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( Jul. 28th, 2011 03:48 pm)
Since LJ is still trying to decide if it's really alive or not, I should probably get in the habit of posting here a bit more often, shouldn't I?

There's also the Google+ whatsit, but I haven't done ANYTHING with it, other than look at the mounting "So-and-so has added you to their Google+!" messages.

So. The super-secret gothy project that I was in PDX for over the weekend went well. I'm still fighting with the annoying Lyme Disease + what feels like a squillion other health issues. I still get randomly weepy about Mom. Oh, and my dayjob ends ... tomorrow, which means back to job hunting, which I loathe. Yes, I am a bundle of joy today. I devoutly hope that all of you peeps are feeling better than I am right now.

(This will all pass, I know it, and I'll probably be in a better mood, oh, tomorrow. But right now? Not so much. Feh.)

Since tonight is the Stroppy One's game night, I think I will spend it on the couch, watching comfort movies and working on a couple of my craft projects that have been waiting for my free time. Do I have free time right now? Oh goodness, no. But I am by G-d declaring tonight Free Time anyway.
- I got home from PDX on Sunday night. I had a lovely time (as always, because [ profile] cass404 is awesome like that), but it's also Very Nice to be home with the Stroppy One and our cats.

- Today's to-do list: dayjob, laundry, clear & organize the library table, set up a dye bath, overdye the new hair extensions, and get some writing done tonight. Of course, this all hinges on me having enough energy. Stupid collection of health issues.

(Oh wait, two other things on the to-do list: email my doctor with my weekly status, and read through the very helpful links about Lyme disease that [ profile] femmenerd gave me!)

- So, the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW! BARBOSSA! MERMAIDS! BLACKBEARD! Look, I know that many people (and reviewers) had problems with the movie. Thought the plot was thin-to-nonexistent, felt the actors were phoning it in, blah blah blah, whatever. I spent the entire movie in a state of flaily-handed glee. It was a very fun romp, the mermaids were some of the best I've ever seen in movies (actually scary, wheee!), and I need more pirate-styled jackets and fancy tricorns NOW. Also, On Stranger Tides had one of the BEST cameos I've ever been surprised by. I made squeaky noises out loud at it.

- Finally, but most importantly: congratulations to my pseudo-sibling [ profile] caliban1227 and Larisa, his lovely fiancee! I'm very happy for the two of you!
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( Mar. 29th, 2011 03:17 pm)
- The Stroppy One reports that Tzepesh seems to be doing better. He's still not completely better, but we're not AS worried about our big boykitty.

- I am finally getting back to the headspace where I can write Gothic Charm School columns again. I feel a bit guilty for taking as long of a break from the site as I did, but ... well, my life kind of exploded. I think I want to do a write-up of the Vampire Ball, then an advice column. That feels like less of an abrubt transition in my head, some how.

- [ profile] cass404 is a wonderful person to stay with.

- She also manages to find tumblr feeds that look like what would happen if the ids of the teenaged incarnations of the Infamous BlueJay and me discovered the internet. It is simultaneously fantastic and a little cringe-worthy.

- Friday night is the MCR concert! Eeeeee!

- Last but not least: sparkly pink bathtub. I wants it.

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( Jan. 31st, 2011 01:05 pm)
- The auction for the Jacket of Coveting has not yet climbed out of my price range. ::makes covetous, grabby-hands motions at the monitor::

- Writing is ... going slowly, but starting to happen again. I need to make my list of projects that need to happen. Perhaps the first one should be a new GCS column. Or a review, because I adored [ profile] cmpriest's Bloodshot, and want to tell the world.

- Another project I need to return my attention to is sorting and taking photos for a clothing sale, which will include Bags Of Mystery! this time. I need to do this partially because I'm in debt to the house, partially because I want to start setting aside money for the tattoo that will be in memory of Mom, and partially because I am in the beginning of a decluttering epiphany/freakout. So! Watch this LJ! Many shiny, frilly, velvety things, soon to be for sale.

- Oh, and yet another project: I need to order the spikes so I can customize another pair of shoes, this time taking photos so I can write up a tutorial for GCS. (And then probably auction off the finished shoes.)

- Plus, y'know, dayjob.

In other words, I'm keeping busy. And getting ambushed by things that remind me of Mom, but that's to be expected.
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( Sep. 13th, 2010 05:09 pm)
We were in Portland over the weekend, for an event the Stroppy One was attending. We had a wonderful time. I got to spend time with [ profile] cass404 AND go to Genie's for brunch, yay! I got to catch up on gossip with a delightful person I haven't seen in YEARS, yay! I got a quick sketch of The Sandman from Mike Dringenberg, omg!

Now we're home, I'm logged onto work (because I'm a contract employee and need to make up the time), and I am tiiiiiiiiired. Really, really tired. I think an early bedtime is in my future tonight.

Over the course of this week, I need to write a new GCS column, update the Events page on the site, and do another round of closet culling for the two upcoming sales. Whee!
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( Jul. 12th, 2010 12:53 pm)
- The weather spirits have reverted back to MY type of weather, ohthankgoodness. Sorry, sun worshippers.

- Today is a work at home day for me, because I needed to go see my chiropractor. He made the base of my neck make a horrible noise, and now my lingering headache has gone away!

- Because today is a work at home day, and the weather is back to my preferences, I may take a break later this afternoon to walk down to the park and play on the swings.

- I now have a lovely white linen frock coat-y type blazer, and am trying to decide if I want to somehow turn it into a very, very pale cream or ivory.
I really hope all of you people who were complaining about the lack of "real" summer weather in Seattle are happy. I mean that with all sincerity and no bitchiness. However, I am going to be VERY GLAD when the temperature drops next week.

We went and ran errands, and now I am finishing up stuff for work and trying to decide what I can wear out dancing tonight that will both meet my fashion standards AND not make me pass out from overheating. (I have "instant" cold packs to put down the front of my corset, and I'm not afraid to use them!) Yes, the StuntHusband and I are FINALLY going dancing again, after over a month off due to illness and travel plans.
Whoo, the coffee from Besalu was particularly nummy today. I kinda-sorta wish I had another one, but no. I will just have to "make do" with more tea. Oh woe, not the chocolate-rose truffle tea!

I am not going dancing tonight, as my usual dancing companions have other plans. But! I AM going to see Blackbird Orchestra (with Nathaniel Johnstone and guests!) and Robert Riel's Bakelite 78 tonight, so yay! (A big thank you to [ profile] marc17 for the suggestion and being willing to play chauffeur for me!)

But before that, I get to go for sushi, and then for a babycake from Cupcake Royale. Buttercream frosting, oh thank goodness. Plus I get to see [ profile] minim_calibre, her charming spouse, and my beloved Princess Tickybox.

This weekend involves stuff for Mothers' Day (hi, [ profile] cupcakegothmom!), and possibly going to IKEA to look for organizing-type furniture for my storage room. If I get my way, there are pink chests of drawers in my future, oh yes.
Work-at-home Friday! Sleeping in! Coffee and quiche from Besalu! I am probably going to be vaguely practical when the Stroppy One goes to Besalu and NOT ask for a pan au chocolat, even tho' I want one. (Really, REALLY want one.) Because I'm going dancing tonight with the StuntHusband (yay!), which means we will almost certainly be stopping by The Night Kitchen, and if I'm having late-night treats, I probably shouldn't have a pan au chocolat. (But Oh! How I want one. Hmmm, I may have to dither about this some more.)

This weekend is the long-threatened, marked-on-the-calendar clearing out of the Storage Heap Room o' Doom. Yes, I've attempted this before. But this time, I have NOTHING else planned for the next two days. Still, pray for me, and if you haven't heard from me by the end of Monday, I've probably been eaten by feral petticoats.
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( Mar. 16th, 2010 11:27 am)
You guys! As I was waiting to fall asleep last night, I was idly thinking of all of the upcoming things, and GOOD LORD, when did my schedule get this packed?

Coming up:

- Photo shoot.
- The Stroppy One's birthday, yay!
- Vampire Ball 3/27
- Norwescon 4/1 - 4/3
- The StuntHusband's birthday, yay!
- Faith and the Muse concert 4/11
- Reading at Night Kitchen 4/15
- HIM concert 4/17

All of these are very fun and exciting things I am looking forward to. I'm just kind of amazed at how busy my schedule got. Time to dust off my time-management skills, because in addition to all of that and the day job, I've got a bunch of writing to do. Whoosh!
You know what one of the fantastic things about my current team is? Work at home Fridays. Yes, I got to sleep in a little bit today, and get to do my editing work in the company of the Stroppy One and the cats. Yay!

Tonight is a going-out-dancing night, with the StuntHusband, [ profile] kiltlad, and a special guest appearance from [ profile] caliban1227 and his lovely girl (who's LJ name escapes me at the moment). I ... have no idea what I'm going to wear tonight. Oh, the dithering! (The Stroppy One helpfully suggested "Clothes. Black ones. With some red.")


Promoting a talented friend! G.D. Falksen has a story that is eligible for a Hugo nomination!
It is The Strange Case of Mr. Salad Monday, (clicky-link!) which I thought was all sorts of clever fun. You can vote for it to get a Hugo nomination by going here.

(He is also up for getting a Campbell Award:

Now that I've made him very bashful by talking about his story, please go vote for him!


Okay, back to editing, and trying to determine if this headache is due to sinuses, not enough food, or not enough caffeine. Oh, and I should probably call my chiropractor, too.
The weekend was very fun, what with the clothing sale, the trip to the zoo, dressing up as the Mad Hatter (and turning [ profile] kiltlad into the White Rabbit), and then a birthday party for one of my favorite little girls. (She can't be one already! The passage of time, it freaks me out.)

However, between the busy weekend and the hormonal joy of being female, I am kind of struggling today. I've had two pots of tea, and I'm cursing my decision not to bring the box of Thin Mint cookies to the office with me. (Dear Self, you had sugary treats every day over the weekend. You do not need more cookies right now. No, you do not.) My brain feels like it has been wrapped in many layers of damp cotton batting, and not even the "Bombast!" playlist on shuffle is waking me up. Oh dear. Send more tea, and pretty boys in eyeliner. Or new vampire books. Those would be good, too.


Speaking of the clothing sale, there are TWO items still up for grabs. Behind the cut, an overskirt, and a steampunky jacket with lots of buttons! )
Thank you to everyone who voted and gave suggestions about my skeleton handbag! I ended up flipping the bow 90 degrees and making it smaller. My fingers are very glad that I did not unpick all the stitches and re-sew it. (Helpful Hint: once you find your thimble, actually use it on this sort of project. You will save yourself from injury.)

Today is a day of taking photos for the upcoming clothing sale, and talking with my friend Eric about the celadon CD release party (clicky-link!) (Bitter Sweet has two different mixes of "Dark Decorum" - the Gothic Charm School theme! Wheee!) Tonight is going out dancing with the Stunt Husband and Toady, more wheee! Then the weekend has more socializing with friends, and working on shifting my body clock to a daywalker-type schedule in preparation for the new job on Monday. (!!!)

Today is ALSO a day of waiting for email. I sent the proposal for the second Gothic Charm School book off to my agent yesterday, and now I nervously await her feedback. ::twitch::
Thank you for all the congratulations on my new job! It's a short-term contract (with the possibility of extensions), and I'm going to be over by the new fancy-pants Commons area. (Which means closer to the yummy Mexican food, time to start going for more walks!)

Today I go to my contract agency to fill out paperwork (again, even tho' my last gig for them ended just over a month ago), and then work work work on writing I'm doing that I need to send out THIS WEEK. If time permits, I'll spend some time with a friend, but it is looking like I'll need to re-schedule that. Sorry, Libby!

Oh, and sudden impending busy-ness means I need to take photos of the stuff I've culled from the closets VERY SOON. Like, maybe this weekend, if I can manage it. Whoosh!

... Argh. There was a question I meant to ask of the LJ Hivemind, and it has vanished from my mind. Bother. Maybe it will return once I post this and run off to change out of my pjs.
Today the Stroppy One and I are going to take advantage of the nice weather and ... garden. Keep in mind, neither of us LIKES gardening. But Audrey the Monster Rosebush needs pruning. Well, more than pruning, more like severe cutting back, so that is what we're going to do today. Wish us luck, and that Audrey doesn't demand too much of a blood sacrifice with thorns.

Do I want to do this? No. I want to finish up a skirt, cut out another skirt, take photos of the skirts and jackets I have to sell, and work on a Table of Contents outline. But the gardening cannot wait, alas.

I also want to go shopping. I want to go to T.J. Maxx, a thrift store (or two!), and Display and Costume Supply. I suspect none of those things will happen this week.

(I also want to win the lottery, a trip to England, and a trip to Disneyland. While I'm listing things I want, I might as well be thorough, right?)
Today I must:

- Do laundry.

- Take & post photos of the remaining Cranky bloomers that are for sale!

- Quickly find a good slow-cooker recipe for pork (for dinner tonight).

- Finish writing the Noxenlux Chapeau review and send it to beta readers. (Note to self: the review needs a bit more than "Yay hats! Pretty hats! Carlee is an evil, evil temptress".)

- Work up the outline for the proposal for the next GCS book. THANK YOU, all of you who helped brainstorm! It was very helpful. :)

- Take photos of some stuff, email [ profile] requieminblack about a possible swap!

- Email the guy from the consulting firm with my LinkedIn profile.

IF there is time, but it will probably happen tomorrow:

- Finish the new pink/black/cream skull skirt.

- Rummage in the Storage Room and find the fabric to use for lining for the upcoming pink/cream striped skirt.

- Take photos of the skirts & jackets I culled from the wardrobe for selling.
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( Feb. 1st, 2010 02:39 pm)
Dear hiring manager for that full-time tech editor job at the Big Software Company that I applied for IN NOVEMBER;

I see that the job is still open. (Or at least still listed on the career site.) I am EXACTLY the person you are looking for. Really. LOOK AT MY RESUME AND CALL ME IN FOR AN INTERVIEW.


Cupcake Goth


Last night when going to bed, the PMS Goblins visited and I had an epic crying meltdown for no reason. I knew it was for no reason, and even said so (in between sobs). But apparently I needed to cry. So, no surprise, I am now suffering the post-crying hangover. I suspect that I am going to get no writing done today, grrr.


Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll about the striped skirt! Re-make the skirt has the most votes, but then I keep looking at these:

and these:

and start geebling and flailing a lot.


I hope all of you folks out there in LJ land are having a good day.
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( Jan. 31st, 2010 08:52 pm)
I was about to whine a bit about my energy suddenly leaving me, but then I realized that so far I have:

- Made that poll post asking about the black-on-black striped skirt.

- Written a bunch of notes and story snippets for the fiction project I'm working on.

- Transcribed all of my hand-written notes for the fiction project into a Word doc.

- Done 4 loads of laundry.

- Made a batch of sausage rolls.

- Chatted with [ profile] queeniex and her boy while he sculpted the prototype head for her new doll.

Huh. I guess I Did Stuff today. That might be where my energy went.

In other news, why do I suddenly want a cage petticoat type thing to layer over other skirts? Either an actual boned one (like this one from Azdaja (clicky-link!)), or one that is a "cage" over skirt that is made from strips of ribbon or twill tape. However, I am too lazy (and possibly too math-challenged) to make one of the "cage" over skirts on my own. (Even tho' there's kind of a tutorial over here on EGL.) Can I find a pre-made one anywhere on Teh Interwebs? No, I cannot, and am somewhat vexed about it.

I *should* try to motivate myself to either do more writing, or to work on the final bits I need to do to the "cranky" bloomers I'm going to be selling at Mourning Market next Sunday, but I suspect my motivation is napping. Maybe I'll just spend the rest of the evening flopped on the couch with the cats.
Today is a day of running some errands, and then doing the behind-the-scenes code-y bits to get a new section of the Gothic Charm School site up tomorrow. (I have the content all written and everything, now is the fiddly part.) Tonight, while the Stroppy One goes off to game night, I am going to lounge around, paint my nails, and read BONESHAKER. There are other things I could do, like write or work on one of a billion sewing projects, but no. I want a lazy evening.

Have all of you seen [ profile] cleolinda's post about celebrity, fandom, and boundaries? (clicky-link!) If you haven't, you should. Because the incident that prompted her to make the post is the sort of behavior that makes the rest of us who are fans of any media-related person (musician, actor, writer, whomever) not only ::facepalm::, but makes us loath to TALK ABOUT BEING A FAN. Because we don't want to get labeled as one of the deeply crazy people.

An example: as many of you know, I am a big fan of My Chemical Romance. I have been known, on occasion, to refer to Gerard Way as my Rock Star Crush Object, and have jokingly mentioned that I would like to keep the band as pets, in highly decorative cages. JOKINGLY. They are real people, with real lives, and the times that I have been lucky enough to meet them, I have essentially told them that I admire them and their work, thank you for writing these great songs. I have not flung myself at them babbling incoherently. This past summer at San Diego Comic Com, when I had the good fortune to randomly meet and have a conversation with Gerard Way and give him a copy of my book? The Stroppy One had to almost push me over to talk to him, because I didn't want to be One Of Those Fans. The Stroppy One was also the one who said, "Don't you want a photo with him?". I didn't think of it myself, probably because I didn't want to infringe on Gerard's time or personal space any more than I already had.

(Thank you, oh Stroppy One, for pushing me into that and taking the photo. squeee!)



Okay, now I go work on the site.
Yes, I am taking advantage of my remote connection and working from home again. Which meant I got to sleep in today, mmmm. Sleep. Of course, this means I will probably NOT be posting a Shallow Fashion Details photo, as I am wandering around in stripy tights, bloomers, an Emilie Autumn t-shirt, and bunny slippers.

I saw Sherlock Holmes last night, and was thoroughly delighted with it. In fact, I would like to see a movie just like that, but with more paranormal/supernatural plot points. And vampires. Because really, a not-very-historically-accurate Victorian-esque action film with pretty costumes, quippy dialog, and vampires? That would pretty much be my perfect movie.

So my random but important question: where on earth can I find shoelaces made from black lace or ribbon? I need actual shoelaces with the rigid plastic tips, because the brand new lace-up Victorian-esque boots I found at the thrift store yesterday (they're not by Fluevog, but they look like the baby sister of the Babycake/Lambchop/Lover family) are not capable of being laced up with a regular length of ribbon or lace. (No speedhooks, and the holes for laces are far too narrow to smush the end of ribbon through.) No, I need actual shoelaces, but I want fancy ones. Yes, I already looked at Hot Topic, and while the idea of I ♥ Vampires laces is entertaining ... um, no.


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