Today was the second phone screen interview for a job I want. The HR person got back to me with enthusiastic comments and a request for writing samples, so I think that's a good sign. Now to wait to see if they want to schedule me for an in-person interview. I hope so, because this company seems pretty good, and I've heard good things from friends who work there.


For the past few weeks I've had ... not quite the same dream over and over, but a recurring theme. (NOT a recurring theme of my usual stress dreams either, thank goodness!) In the dreams, I'm either getting two particular tattoos or I already have these two tattoos, and neither of the tattoos are the design I was thinking of getting as my next ink.*

The dream tattoos, the first: along the outside of my left forearm, the phrase "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc", in the same font as my other text tattoo. Yes, the Addams family motto, which is something I've considered as a tattoo for decades, even if the actual translation of that Latin text ISN'T “We gladly feast upon those who would subdue us", and is instead pretty much gibberish. (Oh hey, I made a Tumblr post about that a while ago.)

The dream tattoo, the second: Along the outside of my of my right forearm, and in some dreams, twining around the words of the Addams family motto on my left forearm, twining blackberry vines. Vines with leaves, fruit, and a few blossoms, done in black and gray shading. Essentially, having sleeves of blackberry vines. Which is something I've never thought about before, but is a lovely notion.

I am going to give serious thought (more than I already have, which is saying something) to getting the Addams' motto inked on me. I've wanted it since I first saw the movie, and I don't think I really care that the Latin is gibberish. *I* would know what it means. As for the blackberry vine sleeves? I don't know. Blackberries are my favorite fruit, and a sure sign of autumn, my favorite season ...

*The next tattoo I *thought* I was getting is the symbol of the Order of the Dragon, in honor of Vlad III Dracula.
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( Apr. 3rd, 2012 02:22 pm)
Good news! I just accepted a job offer from Isilon! As of April 16th, I'll be a technical writer for them. GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT IS MINE! Thanks for all the good wishes, folks!
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( Mar. 21st, 2012 05:08 pm)
I think my interview(s)* today went really well! At the start of the day the very nice HR guy let me know that I should hear about their decision by next week; this means that in theory I won't spend the next few days obsessively hitting "Get Mail" to see if there's any news. In theory, because I know what I get like.

Interview CorpGoth Shallow Fashion Details!
- Black pumps that were custom-made for me years ago.
- Black tights.
- Black knee-length skirt (the Retroscope Fashions "dolly bustle" skirt) w/ petticoat.
- Pink menswear shirt with black silk ruffles down the front (from Lip Service).
- Black vintage Dior double-breasted blazer.
- My hair down, no hat.

Plus the usual rings, my glasses, and makeup including Aromaleigh powder, eyeshadow in Pink Portent (pale shimmery pink-beige) and Gothic (yes, seriously, because it's the best blackened burgundy I've found, and if applied lightly, is a fantastic accent/liner color) black liquid liner and mascara, and dark wine lipstick.

I am TIRED now. Besides being focused and "on" for the interview, today involved getting up, oh, four hours earlier than I have been used to, lately. The Stroppy One took me out for a (gluten-free) cupcake, and I am going to spend the rest of the evening watching silly vampire movies and PLAYING WITH MY DOLLS.

Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes!

*I interviewed with six different people. Which, in terms of interviews for full-time gigs at tech companies, is short. I've been through 10 - 12 hour interviews.
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( Mar. 19th, 2012 04:18 pm)
I have a job interview THIS WEDNESDAY! For the job I've had two different phone interviews for, and I really, really want it. Please light candles, invoke lucky talismans, and otherwise wish me well?

There are some other Really Good Things going on right now that I can't talk about yet. But trust me; Good Things.
Today I had a preliminary phone screen with an HR person. It went well, and if the hiring manager has an opening in his schedule, I'll have a phone interview with him in the next few days, and then an interview loop maybe during the week of the 27th.

I'm really excited about this prospect. It's for a full-time tech writer gig at a company that does very cool things. If you wouldn't mind, please cross your fingers, light candles, or talk to whatever lucky talismans you hold dear for me?
Also known as: What Jilli Has Been Up To, Recently.

Saturday night was the Steampunk Exhibition Ball! The Stunt!Husband escorted me, as the Stroppy One is deadline-stricken.

Cut to save people's bandwidth ... )

That's been the excitement in my life for the past few days. Well, that, job-hunting (which I have some very promising leads on, everyone cross your fingers for me!), writing, and teaching myself Audacity.
Aaauuuugh, hate job hunting. HATE.

Today, in addition to the job hunting, there are household chores, Dad coming over to visit and meet his newest furry grandkids, prepping a GCS post to go live tomorrow, and working on the Big Writing Project. Oh, and making stuff for Mourning Market.

I need to win the lottery.

However, Trinian and Ruthven are being affectionate big kitties, and Vlad and Erzabet are still incredibly cute and snuggly. So that's good.

How are you people? How was the weekend?
- Today is the last day of the dayjob, which means I am now freaking out thinking about all the things I need to get done. I have realized that I need multiple To Do lists to keep everything in order. Ahahahahahahaha. My eventual dream/goal is to become successful enough that I can hire a personal assistant. Because ZOMG, that would make life simpler. (So would a housekeeper.)

- I am in a better mood today. Okay, I feel kind of overwhelmed, but I don't feel unreasonably cranky or low. I will take what progress I can get, thanks.

- EVENT! EVENT! I am vending at Mourning Market on August 21st at Club Motor! Wheeee! Gothic Charm School books and art prints, Cranky!Bloomers, book roses, and maybe some other exciting things. If you're in the Seattle area, please stop by!

- The settings for cross-posting between DW and LJ are thwarting me, currently. Which means doing this by hand, whee.

- I talked to my doctor yesterday: according to my latest bloodwork, the numbers for the marker for the Lyme disease dropped! So the current mix of antibiotics and supplements I'm on are working, oh frabjous day! But I still need to learn/remember that I have to factor in a day of crashing after an event, grrr.

- Accessory sanity check: how ridiculous would it be to take my cupcake pink vintage vinyl purse (a frame style with kisslock closure), and sew a skeleton hand (decorated with a black satin bow at the wrist, of course) on it? In other words, just like most of my other purses, but with the color scheme flipped. *I* think it would look great, but I realize I may be in the midst of a decorate ALL THE THINGS with bones! frenzy.
You know my super-awesome work team? They got hit by budget cuts. I have a job through July, and then I am unemployed.

So! Anyone have any job leads for editor positions? If so, please let me know.

(I am trying my best to not freak out and be positive about this, but man, it's hard not to take this as another slap from 2011.)
Forgive me, I'm more scatterbrained than usual these days: Seattle-area tech writer friends who are looking for work, leave a comment, please. I may have job leads for you.


In other news, the appointment I had today just got rescheduled for tomorrow. Which means I will be spending today taking care of emails and phone calls that I had set aside for later. And getting ready to go back to the dayjob on Monday.

I haven't yet had an update today from Dad, so I am interpreting that as the situation with Mom hasn't changed. I'm going to check in with him later on, and deliver the meatloaf that [ profile] ladymoira made for him.

Dad and I are ... well, as good as we can be, in the circumstances. And more grateful than either of us can say for the outpouring of good will, prayers, and love from everyone.

Okay, phone calls. This is me, being productive.

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What is it about today? I woke up feeling fairly well-rested and in a good mood, but now the demons of insecurity are slithering around. Mostly related to my submitting my resume for the full-time position that just opened up on the team that I am currently contracting for; I have the worry that submitting my resume through the external career site doesn't actually DO anything, and that my application will vanish away into some digital basement, never to be seen again.

Add to that the fact that I'm (still!) waiting on replies to some other things, and it all equals one easily-distracted and fretful gothy cupcake. Augh!
Thank you for all the congratulations on my new job! It's a short-term contract (with the possibility of extensions), and I'm going to be over by the new fancy-pants Commons area. (Which means closer to the yummy Mexican food, time to start going for more walks!)

Today I go to my contract agency to fill out paperwork (again, even tho' my last gig for them ended just over a month ago), and then work work work on writing I'm doing that I need to send out THIS WEEK. If time permits, I'll spend some time with a friend, but it is looking like I'll need to re-schedule that. Sorry, Libby!

Oh, and sudden impending busy-ness means I need to take photos of the stuff I've culled from the closets VERY SOON. Like, maybe this weekend, if I can manage it. Whoosh!

... Argh. There was a question I meant to ask of the LJ Hivemind, and it has vanished from my mind. Bother. Maybe it will return once I post this and run off to change out of my pjs.
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( Feb. 15th, 2010 03:08 pm)

This is a picture of someone who just accepted a job offer.

Next week, I return to the Giant Software Company as a contract/temp editor for Windows CE. Yay paycheck!

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Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on the previous post. You're all very right, I shouldn't let things like that get to me. I am looking into ways to re-organize things over at GCS so the reviews are a little more separated from the advice posts, with the help of the always-awesome [ profile] leenerella.

In other news: I just got off the phone with my recruiter, and I have a job interview on Monday afternoon! Whoo! (Watch me get a job just as all of my writing projects take off. It's the way things go in my life.)

In other other news, ooooh, the mail brought me spaaarkly pink jewelry. Mmm, pink rhinestone choker and bonus bracelet.

In (::stops to count::) other other other news, I'm trying to decide if I want to put something through a dye bath or not. I have a black & pink striped skirt and matching cincher/belt, made for me long ago by Louise Black. Picture behind the cut! )

The problem is, the pink is a touch too coral, not my true cupcake pink. (Plus the skirt is a shade or two lighter than the cincher.) I'm considering putting them both in a black dye bath. You know what this means, right? Time for a poll!

[Poll #1524415]
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( Feb. 1st, 2010 02:39 pm)
Dear hiring manager for that full-time tech editor job at the Big Software Company that I applied for IN NOVEMBER;

I see that the job is still open. (Or at least still listed on the career site.) I am EXACTLY the person you are looking for. Really. LOOK AT MY RESUME AND CALL ME IN FOR AN INTERVIEW.


Cupcake Goth


Last night when going to bed, the PMS Goblins visited and I had an epic crying meltdown for no reason. I knew it was for no reason, and even said so (in between sobs). But apparently I needed to cry. So, no surprise, I am now suffering the post-crying hangover. I suspect that I am going to get no writing done today, grrr.


Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll about the striped skirt! Re-make the skirt has the most votes, but then I keep looking at these:

and these:

and start geebling and flailing a lot.


I hope all of you folks out there in LJ land are having a good day.
So I DON'T have an interview today. My recruiter was just informed that the position is actually part-time, which means it's not worth it for me. If I got the position, it would mean I would be shooting myself in the foot for any longer-term contract position that came along, not to mention that the pay rate + part-time = not financially worth it.

I am disappointed, yes. This is part of why I hate job-hunting. Anyone have any leads on job openings for a technical editor?

So I am in need of a bit of cheering. What's going on with all of you? Good things? Tell me about them? Or send pretty boys in eyeliner. Or both.

I think today I will sooth myself with some writing, some skirt sewing, and bombastic rock music played at a loud volume.
I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon, for another contract position at the Big Software Company. Gainful employment would be kind of keen, yes.

Time to figure out what I'm going to wear to the interview!

Today is the next-to-last-day of my current work contract. On the one hand, looming unemployment and job-hunting, ugh. On the other hand, time to work on the novel I started writing on New Year's Day, time to finish clearing out the Storage Heap Room o' Doom, and time to make stuff to sell at Mourning Market and my eventually-to-be-launched Etsy store. So, mostly yay, I think.


My Dad, because he is a helper and an enabler, made the brilliant suggestion that I need to find an oversized bird cage to keep my doll in. Like this, or this, or this! (yes yes, clicky-links to eBay.) My friends who have long listened to me talk about my need for decorative cages to keep decorative people in understand why this suggestion is so appealing to me.

Speaking of my Evangeline Ghastly doll, I realized that I'm not entirely decided on her name. I thought it was Lucretia, but then the Stroppy One suggested Pandora. But neither of those seemed to stick, which I think means I haven't found her name yet. Vexing, very vexing.


Awwww! Jake von Slatt over at Steampunk Workshop wrote a very nice review and article about the Gothic Charm School book! (clicky-link!)


Everyone needs to go read the newest law of the Internet, because it is BRILLIANT:


And finally, here, have a SFD photo (EDIT: bah, I don't like my expression or how I was tilting my head in this picture, but it shows the details of the outfit):

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( Dec. 4th, 2009 12:59 pm)

Thing One: I received confirmation that my contract ends the first week in January, thanks to budget. Which means I'll be job-hunting again. Anyone looking for a tech editor?

Thing Two: Work is busy. Here, have a photo. Look at the cute hat the lovely folks at Gloomth made for me!

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I slept for almost 12 hours, and it was glorious. No so fun were the hallucinations when I got up to toddle off to the bathroom; from what I remember, the room was swaying, the dresser drawers were opening and closing while laughing, and my skirts kept flocking together and whispering above my head. This is what Ambien occasionally does to me. Thank goodness the Stroppy One made me close my eyes and walked me back to bed. Which I have only vague recollections of.

(I took the Ambien to make sure that I fell asleep. I have had too many experiences of being falling-over tired, and yet not being able to sleep. I didn't want to have the slightest risk of that last night, obviously.)

Job interview today! For a 3-month contract back at the Very Large Software Company. So, not the best possible thing ever, but hey, gainful employment sounds attractive. Very attractive.

Ooooh, dolls. Specifically, the Evangeline Ghastly doll from Wilde Imagination (yes yes, clicky-link!). I do not need that sort of hobby, I cannot afford that sort of hobby. But I occasionally go look at the website and stare at the pretty pretty doll and her astonishing wardrobe. And covet. Oh, the coveting.

(Okay, fine, I also send clicky-links of certain outfits to the Infamous BlueJay, asking if they can be made in Cupcake Goth -scale. What? That can't be a surprise to you.)

I like dolls, and doll miniatures. Really, if I were an independently wealthy eccentric (instead of a job-hunting eccentric), I would have a collection of pretty dolls and accessories, and yes, do photo stories with them. Because I am that sort of person.

(And from the other room, I can hear [ profile] clovisdvlbunny clamoring about updating his journal, because [ profile] marc17 took good photos of cute bunny, cute bunny must show them off! Yes, Clovis. Soon.)

Okay, off I go to make more tea, and start getting ready for the job interview. Must stop looking at photos of dolls.


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