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( May. 15th, 2017 12:15 pm)
Let's see, where were we ... last week, I returned from Disneyland (yes, I miss the Haunted Mansion, thank you for asking), worked two days, and then hopped on a bus to Portland for the Vampire Ball.

What these photos don't really show: the almost entire can of glitter hairspray that I covered myself with. Every Halloween season, Value Village/Savers stocks glitter hairspray that is not really hairspray, but is microglitter in an aerosol. It is AMAZING. It is also insidious; I suspect I'm never going to get all the glitter out of that dress, which is fine with me, but The Husband will make That Face about it.

The event was lovely; in fact, it was one of the better VMBs of the past few years. There were a wide range of performers, and the new layout of the Melody Ballroom was wonderful. While I missed the previous stage (which has been removed in the remodel), having the stage directly opposite the doors to the main ballroom was great.

Rhias came down for the event -- her first ever time at VMB! -- and had a great time. She looked fantastic, and the headpiece she made was epic.


Sunday morning, before I wandered off to the bus home, I indulged in a stuffed waffle at the hotel restaurant. (Stuffed with Brie and ham, and topped with pear compote.) It was delicious. I am paying for it now. I know part of what I'm feeling is exhaustion -- it's been a busy couple of weeks! -- but the upswing in brain fog and joint pain? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's due to the whacking great block of carbs & gluten I had. I guess I know for sure now that I can't eat like that anymore? Ugh, send coffee and laudanum.

Will Hulihan and myself, in 1994. Photo by David Brommer.
Hey look, there are a few more people posting to LJ again! Hurrah!

- Firstly, hey look! A new post at Gothic Charm School! All about dealing with school dress codes.

- Things in JilliLand are ... hectic. But the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train, so that's good. Yes, I know, cryptic. There's Stuff Going On that is not ready to be talked about. But my stress levels are dropping, so yay.

- In addition to my craving All The Stretch Velvet Dresses (crushed and non-crushed velvet), I apparently am craving lace poet shirts and long silk crinkle skirts. But I spent part of yesterday finding the floor in the bedroom and going through all the closets, so I now HAVE some more stretch velvet dresses! And lace poet shirts! And a brilliant blood red silk crinkle skirt! Nostalgia for 90s/early 2000s goth, or returning to classics? I don't know, but I also don't really care one way or the other.

- Speaking of is it nostalgia or is it returning to a classic - thanks to some assorted things I'd recently read online, today I dug out my bottle of Angel by Thierry Mugler and dabbed a TINY bit on to see how it wears on me nowadays. Back in the past, Angel was the only perfume I wore, because it worked really well with my body chemistry. If I do switch back to wearing it, I promise to apply it very sparingly.

- Speaking of 90s/early 2000s goth, someone on Tumblr posted images from the old Gother Than Thou card game Oh, the nostalgia! I, of course, dug out my copy and giggled over all the cards again. And then I dug out my copy of Gothic: Dark Glamour, and am re-reading it. YEsss, all the elaborate goth fashion and imagery, bring it to me.

Last night was ... bad. For assorted reasons. As a result there was NO WAY liquid liner was an option this morning, which meant some fiddling with sparkly red-black eye shadow to make my eyes look less swollen.

Tonight: round 1 of Goth Upkeep (bleach and pink dye), and probably some Beetlejuice cartoons.

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Tomorrow I get on a BoltBus to PDX, because the Vampire Masquerade Ball is Saturday night! Today I did the full test-run of the outfit the Infamous BlueJay made, and it's AMAZING. She outdid herself. Even more astonishing: the StuntHusband and I will be matching. Yes, fear us, we're those ElderGoths. Here's a hint: platinum silk dupioni.

The Vampire Ball is my favorite gothy event of the year. This year will be a little odd because my darling [ profile] cass404 won't be with us (and I won't be staying with her, because she's not a PDX resident anymore), but I'm sure the evening will still be delightful and full of eye candy. Yes, I will try to take many photos.

... yeah. That sort of day. But! Tomorrow is full of good things, as is this weekend. And next weekend is the Vampire Ball!

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That is the face of someone who virtuously decided she didn't REALLY need to indulge in extra coffee when she went for her walk. But my goodness, it was tempting.

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That hair is the result of minimal backcombing and some of that Backcomb In A Bottle spray from Big Sexy Hair. Ridiculous name, fantastic product.

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Today has MUCH less of me wanting to set various people on fire. And if anyone asks me about my necklace, I'll tell them it was made from the remains of the last person that thwarted me.

Today's outfit, combining big hair and a top hat.

And since I just teased my ponytails with my fingers and no hairspray, I expect my hair to pretty much deflate by the end of the day. Eh, whatever. It makes me happy.

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Today is a day I would dearly love the ability to set people on fire with the power of my brain.

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I don't know if you people have been paying attention, but [ profile] kambriel has been making some ASTONISHINGLY lovely new designs.

One, there's the Jacqueline the Ripper Sherlockian Greatcoat. Look at that. LOOK AT THAT. The attached capelet! The sweeping skirt!

But the design that calls to me? The one that just went straight to the "Good G-d I must own that" list of coveting?

The Susperia Gown. It's the same fabric as one of my favorite blouses, the Femininja Cowl, but it's a full-length witchygoth gown! Eeeeeee!

[ profile] kambriel my love, you are a genius, and I don't say that lightly. Also, I am incredibly lucky to know you, and I wish we lived nearer to each other.
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( Jan. 26th, 2013 05:13 pm)
The subject line is partially because I am wearing my old "a.g.f. = g.a.f.!" shirt right this very instant. (Today was a day of hair bleach and pink dye, and writing.) But the other reason for the subject line is because of a request I have for all my fellow ElderGoths!

I'm looking for old goth fashion catalogs. Yes, paper ones. The ones we all had to send SASEs off for. I'm slowly building a goth nostalgia archive, and I would dearly love to have more catalogs. If any of you have gothy nostalgia ephemera in need of a good home, please let me know!
One of my holiday presents from The Husband was the Gloria di Notte skirt from Kambriel, which I had coveted for ages. This is a particularly timely present, as I am hurtling full-speed into revisiting neo-romantic goth fashion. Long, full skirts! Blouses with drippy lace cuffs! Lace and chiffon scarves and jabots! Velvet frock coats!

... in other words, my fashion cravings can currently be described as Interview With The Vampire + Coppola's Dracula + Dave Vanian from roughly the "Phantasmagoria" era. (Yeah, I'm feeling the lure of big, tousled hair, along with full velvet skirts.)

Sooooo, in addition to everything by [ profile] kambriel and the gorgeous things in the Somnia Romantica Etsy shop, where else should I be looking to find neo-romantic goth fashion staples? Yes, I want to window-shop.
Ridiculous things I'm trying to find at the moment: remember the "twist" or "broomstick" lace dresses made by Nostalgia? Princess-seamed, full skirts, in short or long-sleeved versions, and they had a rayon slip with them? Also known as the lace dress that every goth girl owned in the 90s?

They're almost impossible to find online now! I'm trying to find long-sleeved ones in burgundy, gray/silver, and black. Yes, I have those exact dresses sitting in my closet right now; I need duplicates to alter for a wardrobe project, and I don't want to alter those ones. Well, especially the gray/silver one (for one thing, [ profile] cass404 would kill me, as that's the default dress I loan her for fancy events).

But I'm damned if I can find any of these dresses on eBay or Etsy for under $80-ish, and that's just ridiculous! I used to be able to find flocks of the dratted things any time I looked!

So, oh fellow Eldergoths and goth fashionistas: anyone seen these dresses around? Anyone have a burgundy or black one languishing in their closet that needs a good home? ::grin::
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( Sep. 14th, 2012 05:48 pm)

Deadlines. Ahahahaha, deadlines.

But! A previous outfit photo involving this long velvet vest won for "ChicStar of the week!" on the ChicStar site, which meant I won $100 to spend there! Yes, more long velvety jackets, send them to me.

AND! An update to the MCR blog announced that they will be (gradually, two songs at a time) releasing Conventional Weapons, the album they recoded and shelved in 2009. NEW MCR MUSIC. FANGIRL FLAILING LEVEL = HIGH. Ahem.

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( Aug. 15th, 2012 04:58 pm)

I might be judging you. Or judging someone, at least.

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( Aug. 13th, 2012 05:11 pm)

This is actually a summergoth outfit. The blazer is lightweight cotton (with a smidge of spandex) and is unlined, the dress is lightweight rayon, the hosiery is lightweight lace, and the hat is the straw version of my top hat.

That doesn't change the fact that I'm not looking forward to the 90*+ weather that's coming up this week. Ew.

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The homeopathic essence of goth?

(For the record, it tastes like ... water. But it's black! And it doesn't seem to stain anything! I am perhaps a skosh too amused by the existence of this product, and I want a case of it.)

Sleepy. Oh, so sleepy. So, comfort-dressing involving one of my favorite jackets.

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