The long skirt edition!

I blame [personal profile] jola for this, because she's been posting clicky-links of awesome skirts, but I am starting to think about adding some long skirts back into wardrobe rotation. (If you listen, you can hear the Stroppy One cheering, because he thinks my long skirts are far more elegant than my usual knee-length ones. He thinks the knee-length skirts are cute, but long ones are elegant, and he loves elegant.)

So! When the weather becomes a bit more autumnal, I may pull some of my long skirts (and petticoats!) out of retirement. Plus I can wear my knee-length skirts *over* the longer skirts, for extra flounce! However, the new skirts I'm ogling:

The "Tigris" skirt and the "Petticoat Asinina" from Somnia Romantica. Actually, I want everything from this store. EVERYTHING.

The Gloria di Notte skirt by [personal profile] kambriel. Look at that fabric! ::swoons::

The Gothic Aristocrat chiffon skirt from Retroscope Fashions.

I would wear this over another skirt, of course. But it's too small for my hips, and Dark Fusion Boutique doesn't offer it in a larger size. Woe!

Oh, and fellow Eldergoths: remember those long black lace skirts we all had in the 90s? The broomstick skirts that were full enough to wear over a petticoat (if you removed the inner liner/slip)? They live in the "vintage" section on Etsy, and almost all of them are tagged with the "grunge" keyword. Some with descriptions of Can be worn as a strapless minidress!!! ;) This pains me.
(Mostly prompted because I have put Coppola's Dracula on in the background while I work. Oooh, Tom Waits as Renfield!)

Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions for how to accomplish the Dracula text skirt! I kind of want to create two versions of it:

- One with sections of text hand-written on the panels. ([ profile] kambriel and [ profile] staysonpaper, I want to talk to both of you about this crazy notion!) Do I want the text to be silver, or do I want to research using bleach pens? Hmmm.

- One made from custom-designed fabric. I have a hazy vision of ornate "picture frames" that contain excerpts in a fancy font. And bats.

I've wanted to do custom-designed fabric via Spoonflower for ... about as long as I've known about Spoonflower. The only catch is that the person who is the talented artist and graphics person of the household is fairly consistently busy. I know the design I want, but I do not have the skills to create it. So, I wait for the Stroppy One to have a break in his schedule.

(Well, two breaks in his schedule. Because the first bit of free time he has is going to be used up in designing the tattoo I'm getting in memory of Mom.)
I just got done dismantling a dark purple cotton velveteen duvet cover, which I purchased a few months ago at the Goodwill outlet for under $15. Next I need to pin and cut out pattern pieces. Then there's a dye bath, and eventually it will become a black velvety, ruffly skirt. Yes, I make skirts from duvet covers and sheets. Thrift stores are wonderful.
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( Feb. 19th, 2010 03:15 pm)
As I'm taking photos of the various garments I've culled from my closets, I am dithering about a particular skirt. It's a wonderful skirt that [ profile] angldst made for me ages ago, and that particular skull-print fabric is no longer available.

I had put the skirt in the sale pile because I hadn't worn it in something like 2 years, but now that I've got it on Miss Lucretia the dress form, I'm dithering. Because I just thought of some outfits I could assemble around it that would be pretty darn cute. Decisions, decisions.

In other closet culling news: those of you with Steampunk leanings will be *very* interested in some of the things I'm getting rid of. Military jackets and brick red skirts covered in ruffles, oh yes.

Now to stare at this particular skirt and dither some more.
Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on the previous post. You're all very right, I shouldn't let things like that get to me. I am looking into ways to re-organize things over at GCS so the reviews are a little more separated from the advice posts, with the help of the always-awesome [ profile] leenerella.

In other news: I just got off the phone with my recruiter, and I have a job interview on Monday afternoon! Whoo! (Watch me get a job just as all of my writing projects take off. It's the way things go in my life.)

In other other news, ooooh, the mail brought me spaaarkly pink jewelry. Mmm, pink rhinestone choker and bonus bracelet.

In (::stops to count::) other other other news, I'm trying to decide if I want to put something through a dye bath or not. I have a black & pink striped skirt and matching cincher/belt, made for me long ago by Louise Black. Picture behind the cut! )

The problem is, the pink is a touch too coral, not my true cupcake pink. (Plus the skirt is a shade or two lighter than the cincher.) I'm considering putting them both in a black dye bath. You know what this means, right? Time for a poll!

[Poll #1524415]

Let it never be said that my wardrobe doesn't have a theme:

Dear [ profile] cupcakegothmom, the tip about elastic thread on the bobbin was very helpful. Thanks, Mom!

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In the course of re-organizing/culling the skirts yesterday, I unearthed a skirt that I LOVE the fabric of, but that is made in a style that is not as flattering for me as it could be. The skirt is a heavyweight black-on-black stripe, and is the type that is gathered (very tidily!) at the waist, with a waistband. I look better in skirts that are panel or circle skirts, without a bunch of fabric gathered at the waistline.

So, my question!

[Poll #1519321]
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( Jan. 27th, 2010 04:16 pm)
I really some sort of sewing-themed LJ icon, don't I?

Anyhoodle, behind the cut-tag, the back view of the skirt! (And a repeat of the front view, and natter about the construction and so on.)

OMG ruffles! )
And yeah, I was pretty glum. Having a potential job lead fizzle out is apparently a sure way to plunge my mood into the depths. But you nice folks shared lots of happy things with me, which helped.

I spent the day working on the stripy ruffled skirt o' doom. This is possibly the most intricate version of one of these skirts I've ever attempted, since it involves a panel covered with tiers of ruffles, ruffles at the hem of two other panels, 20 buttons on the front panel, and a lining. But! It is almost completely finished! All that is left is to sew on all 20 buttons. (Yes, I like buttons. And the Infamous BlueJay gave me an automatic buttonholer that is the coolest thing ever.)

So yes, that's what I'll be doing tonight. After I finish reviewing the suggestions from the beta readers for the next GCS column, that is. With A Company Of Wolves playing in the background.

EDITED TO ADD: The signs of a quiet night: sewing on buttons, [ profile] clovisdvlbunny sitting with me, and Trinian asleep on my feet.

Wow, the fabric dying post brought you people out with opinions. (Which is fantastic, by the way!) The test swatches I tea-dyed last night turned a lovely antique white/pale ivory. I am going to try a test swatch with hibiscus tea, because I'm betting THAT will give me a super pale pinkish-white, which might be even BETTER than ivory.

Also in the comments, you lovely peoples gave me all sorts of crafty project ideas, including [ profile] untouched_sugar talking about paper roses made from the pages of old books (which means I have even MORE reasons to scour the thrift stores for used and battered copies of Alice In Wonderland, Dracula, and Something Wicked This Way Comes, oh dear), and [ profile] sillycecelia suggesting that I write lines of poetry in the white stripes of the fabric once the skirt is made. (I would probably copy text from Something Wicked This Way Comes or "Homecoming", just because.)

Of course, talking about making skirts from sheets sent me straight to eBay, where I went browsing for pink striped sheets. I really like these Nicole Miller pink striped ones (with ruffles!). (clicky-link!) I'd use the fabric from them for the tiered ruffles for the back panel of the skirt, the front panel, and the ruffled hem. (The other parts of the skirt body would be black.)

Oh deary deary me, projects. Wheeee!
Thanks to some excellent thrift store luck, I have a bunch of b&w striped fabric. (Helpful Hint: bedsheets are a great source of bulk yardage for fabrics. Especially if you're willing to add a lining to a skirt you make from them.)

Anyway, yes, b&w striped fabric. I just finished cutting out all of the pieces for one of my usual skirts (knee-length, ruffle-edged, and tiers of ruffles down the back panel), and those pieces are now gently simmering in a pot full of black RIT. This will turn them into a black and grey-ish purple striped fabric, yay!

I have enough of the fabric left to make a second of the same type of skirt. My question is this: do I want to cut out the pieces for the skirt and then lightly tea-dye them to an ivory shade? I already have some b&w striped skirts, and the same goes for black and pink stripe. An antiqued ivory/sepia might be a good addition to my skirt collection. But I'm dithering about it. What do you folks think?

[Poll #1515631]

Whoo, not feeling very awake AT ALL.

Thank you for the compliments on yesterday's skirt! It's a replica I made of an skirt by Angelic Pretty. I also made the skirt I am wearing today, and the skirt I'm contemplating wearing tomorrow is also one I made. Huh, I guess I should stop saying I don't sew much.

In conclusion, here, have a Shallow Fashion Details photo. Ah, camera phones.

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We went and saw Zombieland this afternoon. Wheeee! I loved it. I now have "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica stuck in my head, and I want a Twinkie. A note for the squeamish: this is a gory, blood-spattered movie. If you don't do well with gore, you might want to give this one a miss. I, on the other hand, cannot wait until I can own my own copy of it.


If you wander over to the blog of Miss K of Aromaleigh, you can read all about how you can donate to a worthy cause AND get eye shadow custom-made for you. I think it's a great cause AND a tempting incentive. (I chose the school asking for books as my donation recipient, because books! Everyone needs books!)

The Victorian Dress-Up Doll for the novel Soulless! I love these sorts of online paper dolls (okay, I love paper dolls in general), and the fact that it's for one of my favorite new books is a bonus. (I'm also a smidge envious and coveting, because it's been a long-cherished dream of mine to eventually do some sort of Gothic Charm School paper doll thing. Someday, someday ...)

The Raven skirt from MorriganNYC. I covet this skirt SO MUCH. I'm waiting to hear back from them to find out if they have any of the black with silver print left in stock. I need to find someone who is capable of doing finely-detailed screen printing and talk over some ideas with them. But until I do, I'm going to be keeping a close eye on the offerings from MorriganNYC, yes indeed.
I think the job interview today went well. I should know by next week whether or not the interviewers thought it went well, too. I also was given a lead today for a full-time (instead of a year-long contract) position, and I'm still waiting to hear back from the hiring manager of a different company that a friend put me in touch with. So, finally some progress on the job hunt, thank goodness.

Tonight involves making a extra-ruffly skirt (from skull-patterned fabric!), having a glass of absinthe, and having Coppola's Dracula on in the background for eye candy. I still believe that Tom Waits played the best version of Renfield ever, and his performance almost makes up for Keanu's. Almost.

Remember! Tomorrow is the Giant Closet Culling Sale! That post will probably go up around noon-ish Seattle-time.
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( Sep. 15th, 2009 10:34 pm)
Argh. I somehow missed the post from a few weeks ago on [ profile] egl about this. Baby the Stars Shine Bright are releasing items made from a print they call Vampire Requiem.

Oh my. Look at this skirt. (clicky-link!)

Why yes, I want that skirt. I would have to wear a corset to fit into it, and I don't really think the skirt is worth almost $200, but goodness, it's cute.
So, there's this red & white striped skirt I made back in November, and have worn ... once. I think.

Candy cane skirt I made Candy cane skirt I made
Red & white striped poly satin skirt.

I am thinking about tossing it in a dye bat of Rose Pink RIT (my preferred pink dye), so it would be a red & pink striped skirt. (Yes, I know that this fabric will take dye.) What do you think, oh LJ Hivemind? Should I do that, and would I wear the skirt more often if I did? Or should I just sell the skirt off, and put money toward boooooots?
I am looking for an antique-looking skull and crossbones surrounded by Victorian-esque scrollwork, leaves, and flowers. I want to print the image onto iron-on transfer paper so I can create an appliqué to apply to a skirt.

EDITED TO ADD: What I really need is a good graphic of the sort of skull I want, and a separate graphic of scrollwork/leaves/flowers. I need reasonably high-res versions of these separate elements, because the Stroppy One would be able to collage them together for me via the magic of Photoshop.

Examples and clicky-links to the sorts of images I'm looking for:

The Bone Collector (I've sent a message to this Etsy seller asking her if it would be okay if I purchased one of these prints, scanned it, and made a iron-on transfer of it for my own use. I haven't yet heard back from her.)

Piratemod's Victorian Flourish.

Piratemod's Pirate King.

Strangemonster's Decadence of Love.

So! Suggestions? Clicky-links? Proclaimations of "Oh, that's easy! Here, look at this thing I made!"?
- My sleep was not defective last night, ohthankgoodness. It didn't make up for the vaguely defective sleep from the past few days, but hey, it's a start!

- The sad news about Lux Interior led me to discover that I only have one song by The Cramps in my iTunes. Huh? Time to go pick up some CDs and fix that.

- I just came up with an idea for a skirt I want to make, but I'm not sure when I will have free time to figure out the pattern/gather supplies/find exactly the right image I want to use as the appliqué. I wonder if I could sweet-talk the Stroppy One into creating the design for me that I could print onto iron-on transfer paper ...

- Hey, there's that steampunk event tomorrow night at Heaven! Which I would be more interested in going to if it wasn't for the $17 cover charge. (For the record, I am not a fan of Abney Park's music. It just doesn't grab me. So paying $17 to go see the fashion show, look at vendor tables, and hear [ profile] djeternaldarkne and [ profile] dj_sprockets spin is a little steep for my tastes.)

- You people all have seen the amaaaaaazing Twilight fandom kerfuffle that's been going on, right? No, not about the crazy lady who made a felted sculpture representing Bella's womb. (No, I'm not kidding, and no, I'm not linking.) No, I mean the EW post by Stephen King where he dismisses Stephenie Meyer as a crappy writer, and comments about J.K. Rowling being a good writer. Twilight fandom, predictably, goes crazy. A collection of the best insane responses, and comments from people from other fandoms. (clicky-link!) My favorite clueless comment from the TwiFans: "I encourage Rowling and King himself to write the book that fascinates the readers at this point". Look, just go to Cleolinda's entry about this. (clicky-link!) Aaaah, Twilight fandom, making the rest of us look relatively sane in comparison. Thanks!
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( Nov. 30th, 2008 09:10 pm)
This is the standard knee-length, flouncy, be-ruffled skirt that I always make. I've used the pattern (that I drafted all by myself, ha!) with heavy-weight cotton, cotton knits, poly knits, taffeta, and poly satin, and it works wonderfully every time. Eventually I'll get to where I want to actually *hem* the skirt ruffles, instead of serging the edges of them, but for now, I'm perfectly happy with serged edges. But they've got proper waistbands and zippers and everything!

Skirts! )
As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm working on making a version of this skirt:

Picture behind the cut-tag, for ease of scrolling because I'm helpful. )

The bottom of the skirt: it looks to me like it's about a 3" - 4" band that is NOT gathered (no ruffling), but is scalloped along the bottom, with the bottom edge trimmed in small black ball fringe. Is that what it looks like to the rest of you?

Also, should I find small black ball fringe to put on my version? I think it looks darling in the photo, but I'm worried that in Real Life it will look a bit twee. (Yes, [ profile] stroppy_baggage, I'm kind of assuming that you don't like the ball fringe and would prefer that I didn't copy it.) What do you people think? If I don't copy the ball fringe, I would probably edge the scallops in narrow flat black lace.

(I've already got the body of the skirt sewn. I just need to add a waistband and zipper, and then cut out and sew the bottom band. I'm getting faster at skirts, and good LORD, how did I do anything before without a serger?)


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