bombastic metal for the win! We both liked one of the opening bands (Dommin); enough so that I purchased their CD from the merch booth. (Even tho' I couldn't shake the feeling that they were a metal version of Low Shoulder.) (There will be, what, three of you who get that joke?)

Part of the entertainment (for me, at least) in going to shows like that one is to people and outfit watch. A word of advice, folks: Acid-wash stretch denim is NO ONE's friend. No, pairing it with knee-high stiletto boots, a skin-tight tank top, and aggressive blond highlights does not improve things. AT ALL. Learn from the horrors of the late 80s, okay?

There was one very ... friendly young lady (who I suspect was indulging in recreational chemicals) who saw me, clapped her hands, threw herself at me for a hug, said "I LOVE you!", patted my skirts, and then stumbled off. She made no mention of Gothic Charm School, so I think it was just a case of really liking my outfit.

HIM played at least two of the songs I really really wanted to hear ("Join Me In Death" and "Wicked Game"); alas, they did not play "Poison Girl" or "Vampire Heart". But still, the show was all sorts of fun, and I'm glad we went.
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( Apr. 12th, 2010 02:17 pm)
Last night's Faith & the Muse show was magical. They played three of my very favorite songs ("Patience Worth", "The Burning Season", and "Sredni Vashtar"), and a song that is very quickly becoming one of my favorites ("Sovereign" from the new :ankoku butoh: album). The dancers from Serpentine were mesmerizing, as always, and were a great addition to Faith & the Muse's stage show.

I owe extra-special thanks to [ profile] carpe_jugulum, who took me to the Green Room so I could meet William Faith and Monica Richards. Both of whom remembered me from previous meetings, eee! William thanked me for my review of :ankoku butoh:, and Monica told me (after I had mentioned that I'd been a fan of theirs since the first interview with them in Carpe Noctem magazine) that the couple behind Carpe Noctem were going to be at the show that night!

At the end of the show, I did find the two of them, and we did some brief catching up and exclaiming over the small-worldness of it all.

"Excuse me, aren't you Kat and Thom who ran Carpe Noctem?"


"Hi, I'm Jillian, and I used to write for you folks."

"OH MY GOD, JILLIAN! How are you? You have a book! We saw it on Amazon!"

... and so on. We now have plans to catch up via email, and I think I'm going to spend part of my evening tomorrow re-reading my old copies of Carpe Noctem and sighing nostalgically.


For those of you who approved of last night's outfit; the blouse and skirt are from Retroscope Fashions, and the jacket was custom-made for me. I love love LOVE that jacket, and may end up asking the designer if she'd be willing to make another one in a different, cotton-twill fabric (for summer use!).


And now, back to editing work.
Hey people I know in Seattle! I don't suppose any of you would be interested in going to see HIM on April 17th? You know, the wildly-overwrought bombastic pop metal band? Because I would like to go, and I also know that the Stroppy One nor the StuntHusband would be willing to accompany me.

(I will give you a minute to imagine the nigh-identical expressions of distaste and "OH GOOD GOD, WHY" that would be affixed to their faces if I somehow managed to persuade either of them to go with me.)

Anyone? It would be especially helpful if it was one of you nice people with a car. :)
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( Aug. 6th, 2009 05:12 pm)
Emilie Autumn is finally touring the US.

She's playing at the El Corazon (which I'm never terribly thrilled with seeing shows at, anyway) on Halloween.

You know, mine & Pete's wedding anniversary. No, I am not going to make my husband go to a dive venue to watch a performer he doesn't really like, and especially not on our anniversary.

Oh well, I hope the people who do go to the show take a lot of pictures.
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( Apr. 16th, 2009 10:45 am)
- I'm trying to exert some willpower and not 1) go brew a second pot of tea, or 2) go buy an acceptable-but-not-great americano from the cafe. I feel like I need more caffeine, but I know it will only be a temporary fix. Sadly, my not doing either thing is not so much because my willpower is strong, but the fact that I'm craving GOOD coffee.

- I am idly (well, not so idly) trying to decide if I want to do something completely insane right after SDCC. You see, the day after we come home from the giant con, I could take the train down to Portland, meet up with [ profile] cass404, and attend a Motley Crue concert with her. Because we both have silly hair metal pasts, and really? Going to see ridiculously theatrical RAWK shows while dressed in full Cupcake Goth apparel is one of my favorite silly things to do.

(Why yes, I've been listening to the "Eyeliner and Aquanet" playlist on the iPod, why do you ask?)

But wow, I'd be tired from the con, and my schedule for July is already kind of nutty. But it's very tempting.

- As a semi-related tangent, I realized that my office decor is sadly lacking a couple of posters. I need a poster of Prince Charming -era Adam Ant, a poster of Shout At The Devil -era Nikki Sixx, and perhaps one of the promo posters for the album Lestat releases in the Queen of the Damned movie. (What? The promo material they made for that looked great. (clicky-link!) Pity the poster doesn't actually, y'know, EXIST.)
Y'know, with the clocks "falling back" last night, there is NO reason for me to feel tired. Or headache-y, really. Both of which mean I'm feeling kind of fuzzy brained, and don't feel up to writing much. Which means I'm just going to post a small picspam instead.

An assortment of photos from before a concert, sfds, and Halloweeny sfds )


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