Hi peeps, I'm in Ottawa. My team continues to be awesome, my new writer is going to be SO MUCH HELP omg.

Random bits of hilarity from the trip so far:

- Yesterday morning, I found the office building with no problem, having been there before. But I didn't remember which floor my company was on, and there were no signs in the lobby. So, vaguely remembering the 5th floor, I hopped on the elevator and went on up.

The doors open, and there's a table with ... a ... security guard? Who stares at me, completely gobsmacked.

"Hi!" I say, "I think I went to the wrong floor. Could you tell me what floor [my company] is on?"

More staring. Then, in a heavy French accent, says, "One moment", and gets on their walkie-talkie. A minute later, their supervisor steps out of the elevator.

After a few minutes of discussion, the supervisor escorts me around the building until we find the correct floor for [my company]. The security guard supervisor shakes my hand, bids me a good day, and leaves.

It turns out the 5th floor is where an office of the Canadian government is located.

- Nowhere near as ridiculous, but when I was walking to the office this morning, a construction worker shouted "Le vampire!" at me. I cracked up and waved.


I've broken up with linear time again. I mean, I'm adjusting to the time change, kinda-sorta, but UGH. Plus, I'm still sleep-deprived from just getting here, because I had to be at the airport at 6am on Sunday morning, which meant getting up at 4:30-ish. I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep that night.


Anyway, hiiiiiiii. How are folks?
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( Mar. 7th, 2017 08:34 am)
Well, on the way to the office.



Monday night involved waking up in the middle of the night FOR NO REASON, and staying awake for a few hours. Linear time is dead to me. DEAD, I tell you. What has it done for me lately, anyway?

The meetings have all been good so far. Yes, even the one where we did personality/communication testing. Mind you, I had to fight the urge to put my head down on the conference table and laugh until I cried when the results showed that I have strong caretaker/nurturer tendencies, hate disappointing people, and will take on projects/work until I fall over because I hold myself to impossible standards AND am bad at setting boundaries.

(Those of you who know me well are now permitted to snicker and say "I TOLD YOU SO". Go on, you know you want to.)
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( Sep. 18th, 2013 12:04 pm)

Goth at the Office: the final photo from this location. Off I go to have new adventures, and perhaps work for a different company.

But first, I have a writing project to finish.
But a fussbudget with curly hair, because I've been sleeping with my hair tied up in rag curls. Why oh why can't my hair do this naturally?

Why am I a fussbudget? Because I am SO G-DDAMN DONE with summer. I am tired of the glowing orb and the heat. Look, I am swooning in petulance just thinking about it:

However, I did pick blackberries in my backyard yesterday evening, so summer is good for something.

(My cranky stance about summer weather isn't just me being Gother Than Thou; I have really lost any ability I ever had for dealing with sun and heat. Part of it is the systemic changes from all the meds I was on for the Lyme disease, but I'm sure there are other reasons. To which I make my usual cry: if I'm exhibiting symptoms of classic vampirism, when do I get the immortality and blood drinking parts? Also, minions? Do I need to recruit them myself, or do they just ... appear?)
From Tuesday, the triumphant, if tired, look of a woman who wrote 20+ command reference topics in about 8 hours:

(Hate writing command ref topics. Haaaaaate.)

From today, a lot of necklaces (ankh rosary AND a sterling silver raven claw!), a big hat, and perhaps a bit too much caffeine:

And then, fan art! I'd mentioned over on Tumblr that I wouldn't be around much because there are some hellish deadlines happening right now (plus other, additional stress, oh joy), and a couple of folks decided to draw pictures of me!
Behind a cut for ease of scrolling, if that's what you want to do. But there's a picture of me with a giant bat! And a picture of vampire Dave Vanian giving me a cupcake! )

I won't even try to fib, I LOVE when people send me fan art. it just makes me giddy.
Yeah, busy. Stressed. But I vanquished one of the work deadlines, and things are getting better.
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( Jun. 13th, 2013 04:27 pm)

I still would like a lot of extra sleep, the general stress level in my life to decrease, and, oh, a trip to Disneyland. Because if I'm wishing for things that are not entirely likely to happen, I might as well include that, right?

Today's outfit is, in a way, a shout-out to a.g.f folks.

The dress was made for me ages ago by Blackrayne! It recently reappeared out of the depths of my wardrobe(s), and I finished doing some minor alterations to it last night.

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Last night was ... bad. For assorted reasons. As a result there was NO WAY liquid liner was an option this morning, which meant some fiddling with sparkly red-black eye shadow to make my eyes look less swollen.

Tonight: round 1 of Goth Upkeep (bleach and pink dye), and probably some Beetlejuice cartoons.

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Good thing I have been unearthing all of my lace dresses. Stupid burny orb thing.
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( May. 9th, 2013 04:16 pm)
Tea time! With a flask of bittersweet chocolate vodka sitting on my desk, which I virtuously did NOT add any of to my tea.

Vintage Fluevogs and burgundy lace tights. Which reminds me, I need to go to a Marshall's and look for more lace tights, because that's where all of mine come from.

And finally, from when I was trying to decide if I wanted more tea, and wanted to show off my new Vlad Dracul portrait necklace. (You can find everything on Etsy.)

In shallow makeup news: Inglot lipstick #175 is pretty much my perfect color, the #22 loose shimmer eyeshadow is SPAAAAAARKLY and I loves it, and I've become a convert to the whole BB cream trend thanks to Skin79's "hot pink label" (seriously, that's what it's called) version of it.

Thursday (May 2nd) was the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. So today I wore my Hogwarts school blazer. Because I'm a grown-up, no really.

I need to get a Slytherin button to put on it.
Hi, I've been kind of quiet lately, because I am ridiculously, ridiculously busy. My team is understaffed right now (epic understatement there, and hey, if any of you are technical writers or editors and are job-hunting, drop me a line), so I am currently juggling ...

::stops to count, cross-references with the White Board o' Insanity::

... 4 different projects. All of which are happening right now now NOW.

In addition to work being Do All The Things, homelife is chaotic right now, too. The Stroppy One has a tight deadline, I have a tight self-imposed writing deadline for a project, and hey I probably should get around to writing another Gothic Charm School column, shouldn't I? In addition to wanting to find time to see my friends and family, get some exercise, and start trying to go to bed earlier.

Let me put it this way: I am having to work on reminding myself that pushing and guilting myself to Do All The Things is a quick ticket to exhaustion, CrazyTown, and finding deep emotional resonance and meaning in the lyrics of Pete Wentz*. Ahahahaha.

Anyway, here, have some Goth at the Office photos:

Behind the handy cut tag! )

... the idea of taking tonight off from my assorted responsibilities and projects sounds REALLY enticing. Hmmm.

*The new Fall Out Boy album is delightful, and I find a little too much fun in figuring out which lyrics are going to be rattling around in my head when I'm having a Bad Day.
Today is FAR better than the rest of this week, for various reasons:

- I did indeed go to bed earlier last night, which meant extra sleep. I think I just need to accept that I need a minimum of eight hours sleep to even function, and more than that if I want to feel, oh, alert and happy. I think this means I need to take shorter baths at night, hmmph.

- I am indulging in a favorite outfit AND fluffy hair. (Volumizing powder + a smidge of backcombing.)

- ADAM ANT TICKETS. He's playing Showbox at the Market on Sept. 7th, and I am GOING.

- An extremely tight deadline at work just got pushed back, oh thank goodness.

- CLICK-N-SHIP notification from [livejournal.com profile] kambriel! Which is not as good as having her visit, but hey, pretty clothes! (I'm pretty sure she didn't scrunch herself into a priority mail box.)

... plus iced coffee, a co-worker bringing in doughnuts as penance for breaking the build, and people giving me information I need. All good things!

Today's Goth at the Office photo: fluffy hair! (I need some sort of big hair icon, yes.)

In theory, I like Spring. But pollen and schizophrenic weather means that I'm dealing with some level of a sinus headache almost constantly. And y'know what? I've got a high pain tolerance (which, yes, has occasionally led to me ignoring things that I should have talked to a doctor about, because it's just pain, and I don't want to raise a fuss, and yeah. I know, I know, and I've been lectured about this many times.), so most of the time I just wince and ignore it. But the other night I had a sinus migraine come on so fast that I thought I was going to throw up while on the bus home, and when I DID get home, I flung myself on the couch and clutched an ice pack over the upper right side of my face. Remind me again why trepanation is such a bad idea?

And there are other things going on leading to stress. Nothing for folks to be worried about, just the usual accumulation of Too Much To Do and not enough time or energy. What all of this means is that I am trying to improve my mood by wearing things that I KNOW I love. Such as today's outfit:

Mmm, red velvet. And wacky hair volumizing powder which does indeed give my baby-fine, fly-away hair some gentle lift without needing backcombing or hairspray. I think this is my new favorite hair product.

Oh! LilyElspeth/Lorax of Sex custom-dyed a pair of my vintage Fluevogs. Originally they were black and cream, but now they're black and matches-my-lipstick burgundy:

Tonight, I need to get some writing done and try to go to bed early. Ahahahahaha. Yeah, we'll see if either of those happen.
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( Apr. 5th, 2013 02:57 pm)
From the pro photos at Vampire Ball: the StuntHusband trying to be stern and admonishing, while I obviously just. don't. care.

Today's Goth at the Office, where I am trying to ward off a headache through the powers of black lipstick and backcombed ponytails.

I love the idea of Spring, but the reality of it with the flowering plants and the changeable weather systems? Ugh. I know, I know, trepanation won't really fix the near-constant sinus headaches, but I can't deny that the idea has a certain morbid appeal.
Good: the migraine that flattened me on Tuesday has completely dissipated.

Good: I had a (MUCH TOO SHORT) visit with Kambriel last night!

Bad: Kambriel and Carolee aren't hanging out in my living room right now, and Kambriel is flying home to the other side of the country tonight.

Good/Bad: I remembered some things about self-care, and dropped out of vending at the Steampunk University this weekend. Good because hey, I realized that I needed the downtime, bad because vending there is always fun.

Goth at the Office: wearing a necklace made from an antique straight razor, like you do.

... yeah. That sort of day. But! Tomorrow is full of good things, as is this weekend. And next weekend is the Vampire Ball!

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That is the face of someone who virtuously decided she didn't REALLY need to indulge in extra coffee when she went for her walk. But my goodness, it was tempting.

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I went back to my (literal) gothy roots and indulged in Big Hair. Which I achieved by using my favorite ridiculous hair product, Backcomb In A Bottle by the hilariously-named brand Big Sexy Hair. But damn, this stuff means that I have to do hardly any actual backcombing, which is probably better for my hair in the long run.

Also, the pendant on the choker is the crest of the Order of the Dragon, and is filled with soil from Castle Bran. (Yes, Dracula's castle.) Hi, I LOVE my cliches.

Have I recently mentioned how much I adore the Gloria di Notte skirt by Kambriel? It's very swooshy.

That hair is the result of minimal backcombing and some of that Backcomb In A Bottle spray from Big Sexy Hair. Ridiculous name, fantastic product.

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I was out two days last week because of a migraine - stupid changeable spring weather that makes me want to drill a hole in my skull. But! Back at the office today, and haven't yet wanted to set fire to anyone.

The skirt is by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] kambriel, who I get to see in a little under two weeks!


Eldergoth/a.g.f. hivemind question: Does anyone know what happened to the clothing company Gothic LTD. I unearthed their catalog from one of my bookshelves the other day and was overcome with nostalgia. I may scan the catalog postcards and gradually post them on Tumblr and here, because they're a concise look at the sort of Romantic Goth fashion that so many of us aspired to in the early-to-mid 90s.


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