I recently acquired an antique top hat that was already decorated! Swiss dot veiling, velvet bow, and a black rose.

But that wasn't enough floof for my preferences. Oh no. THIS is more like it:

I think I want to add more feathers to it, but I'll need to get more large black ostrich plumes.

I've finished covering the lapels, and I'm really pleased with how they turned out:

Sometimes my crazy notions work out! The lace I used for the lapels was salvaged from some old bras. (See, sometimes not getting around to getting rid of things pays off. Packrats unite! Or something.)

I have one cuff left to cover. The lace I'm using for those was a present from the wonderful Meg (sablerabbit).

And of course, there was the making a gazillion fabric covered buttons, but that's pretty much standard for any jacket or waistcoat that comes into my clutches.

After this project is done, it's time for the red brocade frock coat to simmer in a pot of wine dye to see if I can darken it just a smidge, and then on to covering the lapels and cuffs. Because I'm crazy meticulous about details of my clothing.

The first half of the latest frock coat lapel, covered with lace panels salvaged from bras:

I may not be great at sewing things from scratch, but I'm pretty clever at modifying existing garments.

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I think I just figured out a good way to get pretty sections of lace to applique onto the okay-but-not-great satin lapels of the frock coats I get from ChicStar: Old bras.

I have four of the exact same bra that no longer fit me. The wide lace bands that are the decorative part of the cups are in great condition, they just need to be removed from the bras. And I can use the scalloped-edged elastic from the straps to make dress clips!

So I guess tonight will be spent with some tiny scissors, dismantling things. I'll report back on how this goes.
Making some sort of jewelry from bones and feathers is the new gluing cogs and brass stampings together in terms of DIY indie jewelry.

This is fine with me, because I like the neo-pagan bones and feathers everywhere thing better than the hotglued cogs. But it's interesting to see what bandwagons people are jumping on.

Yes, I finally tried the embroidered gloves idea. The stripy heart is a prototype of something I'm considering making a bunch of for the February Mourning Market. (At which I will be vending, not just shopping.)

I think the next set of embroidered gloves will say "LOVE CAKE", yes indeed.

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Trying to leverage the backs of the rivets off? Yeah, that didn't work. Lip Service uses freakishly strong rivets or something. No, the fabric tore a bit, so I just opted for simplicity and cut around the rivets with an x-acto blade. I have some ideas for disguising the resulting holes, and will post photos when I'm done.

So instead, have a photo from when I took a break earlier:

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( Dec. 23rd, 2009 11:38 am)

The Stroppy One does not like my whimsically mis-matched stockings, even tho' it is something I have done off and on for YEARS.


I kinda don't want to be at work today. I need to wrap presents. Not to mention that I've come up with a few crafty-type projects that I want to get started on. But I will be a good worker bee, and concentrate on the editing for my day job.

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So, there's this red & white striped skirt I made back in November, and have worn ... once. I think.

Candy cane skirt I made Candy cane skirt I made
Red & white striped poly satin skirt.

I am thinking about tossing it in a dye bat of Rose Pink RIT (my preferred pink dye), so it would be a red & pink striped skirt. (Yes, I know that this fabric will take dye.) What do you think, oh LJ Hivemind? Should I do that, and would I wear the skirt more often if I did? Or should I just sell the skirt off, and put money toward boooooots?
Yeah. Today I altered a blouse, made two skirts, altered a jacket, and overdyed a blazer that was an extremely greenish black but is now a true black.

I need a good source for lightweight black & white striped blouse-weight fabric, preferably cotton. I also need to get some more skirt-weight black cotton blend.


I also need to figure out if I'm going to be able to attend the Zombie Walk on Friday evening. I want to, I just need to poke at the logistics.


So I guess next week the real job hunting starts. Whee, I'm thrilled. Anyone need a good technical editor?
- Remember that skirt I was complaining about a while ago, about how I was not happy with how it was fitting, and I think it needed different buttons? It now has a higher waistband and two rows of pink buttons down the front. I'm much happier with it.

- Speaking of pink buttons, I'm idly contemplating prying the black buttons off the sides of my black JUMP Bjork boots (clicky-link!) and replacing them with pink buttons. Go on, try to look surprised at that.

- One of the things I need to do this weekend: take photos of the stuff I want to sell, including the purple pair of JUMP Bjork boots, because I've only worn them about three times and am not going to bother with getting them dyed. I am also contemplating selling a pair of my vintage swordfish Fluevog shoes. They are gorgeous, but I never wear them because they've got 3" heels and make my feet hurt.

- The Stroppy One pointed out the most recent editorial on Penny Arcade to me, because it mentions a local Goth-Loli event. I don't *think* they're referring to SakuraCon - has anyone heard about this? (Sadly, that's all the info I have.)

- Clicky-links of coveting! The Empire Corsair cincher/waistcoat combo from Damsel In This Dress. (clicky-link!) Ooooh, pretty. I would love to have that in a black-on-black striped fabric.

Speaking of black-on-black stripes, the Jezebel top hat (clicky-link!) is calling to me very, very strongly. I suspect I am going to eventually purchase this, and if I really like their work, commission them to make me a black and pink striped version of this hat. (Again, go on, practice your surprised face. I'll wait.)

Okay, back to reviewing documentation on MSDN. Wheee, the excitement never stops.
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( Apr. 2nd, 2009 11:32 am)
I am going to go back and re-read everyone's squees and nice comments about the book cover (and thank you, all of you!), because that should put me in a better mood than the one I'm currently in.

I've slept poorly all week, and I'm hoping that tonight I can manage to fall asleep without pharmaceutical aid. If you all could direct sleepy-rays at me at around 11:30 P.S.T., that would be very helpful. Right now, I'm clinging to the hope that this second pot of black tea (pear caramel truffle) will help me feel more alert.

I am also dissatisfied with my outfit today. I liked it perfectly well when I got dressed and left the house this morning, but as the day goes on, I am less thrilled with it. The skirt still needs tweaking to fit properly, hmmph. (It's a 4-panel knee-length full skirt with two rows of black buttons down the front. I cut it off of a jumperskirt I purchased from someone off of [livejournal.com profile] egl, but like I said, it still needs fiddling with. And maybe the buttons changed for pink ones.)
Huh, LJ seems to not be giving me comment notices. So, I have no idea if there are replies to anything unless I go look. Hmmph.


I will NOT be out at Club V this weekend, as I am still very easily tired thanks to my bout with the Martian Death Flu or whatever it was. I'm sad about this, because I really like going out dancing. But since walking around running errands last night made me feel like falling over, going to the club is not a smart idea.


After browsing through Etsy the other day and not finding quite what I was looking for, I have accepted that I need to just make the sort of necklace I want to wear to the Vampire Ball. I've got a couple different ideas for what I want, so tonight is going to involve putting things together, and then probably tilting my head to the side with a quizzical expression and asking the Stroppy One for his opinion.

SFDs! To celebrate feeling better, I have dressed in one of my favorite outfits:
Read more... )
Yeah, I know, "thing" is a vague term. Bear with me, I can't think of the proper name for the item I'm seeking.

You know those clips that many people have things like work badges/key cards attached to? One end clips to the card, and there's a cord that can be spooled/stretched out when you need to, oh, wave the badge at something, and then the cord retracts into its little housing? I'm looking for something like that, but small-ish and in silvertone. I have this clever plan to attach a Useful Something to a long necklace, and that sort of sproingy cord clip is exactly what I need to do so. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
I am looking for an antique-looking skull and crossbones surrounded by Victorian-esque scrollwork, leaves, and flowers. I want to print the image onto iron-on transfer paper so I can create an appliqué to apply to a skirt.

EDITED TO ADD: What I really need is a good graphic of the sort of skull I want, and a separate graphic of scrollwork/leaves/flowers. I need reasonably high-res versions of these separate elements, because the Stroppy One would be able to collage them together for me via the magic of Photoshop.

Examples and clicky-links to the sorts of images I'm looking for:

The Bone Collector (I've sent a message to this Etsy seller asking her if it would be okay if I purchased one of these prints, scanned it, and made a iron-on transfer of it for my own use. I haven't yet heard back from her.)

Piratemod's Victorian Flourish.

Piratemod's Pirate King.

Strangemonster's Decadence of Love.

So! Suggestions? Clicky-links? Proclaimations of "Oh, that's easy! Here, look at this thing I made!"?
- My sleep was not defective last night, ohthankgoodness. It didn't make up for the vaguely defective sleep from the past few days, but hey, it's a start!

- The sad news about Lux Interior led me to discover that I only have one song by The Cramps in my iTunes. Huh? Time to go pick up some CDs and fix that.

- I just came up with an idea for a skirt I want to make, but I'm not sure when I will have free time to figure out the pattern/gather supplies/find exactly the right image I want to use as the appliqué. I wonder if I could sweet-talk the Stroppy One into creating the design for me that I could print onto iron-on transfer paper ...

- Hey, there's that steampunk event tomorrow night at Heaven! Which I would be more interested in going to if it wasn't for the $17 cover charge. (For the record, I am not a fan of Abney Park's music. It just doesn't grab me. So paying $17 to go see the fashion show, look at vendor tables, and hear [livejournal.com profile] djeternaldarkne and [livejournal.com profile] dj_sprockets spin is a little steep for my tastes.)

- You people all have seen the amaaaaaazing Twilight fandom kerfuffle that's been going on, right? No, not about the crazy lady who made a felted sculpture representing Bella's womb. (No, I'm not kidding, and no, I'm not linking.) No, I mean the EW post by Stephen King where he dismisses Stephenie Meyer as a crappy writer, and comments about J.K. Rowling being a good writer. Twilight fandom, predictably, goes crazy. A collection of the best insane responses, and comments from people from other fandoms. (clicky-link!) My favorite clueless comment from the TwiFans: "I encourage Rowling and King himself to write the book that fascinates the readers at this point". Look, just go to Cleolinda's entry about this. (clicky-link!) Aaaah, Twilight fandom, making the rest of us look relatively sane in comparison. Thanks!
While at Bats Day, I finally gave into temptation and purchased the Calico Jack scent locket from BPAL.

It's gorgeous, and I love it. I am planning on making a necklace for it, but am dithering about what materials to use. Of course I'm going to use silver spacers and bead caps, but I can't decide if I want to use black glass faceted beads, or black glass pearls. And since LJ has this terribly handy "Create a Poll" feature ...

[Poll #1296745]
Okay LJ Hivemind, help me out here. I found a place that sells woven straw versions of my usual top hat. A straw version would be a very clever thing for me to have for whenever summer gets here and the weather turns unfriendly to me. However, the woven straw top hats are, well, straw colored. Which, yes, very steampunk-esque, but I'm not that steampunk, not to mention it would look odd with my black/b&w stripey/cupcake pink wardrobe.

So! I would need to dye it. Without damaging the shape. My first thought was spray-paint, but I suspect that would make the straw less breathable, and that's the whole point behind contemplating a straw top hat. Carefully painting it by hand with RIT mixed with alcohol? Carefully painting it with acrylic paint? I dunno. Which is why I'm turning to the hivemind for suggestions.

([livejournal.com profile] alexiarnps, I'm especially looking at you for suggestions.)
I broke a needle on my serger yesterday afternoon. It's a Janome MyLock 204D, and the manual says to use HA-1SP needles with it. I suspect that JoAnn Fabrics does not carry these. The semi-helpful munchkin on the phone at the JoAnn's I called said they did carry serger needles, but she couldn't see anything that said HA-1SP on the package.

Can I *only* use those specific needles with my serger? Google isn't giving me definitive information.
Who here has worked with Simplicity pattern # 4484? (That clicky link goes to a page of patterns, but it shows the one I'm asking about.) For reference, it's the Stevie Nicks -esque gothy pattern they've made for ages. The reason I'm asking about it is because I want to try my hand at making a fitted bodice-y vest type-thing, and that seems like it would be a good pattern to start from.

If it's not, do any of you have suggestions for a better pattern? My sewing skills are fair-ish. I can make skirts, I can tailor just about anything I buy from a thrift store, but I am slightly intimidated by making tops and bodices.


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