How is the quality of Hell Bunny clothing? Because the Victorian Coat calls to me. But I won't bother putting it on a wish list if the garment quality is dodgy.
After we went to the Ballard Farmers' Market yesterday, I decided to stop by the Blackbird Candy shop, with the intention of picking up another of the amazing violet chocolate bars from Rococo Chocolates.


::cue stamping of feet and general sulking::

I love floral-infused chocolate, and Rococo Chocolate's violet and rose chocolate bars were the best I'd ever found. Does Rococo Chocolate ship to the US? Ha. No, they do not.

Woe! Woe and despair!

Theo Chocolate had a fantastic rose & ginger dark chocolate bar, but it was a Valentine's -only special. (I knew I should have picked up more of them!)

Do any of you lovely folks know of good rose or violet -flavored chocolates?
No, I'M not sickly, thank goodness. But the Stroppy One is feeling poorly indeed, and I can only hope that he has a mild version of the Plague that I had a few weeks ago. I am working at home so I can look after him.

A question for the other doll people: Does anyone know if any of the clothes for Ellowyne Wilde dolls will fit Evangeline? I think this striped lace top and ruffly skirt (clicky-link to photo!) would be great for Lucretia Evangeline, but I know that she is rather more, erm, buxom, than the Elloyne dolls.
Hey, sewing types! Refresh my memory: didn't Jo Ann's have a fabric last Halloween that was a stretchy knit that was pre-distressed? I could swear I've seen listings for such a thing on eBay under the name "zombie knit", but of course I can't find any now.

(I've been looking at a LOT of deathrock-y type photos lately, and I kind of want to create a deathrock-ish version of one of my usual outfits. High-collared, frilly blouse, full ruffly skirt, but with overlays of tattered and shredded fabric. Have I lost my sugar-enhanced mind? I dunno. It sounds fun to ME, anyway.)

(Heeeeeey, I think I have about 4 or 5 yards of heavy-weight fishnetty fabric upstairs in the storage room ...)

(Or I could get a lace blouse from a thrift store, distress it/melt holes in it, and wear it over a camisole. But what to do about the skirt?)

(I like parenthetical statements!)
(Because today's Work At Home Friday involves helping out with a looming content freeze, so I'm not going to be around much.)

Have any of you ever had something engraved? I have a possibly clever plan involving getting some silver items engraved, but I have no idea what sort of price range I'm looking at. It wouldn't be zomg! fancy designs, just words.

Or is there a way to do at-home engraving and get professional-looking results? (I'm assuming no, but you people are clever.)

Thanks for any answers, gang! Now, back to line edits.
Today I am wearing black flats with sparkly skull buckles, which were a present from [ profile] theda, and black and pink striped tights which were a present from the Infamous Bluejay. I am also wearing the black-on-black striped ruffled skirt I finished sewing over the weekend while I was hanging out with [ profile] maiaarts and [ profile] staxxy, my new black Venise lace collar/cravat, and a giant silver raven skull necklace. I feel Very Gothy, Indeed.

Speaking of Very Gothy: I'm trying to come up with a list of bad babygoth clichés. You know, the wildly teen-angst things that misguided babybats believe are true about Goth, or things they might do that make ElderGoths sigh deeply and say "Oh kiddo. I'm sure you'll turn out okay when you grow up a bit". What are the ones that immediately spring to mind?
Work exploded. Hoo-boy, did it ever. So I am very very busy, and and am only taking short, sanity-saving Internet breaks today. But I have a crafting question!

I know that JoAnn Fabrics sells a lot of scrapbooking stuff. Does anyone happen to remember if they sell the paper punches that make hearts and stars in really small sizes? Like, 1/8" to 1/4" size? Or am I going to need to look for them on the Internet?

Okay, back to editing. Tomorrow night, I go to the HIM concert! Yay bombast!
Thing One: I am going to post the list for the closet culling sale on Saturday, February 27th. Probably around noon PST. This is your advance notice. ::grin::

Thing Two: Over on my Twitter, I posted the following: La la la, updating my Modern Victorian Vampires iTune playlist. My, what a lot of cello and creepy circus music I have, but I need more!

I do need more music for this playlist, really, I do. But that tweet had people asking me what was ON my Modern Victorian Vampires playlist, so here it is, under the cut-tag.

Be warned, it's, well, a rather lengthy playlist. )

Are all of those songs "Victorian"? No. Nor are all of them about vampires. But they're the songs that made sense to me for the playlist. But hey! I'm always looking for more music, so do you have any recommendations?
Hey, all of you people who read Gothic Charm School and my LJ: what DO you think of GCS now including reviews? My question is prompted by this series of Tweets from someone:

You seem to have misunderstood my tweet. I don't want to see reviews. I want to read your opinions. And no, your review of Noxenlux Chapeau is not an opinion, it's a REVIEW. I regret recommending your book and blog to a friend now...I feel like you're trying to sell things to your readers. I don't want to feel like I've just walked into an airport.

Now I know, you can't please everyone. And lots and lots and LOTS of readers have written in asking for my opinions/reviews/suggestions about all sorts of merchants and artists. But I guess this person's comments just ... I don't know. Not rubbed me the wrong way, but did make me stop and question things.

So. Reviews? You like? You don't like?
Help me, oh LJ Hivemind! I have an upcoming photo shoot where I need to look, er, mad. Not angry, but crazy. I would also prefer that the mad look be at least a bit flattering, because I'm vain. (Look, I will freely admit to my vanity. I am not in denial about it.)

Anyway, yes. Mad-looking makeup. I'm thinking of something vaguely Emilie Autumn-ish, but without the heart or the exaggeratedly-tiny lips.

EA photo under the cut, so you can see what I mean )

But maybe more pinks and deep purple/browns, instead of red and black, because I've learned that trying to do that sort of look in red and black makes me look tired and unwell.

So, this is where I turn to the LJ Hivemind! Give me suggestions or tips for doing flattering-yet-mad-looking makeup, please! Thank you.
Hey people I know in Seattle! I don't suppose any of you would be interested in going to see HIM on April 17th? You know, the wildly-overwrought bombastic pop metal band? Because I would like to go, and I also know that the Stroppy One nor the StuntHusband would be willing to accompany me.

(I will give you a minute to imagine the nigh-identical expressions of distaste and "OH GOOD GOD, WHY" that would be affixed to their faces if I somehow managed to persuade either of them to go with me.)

Anyone? It would be especially helpful if it was one of you nice people with a car. :)
Remember! This coming Sunday, myself and oodles of other talented people will be vending at the Mourning Market! 12-5PM at Club Motor (1950 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98134). I will be selling the Gothic Charm School book, art prints from the book, hand-embroidered "cranky" bloomers, and stripy heart brooches. Come on by and say hello!


Yes, I have been thinking about a second Gothic Charm School book. (Because I ... have too much free time? Something like that.) An obvious subject for me to expand upon would be fashion, because hello, I like talking about clothes. (I'm considering including a few tutorials, but I'm leery of treading over well-worn ground that others such as Voltaire have covered.)

Which leads to my question! What sort of things would you like to see in another Gothic Charm School book? Tell me in the comments. Brainstorming is fun!
In the course of re-organizing/culling the skirts yesterday, I unearthed a skirt that I LOVE the fabric of, but that is made in a style that is not as flattering for me as it could be. The skirt is a heavyweight black-on-black stripe, and is the type that is gathered (very tidily!) at the waist, with a waistband. I look better in skirts that are panel or circle skirts, without a bunch of fabric gathered at the waistline.

So, my question!

[Poll #1519321]
Wow, the fabric dying post brought you people out with opinions. (Which is fantastic, by the way!) The test swatches I tea-dyed last night turned a lovely antique white/pale ivory. I am going to try a test swatch with hibiscus tea, because I'm betting THAT will give me a super pale pinkish-white, which might be even BETTER than ivory.

Also in the comments, you lovely peoples gave me all sorts of crafty project ideas, including [ profile] untouched_sugar talking about paper roses made from the pages of old books (which means I have even MORE reasons to scour the thrift stores for used and battered copies of Alice In Wonderland, Dracula, and Something Wicked This Way Comes, oh dear), and [ profile] sillycecelia suggesting that I write lines of poetry in the white stripes of the fabric once the skirt is made. (I would probably copy text from Something Wicked This Way Comes or "Homecoming", just because.)

Of course, talking about making skirts from sheets sent me straight to eBay, where I went browsing for pink striped sheets. I really like these Nicole Miller pink striped ones (with ruffles!). (clicky-link!) I'd use the fabric from them for the tiered ruffles for the back panel of the skirt, the front panel, and the ruffled hem. (The other parts of the skirt body would be black.)

Oh deary deary me, projects. Wheeee!
Thanks to some excellent thrift store luck, I have a bunch of b&w striped fabric. (Helpful Hint: bedsheets are a great source of bulk yardage for fabrics. Especially if you're willing to add a lining to a skirt you make from them.)

Anyway, yes, b&w striped fabric. I just finished cutting out all of the pieces for one of my usual skirts (knee-length, ruffle-edged, and tiers of ruffles down the back panel), and those pieces are now gently simmering in a pot full of black RIT. This will turn them into a black and grey-ish purple striped fabric, yay!

I have enough of the fabric left to make a second of the same type of skirt. My question is this: do I want to cut out the pieces for the skirt and then lightly tea-dye them to an ivory shade? I already have some b&w striped skirts, and the same goes for black and pink stripe. An antiqued ivory/sepia might be a good addition to my skirt collection. But I'm dithering about it. What do you folks think?

[Poll #1515631]
Soooo, anyone know if it is possible to remove a fastener that has been, for all intents and purposes, riveted onto a garment without damaging that garment?

I have a Lip Service jacket that I love the lines of, except that the single oversized hook & eye fastener is about half an inch too high on the front of the jacket. That half an inch is a small, but crucial, difference in terms of how flattering the jacket could look.

Unfortunately, that oversized hook & eye is pretty much riveted on. On the inside of the jacket, each part of the fastener is secured by two flat metal disks that go through the fabric and into other flat metal disks on the front. Is there any way I can remove these without ripping holes in the jacket? Or should I accept that this particular fastener cannot be moved, and I just need to sew two sets of my own oversized hook & eye fasteners in a row below the original one?
Yes, I am taking advantage of my remote connection and working from home again. Which meant I got to sleep in today, mmmm. Sleep. Of course, this means I will probably NOT be posting a Shallow Fashion Details photo, as I am wandering around in stripy tights, bloomers, an Emilie Autumn t-shirt, and bunny slippers.

I saw Sherlock Holmes last night, and was thoroughly delighted with it. In fact, I would like to see a movie just like that, but with more paranormal/supernatural plot points. And vampires. Because really, a not-very-historically-accurate Victorian-esque action film with pretty costumes, quippy dialog, and vampires? That would pretty much be my perfect movie.

So my random but important question: where on earth can I find shoelaces made from black lace or ribbon? I need actual shoelaces with the rigid plastic tips, because the brand new lace-up Victorian-esque boots I found at the thrift store yesterday (they're not by Fluevog, but they look like the baby sister of the Babycake/Lambchop/Lover family) are not capable of being laced up with a regular length of ribbon or lace. (No speedhooks, and the holes for laces are far too narrow to smush the end of ribbon through.) No, I need actual shoelaces, but I want fancy ones. Yes, I already looked at Hot Topic, and while the idea of I ♥ Vampires laces is entertaining ... um, no.
I am working at home today, thanks to the wonders of a smart card and remote access privileges. I am VERY VERY GLAD I have these things, as I feel very fuzzy and unwell. (I'll be over it by tomorrow, it's just that my period is being particularly unpleasant this month.) But this means I can edit while being flopped on the couch with the cats, thank goodness.

Since I AM working at home and feeling unwell, there will be no SFD photos. You are all wonderful people, but I am not presenting you with a photo of me in stripy pj pants, a "fangbanger" t-shirt, a Bat's Day hoodie, and bunny slippers. Sorry, you will just have to use your imagination.

Last night I DID get writing done, and the next GCS column is off to the beta readers. Yay! Speaking of GCS, I have a question: It has been suggested to me that I start cross-posting my assorted fashion (and possibly book) reviews that I post here on LJ over to GCS, in their own section. I am intrigued by this idea, but the writing style for GCS is rather different than how I write over here in LJ-Land. But doing this would certainly give me a quick way to keep a tiny bit of new content on Gothic Charm School in between the advice columns. What do you folks think of the idea?

Okay, more tea and editing. And ibuprofen.
Clairol N1, black & pink glitter nail polish, a fizzy pink drink, and Renfield the iPod shuffling through the "Bombast!" genre = ?

Answers in the form of a question, please. ::grin::
cupcake_goth: (Oh My!)
( Nov. 9th, 2009 03:52 pm)
A German reader of Gothic Charm School emailed me today, saying that they thought I should be a guest at the next Wave Gotik Treffen, especially since it will be the 20th anniversary.

Oh, don't I wish. I have wanted to go to WGT for YEARS.

The letter-writer went on to say that they don't actually know any of the WGT organizers, they just thought it would be a nifty idea. Over the next couple of days, I might do some poking around the WGT site and see if they even ever have non-music guests.

But yes. I would love to go to WGT, and to Whitby Goth Weekend in England. Quick, someone convince the organizers of those events they need to have me attend as a special guest!

(I figure I have nothing to lose by making this sort of general request to the universe at large. Who knows? It might actually work!)


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