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( Jul. 24th, 2017 10:53 pm)

Since Thursday! This is a damn miracle, that's what it is.

And today we ordered me a motorized standing desk, because the (antique by now, it belonged to my grandparents) dining table I've been using as a workstation for my laptop and two monitors for the past three years was never a good idea. I'd never found an office chair that was tall enough to be comfortable at that table, and that doesn't take into account that any one that was even close enough to use at that table meant my feet didn't touch the ground.

So! Standing desk, arriving this week. It's a good thing I finished The Great Decluttering: The Workdesk over the weekend. (Well, almost finished. I still have to haul some boxes of things out from underneath the table, but that should be relatively easy. Plus the Stroppy One is going to help me.)

Aaaaaand I've finally FINALLY accepted that I need to carry smaller/lighter purses with less stuff in them. Yes, I've said this before (every couple of years, I think?), but it has been made very clear to me that I absolutely have to do this and stick with it. I'm currently making a shoulder strap for a vintage velvet handbag I have, which should be just large enough for me to carry the essentials:

  • Phone.

  • Wallet.

  • Powder compact and two tubes of lipstick.

  • Tiny pill case of anti-anxiety meds.

  • Keys.

  • Sunglasses.

  • Tiny notebook.

  • Pen.

  • Handkerchief.

And maybe, just maybe, my mini multi-tool and tiny sewing kit. What? I actually end up needing those two things fairly often.

NO HEADACHE. I don't think that will stop being astonishing to me any time soon.
Today was the Botox injections day. A total of six injections, one on each side in the muscles at the base of my skull, temple, and jaw. My headache (which had come back sometime last night) started lessening after the first two injections. Now? Now it is COMPLETELY gone. No trace.

Being completely headache-free is WEIRD. Awesome, absolutely! But weird. It's been a very, very long time since I've had that. (Like, years. I don't actually know how long.)

Nothing in my face feels odd or frozen, and I can move it like normal. (So, like a cartoon character, really.) Dr. Ryan the awesome dentist said that I should give him updates over the next couple of weeks, whenever I feel like it over on FB, and OMG we need to go makeup shopping together.)

(He also correctly identified which bunny I brought with me for emotional support. (Merricat.)) I LOVE DR. RYAN WITH A PURE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

No headache. NO HEADACHE.

The next step is to talk to my doctor and get her help in convincing the insurance company to pay for this treatment every four months. If they won't, then I am seriously considering squeezing the household budget to pay the over-thousand-dollars ourselves, because this feeling is worth it.


In Shallow Fashion Craving news, I showed the Stroppy One that skirt from Amazon that I posted here the other night. He Did Not Approve of the graphic design. He liked the idea in theory, but felt the actually quality of the rose print was lacking. This is part of the fun of being married to an artist - they will give you useful feedback when you're looking at fashion.
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( Jul. 18th, 2017 07:52 pm)
Today I had a long-overdue dentist appointment, mostly for a cleaning and checkup. It was overdue because I've been busy and incapable of scheduling things, not because of any apprehension. I LOVE my dentist. As in, I have gone out for drinks with him and his hubby, because I adore him so. He's charming, sarcastic, and incredibly good at what he does.

After the checkup part was done, he asked me a bunch of questions about my (usual type of) migraines, then did some pressure tests on my jaw, temples, and the base of my skull. After I winced away from all of them, he said, "So yeah, your migraines? Probably tension headaches, because girl, you are tense".

Then he said he wanted to try something to double-check his theory, but that it would be "Fuck my life painful" for a few minutes on each side. But I trust him, so sure. Then he stuck his thumb into my mouth on one side, gripped the outside of my jaw, and applied what felt like an appalling amount of pressure. The pain rivaled the migraine that sent me to the ER, and then lessened after a few minutes. Then he did the same thing to the other side.

After he did this torture, my migraine went away. No, you don't understand. I have had some level of migraine pain every day for MONTHS. (Yes, I mostly just ignore it, because what other option was there that wasn't medication that left me a zombie?)

It turns out he has the same sort of issues, and after a lot of research, found the treatment that works for him, which is a fuckton of Botox injections in those three muscle groups. Guess what I'm doing on Thursday afternoon?

I won't lie: I'm kind of freaked out by this. Buuuuuuut, if this is able to drop the migraines, it's worth it.
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( Jul. 6th, 2017 03:28 pm)
So after Thursday night's ER adventures, I seemed okay? I went out on Saturday with friends, and then on Sunday started the Great Decluttering: Part Two: ahahahahah the workdesk. Which was going to continue on through Monday.

Monday, I realized my lower back was tight and painful. I laid down with ice packs, but when I went to get up ... well, let's just say I wasn't sure if I was going to end up confined to the couch for a few days. I made a chiropractor appointment for Wednesday, took a few rounds of carefully-timed muscle relaxers, and slept a lot. Tuesday, I felt mostly okay, so went to BBQ with friends.

I don't know if it was that I pushed myself too hard on the 4th, if smoke from a fire pit and fireworks is no longer a thing I can tolerate, the stars were in bad alignment, but when I woke up, my back was once again locked and incredibly painful, and I developed another migraine like the one that sent me to the ER on Thursday night. (Not as bad, thank goodness, but with all the symptoms I'd had earlier.)

Two days of chiropractic treatment later, my back feels okay. I don't have a migraine today. But I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so I can talk to her about the new, excitingly awful migraines and what we should look into for them. I'm going to ask for a neurologist recommendation, and also ask if I should get X-rays of my neck to make sure nothing odd is going on there.

And finally, because of the multiple days of pain and ugh, I picked up a chocolate chip cookie from WF to eat over the next few days. I've been eating low-carb and pretty much sugar-free since ... late March?

My cookie doesn't taste good. It tastes heavy and too sweet and ick. ::sigh::

My migraine returned last night, with symptoms I had never, EVER experienced, and bad enough that I finally decided I should go to the ER.

It turns out I had a severe atypical migraine, with all sorts of symptoms that I never experienced, but aren’t out of the range of migraines.

The nice doctor gave me an IV of fluids and a mix of pain relievers, anti-nausea meds, and Benadryl, then sent me home to sleep. Which I did, for over 12 hours. I’m still groggy, but feeling MUCH better.
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( Jun. 29th, 2017 05:37 pm)
Welp, it's time for me to go to my doctor and get some recommendations for specialists and/or tests.

  1. To see if there's a visible or obvious reason why the vertebrae at the base of my skull slide slightly out of alignment so damn often. Because wheee, that's one of the migraine triggers, I know that much.

  2. To see if there's some sort of test that can be done to determine the cause of the sinus migraines, because we're in the season where they ramp up dramatically. Is there some sort of plant or spore that's present during the summer that I'm allergic to? Is it some sort of weird seasonal pervasive barometric issue?
    (Weirdly, for all that I hate the burning orb, the sun and heat don't really cause me problems when I'm in California, so I suspect it's something environmental.)

One of the massage therapists at the spa is good at scalp and facial massage. And by good, I mean a miracle worker who I think presses my sinuses back into place, and make the sinus migraine retreat. But flinging myself into her merciful hands every week seems a bit much.

... at least I'm not in pain now? I've got the fuzzy brain and incoherency of a post-migraine hangover, but I don't want to drill holes in my face anymore.
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( Jun. 20th, 2017 08:29 pm)
Last week, The Husband was gone, off doing the Artist Thing at a M:tG event in Vegas. This means that even tho' my usual bedtime routine involves sleep meds, my sleep was not ... how should I put this? Restful. Constant waking up to various degrees.

Then, to add another layer of sleep deprivation: Today was the start of three days of early morning planning meetings for work. I'm in favor of planning meetings! I totally support having them! But almost my entire team is located in Ottawa, which means East Coast time zone. Today's meetings started at 6am my time, and went through (with breaks) to 1pm. Wednesday's round of meetings start at 7am, and then back to 6am start for Thursday. This sort of schedule, combined with my delayed sleep phase disorder, means that I'm going to feel off-kilter jetlagged to hell without any travel for all of this week.

Aaaaaaaand, on top of all this: I had an awful migraine all day yesterday. On top of the off-and-on migraine I'd had for a week. I finally agreed with The Husband that maybe my neck was out? And yeah, I probably should make an appointment with the chiropractor? So I went in this afternoon, and my chiro cheerfully informed me that not only was my neck out in the usual spot (right at the base of my skull), but that my lower back was out on the right side, and oh hey, I had a rib out of place on each side, in different spots.


After lots of clicks and crunches, hey presto! The migraine immediately lessened. The chiro also told me that according to my chart I come in every two months or so, which means that my idle thought that I should get some sort of x-rays or other imaging done to see if there's something going on with my neck needs to be not so idle anymore.
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( Apr. 29th, 2017 02:23 pm)
Well, I was going to go over to Thea's today and work on the lace and sequin collar/breastplate for Vampire Ball. However, plans have changed to taking a lot of meds, and heading to the spa.

Stupid weather-triggered migraines.

(The new(ish) eating plan has helped a LOT with my general pain and inflammation. But changes in barometric pressure? Still trigger migraines. This is the lamest superpower ever.)
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( Apr. 21st, 2017 04:07 pm)
I am now visiting the land of Migraine Hangover, which is much better than the ... 3? 4? days I spent in MigraineLand. I woke up this morning, realized that why yes, something in my neck was out, this wasn't just a reaction to the ridiculously changeable weather we've been having. So I went to the chiropractor. A bunch of hideous grinding and crunching noises later, my pain levels have dropped substantially.

My chiro has no idea why my neck/atlas keeps going out of alignment, but has suggested that I look into Indian Club exercises to improve the strength in my arms, shoulders, and neck. Okay? He loaned me some starter clubs, and I'm going to watch some tutorials on ye olde internets. Apparently it's ... swinging clubs around. Sure! Let me learn to wave sticks around in a possibly menacing way!

(I asked him if I could just use parasols instead of the clubs. He sighed and told me no.)


The new(ish, I've been doing it for a little over a month) low carb eating regime is actually helping with the general inflammation and pain issues I've been having. It also has been helping with brain fog. On the one hand, I miss mac&cheese SO MUCH. On the other hand, having a much lower level of background pain on a daily basis is AMAZING. And, I won't lie, this is also leading to weight loss, which means that the Body Image Demons are being quieter, which is really, REALLY nice. That's not the reason I'm doing this, but it's a nice side effect.


Sometime this weekend, I really need to write a To Do list for everything I need to get done before Bats Day and Vampire Ball. But hey! The stress levels from work are dropping, which is something I kinda despaired of ever happening. Even the looming presence of multiple 6am planning meetings next week isn't making me want to run away and hide! I mean, I'm not thrilled about 6am meetings, but this time it won't be just me reminding everyone about documentation.
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( Apr. 7th, 2017 03:54 pm)
Uuuggggh, day two of really vicious migraine. It was bad enough yesterday that I took the heavy-duty meds for it, but it was still there when I woke up today. This is particularly bothersome, as I get on a plane at OMG THIS IS TOO EARLY on Sunday, so I can go spend a week at the Ottawa office.

So! Today includes ALL the water and caffeine. Tomorrow involves a trip to the chiropractor, because this sort of migraine usually means there's something out of whack in my neck. Then I go to the spa, soak, and get a massage. Hopefully all of that will set me to rights, because the idea of traveling while feeling like this is not enticing.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2017 01:16 pm)
Last night I was woken up out of a soundly medicated sleep by one of the worst migraines I've ever had. My skull felt like it was trying to shift and expand, and I got to have that always fun debate of "What will be worse? The nausea, or actually throwing up?" A combination of meds, an ice pack at the base of my skull, and a heated buckwheat pillow on my face finally allowed me to get back to sleep.

I still have a migraine right now, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was last night. And this is where I thank all the spirits and powers that be that I have a job that (a) is work-from-home, and (b) doesn't care if I split my work time over different hours. Because in a few hours, I am heading to the spa, soaking, and then delivering myself into the merciful hands of my regular massage therapist.


Thank you for the kind words about Ruthven. He will be missed. Vlad is already roaming the house, looking for him.
This is the time of year my migraines are the worst. Something about the combination of heat, light, and weather just does me in.

Yes, I'm going to remember to call my doctor and set up an appointment to talk about them. I promise. But right now? I want cupcakes and a trepanation kit.


In other news: vintage skull buckle winklepickers! Only worn 3 times! Yeah, I'm finally selling off the boots that don't fit me. They're a super-narrow 7, in case any of you are interested.
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( Jun. 26th, 2015 05:59 pm)
I metaphorically swooned around 3pm, told work I was out with a migraine, and headed to the spa by my house. I hate summer temperatures (I hate the Burning Orb more), but melting in the steam sauna or soaking in a hot pool, followed by soaking in the tepid pool is the most reliable way of getting rid of migraines for me.

(Well, and occasionally submerging myself in the 56 degree cold plunge pool. I hate it, but the shock to my system flushes the migraine out really damn effectively.)

Now to avoid the heat for the rest of the weekend! Wish me luck.
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( Jun. 26th, 2015 12:38 pm)
You want to know one of the reasons I hate summer weather?

(Besides the fact that I'm a goth with an impractical wardrobe.)


In theory, I like Spring. But pollen and schizophrenic weather means that I'm dealing with some level of a sinus headache almost constantly. And y'know what? I've got a high pain tolerance (which, yes, has occasionally led to me ignoring things that I should have talked to a doctor about, because it's just pain, and I don't want to raise a fuss, and yeah. I know, I know, and I've been lectured about this many times.), so most of the time I just wince and ignore it. But the other night I had a sinus migraine come on so fast that I thought I was going to throw up while on the bus home, and when I DID get home, I flung myself on the couch and clutched an ice pack over the upper right side of my face. Remind me again why trepanation is such a bad idea?

And there are other things going on leading to stress. Nothing for folks to be worried about, just the usual accumulation of Too Much To Do and not enough time or energy. What all of this means is that I am trying to improve my mood by wearing things that I KNOW I love. Such as today's outfit:

Mmm, red velvet. And wacky hair volumizing powder which does indeed give my baby-fine, fly-away hair some gentle lift without needing backcombing or hairspray. I think this is my new favorite hair product.

Oh! LilyElspeth/Lorax of Sex custom-dyed a pair of my vintage Fluevogs. Originally they were black and cream, but now they're black and matches-my-lipstick burgundy:

Tonight, I need to get some writing done and try to go to bed early. Ahahahahaha. Yeah, we'll see if either of those happen.
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( Apr. 5th, 2013 02:57 pm)
From the pro photos at Vampire Ball: the StuntHusband trying to be stern and admonishing, while I obviously just. don't. care.

Today's Goth at the Office, where I am trying to ward off a headache through the powers of black lipstick and backcombed ponytails.

I love the idea of Spring, but the reality of it with the flowering plants and the changeable weather systems? Ugh. I know, I know, trepanation won't really fix the near-constant sinus headaches, but I can't deny that the idea has a certain morbid appeal.
Of Dealing With One's Parents.

The three letters I used in this post? They're a tiny representation of the sort of mail I get at the GCS address. My heart breaks for these kids, which is part of why I'm still doing this.

Anyway, comments on the post are open (and moderated), because I want babybats everywhere to know they're not alone.


In other news, changeable spring weather can stop ANY TIME NOW, thanks. Day two of a migraine, ugh.

In which I contemplate brewing another pot of tea to fend off sleep-deprivation and a headache that is lurking around the edges of my brain.

(And yes, I brewed a pot of chocolate oolong tea (Dr. Chocolate from David's Tea), even tho' I had already had a pot of tea AND a triple-shot iced americano earlier. I really don't want this to turn into a(nother) migraine.

Also, I am DONE with summer. Over it. Autumn gloom and grey clouds can show up ANY TIME NOW, THANKS.
So a meme came up on my Tumblr feed that made me laugh and laugh:

The last song you listened to will be played at your funeral.

The song I last listened to? “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” by MCR. This is funny on SO MANY levels, including the one where I still kinda hold to my childhood plan of not ever dying, but becoming a vampire witch queen.

What? I think it's a great plan!


In other news, OH G-D OH G-D STABBING MIGRAINE OF DOOM. Which I'm just trying to power through, because I've got Stuff To Do. Dammit.
Things have been stressful around our house for the past few days. So I'm really not surprised that I am suffering a horrible, stabbing headache. But OH G-D, I WANT IT TO STOP.

Please send decorative people (preferably gothy rocker boys in eyeliner) bearing coffee, cupcakes, and pain meds.


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