MCR posted a teaser video on their website. The opening notes of "Welcome to the Black Parade" play, while a white flag with a stylized black "X" flutters. The video ends with "9/23/2016".


My suspicion is that Warner Brothers is going to release a special 10th anniversary edition of The Black Parade. (Because GOOD GRIEF it really has been 10 years since that album was released.) My geebly fangirl hope is that the band is going to reunite for a tour. I really doubt that's what's going to happen, BUT A WEARY FANGIRL CAN HOPE, DAMMIT.
I'm finally listening to Hesitant Alien, Gerard Way's solo release. It is ... very 90s Britpop. I know I will need to listen to it at least a few more times so I can actually take in the songs and give them a chance without the current brain overlay of THIS IS NOT MCR AND I AM NOT SURE I'M OKAY WITH THAT YET

It still feels really weird to me that I immediately fell for the new FOB single "Centuries" (even if the video is the type of ridiculous that means I don't really want to watch it again), but I'm having to emotionally sidle up to the GWay album. However, GWay looks damn good in this incarnation, with his deliberate nods to iconic Bowie styles. And Lola, the furry, gender-neutral mascot of the album is adorable.

But "Centuries"! Not only is it kinda the perfect song for someone to do a Vampire Chronicles fanvid to, but it has trademark Pete Wentz is not an emotional role model lyrics. "I never meant for you to fix yourself", yeeeaaaah.

(The FOB single that was done for Big Hero 6 is a smidge too synthpoppy/autotuned for it to immediately grab my heart, so I will just keep listening to "Centuries" on repeat.)

(Actually, I'm not sure what it says about my brain that I kind of want to listen to an endless loop of "Centuries" and "Fake Your Death", the last MCR single.)

(Admit it, all of you have missed my bandom flailing. ADMIT IT.)
Yes, I saw the news about MCR.

Friday March 22, 2013 | Posted by: MCR

Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We've gotten to go places we never knew we would. We've been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We've shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support, and for being part of the adventure.
My Chemical Romance

I admit it, I feel kind of numb.
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( Oct. 24th, 2012 02:52 pm)

Red velvet military jacket, from ChicStar. This outfit is almost exactly what I wore to the long-ago first MCR concert I went to. (It was a slightly different red velvet military jacket, in that it didn't have the awesome flared skirt part.)

Note to self: post-Steamcon, buy at least one more red velvet jacket thing from ChicStar.
MCR released The Black Parade six years ago today. It doesn't seem like it was six years ago, not even a little bit.

I realized they're now the band I've seen the most in concert, which is a little crazy when I also realize I didn't start going to their shows until The Black Parade era. (Yeah, I couldn't bring myself to go to Warped, even tho' I thought they were adorable and I really liked Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.) Since December 2006 I've seen them on the KNDD holiday show, the Black Parade tour, twice on the "Black Parade is DEAD" tour (also known as the "NAP, MOTHERFUCKERS" tour), and twice on the World Contamination tour. The only band I've seen close to that many times is The Cure; yes, angsty boys in eyeliner playing guitar is a thing for me.


Steamcon! This weekend! Today is my last day in the office until Tuesday of next week. This year's theme for Steamcon is Victorian Monsters, so I expect to have a lot of fun. It's also the first Steamcon I will actually be Wearing A Costume for, instead of just slightly fancier JilliWear. No, I'm not going to tell you what the costume is, but I will post photos on Saturday night.

But first, more dayjob stuff, and Goth Upkeep tonight.
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( Jun. 8th, 2011 01:49 pm)
But first: coming to this LJ, probably tomorrow, a post about the Varney the Vampire comic project on Kickstarter, and why you should support them!


Okay, fangirl time! Today, seven years ago, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was released. I will take this opportunity to point out that it is ENTIRELY the Stroppy One's fault that I ever learned who My Chemical Romance were, because he is the one who said "Hey, there's this music video I think you'd like ..."

I watched the video, I liked the song, and thought the band was adorable. Then I started reading interviews with them, and listening to more of their music. The fangirling was kind of inevitable at that point. But originally? All the Stroppy One's fault.
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( Apr. 4th, 2011 12:20 am)
Wheeee, second MCR show! I didn't have anywhere as clear of a view of the stage (Showbox SoDo is notorious for this), but the energy was just as high, and the sound quality was slightly better.

Helena was wrenching. Cancer hit me even harder than it did on Friday night. But the final song of the night? VAMPIRES WILL NEVER HURT YOU. So I have now seen them perform it twice, and am incredibly happy about it.

Two pictures:

The Stroppy One very kindly wrote this on my arm for me, before I left the house.

What I wore, including my new leather motorcycle jacket, which I found at Buffalo Exchange today, for $15. Mmmm, Deathrock Victorian, let me do more with it.

Many, many thanks to [ profile] cass404, [ profile] minim_calibre, and the Infamous BlueJay, for being my concert-going companions. And extra-special thanks to the Infamous BlueJay for deciding I needed an Apocalypse Mouse shirt from the tour.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, a new GCS lesson will be posted.
They played Vampires Will Never Hurt You. My all-time favorite song of theirs. THEY PLAYED VAMPIRES, PEOPLE.

(This is kind of a big deal, since they hadn't performed that song live for ... I think since the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge era. I had never seen this song performed before.)

Other high points: They played my favorite song off Revenge (Thank You For The Venom), and one of my favorites from Danger Days (DESTROYA). Also, all of the entire band remains ridiculously pretty and adorkable.

The setlist )

I am really, really glad I thought ahead and wore cry-proof eyeliner and mascara. I expected to get choked up and teary during Helena and Cancer (which they always perform live); I did not expect to really cry and almost start sobbing. (For those who don't follow MCR, Helena is the song about the death of Gerard and Mikey's grandmother, and Cancer is about exactly what the title says.) Both songs have always affected me strongly, but even moreso now, for obvious reasons. (Let me put it this way: I pulled both songs from my iPod in January. I'll eventually put them back on. Eventually.)


[ profile] cass404, with her fantastic mask!

Me, with Big Hair. Washing that out tomorrow is going to be all sorts of fun.

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( Apr. 1st, 2011 01:57 pm)
Whoo, tonight is the Portland MCR concert! To say that I am looking forward to this show would be putting it rather mildly. And then on Sunday, the Seattle MCR concert! Two MCR shows in three days! Lemme see your jazz hands! [/obligatory Killjoys reference]

Oh, and everyone wish me luck: because I am exactly that crazy, I entered the drawing to be selected as a "Road Reporter" for the Seattle show. The prize is photo passes and attending the Meet & Greet, and then you have to send them your write-up of the show within 10 hours. OF COURSE I entered the drawing.


In other news, April Fool's Day. No, I don't do April Fool's jokes or pranks. I spend the day being wary and suspicious of everything, which makes me kind of cranky. (I don't LIKE being wary and suspicious! That's not my default setting, dammit.)
Soooo, on February 12, MCR played a sold-out show at Wembley in the UK. The song they closed with?

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Possibly my all-time favorite MCR song. (I'm not joking. While Thank You For The Venom, House Of Wolves, and Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back come pretty close, Vampires is ... well, yeah. You know me.)

Dear Powers That Be, please have Vampires be part of the US tour set list. PLEASE. I will be rendered incoherently gleeful (yes, more than I'll already be at a MCR show), and just. Please.

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( Jan. 30th, 2011 01:18 pm)
Today is Goth Upkeep Day. Hair dye, having the Stroppy One trim my bangs, and manicure & pedicure. And laundry. And writing. Much writing, I hope.

The eBay UK auction for the (ridiculous, I know) Gerard Way -designed velvet jacket is getting perilously close to my spending limit. While I am not fond of auction sniping services, does anyone have a recommendation for a good one that will work for a US buyer bidding on a UK item?

(Yes, I want the jacket that much. I would have the Infamous BlueJay help me do some very careful tailoring to it, and yes, I would wear it. Possibly to one of the upcoming MCR shows, with flouncy skirts and a lace blouse.)

I hope all of you are having a good weekend.
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( Jan. 28th, 2011 12:42 pm)
Today is my mother's birthday. I miss you, Mom.


I may call upon the local LJ hivemind soon for help with polishing Dad's resume and job hunting. His workplace is stressful and toxic, and he doesn't need that, especially right now.


In completely shallow news, this is the auction I'm stalking. (clicky-link) Yes, a limited-edition velvet jacket from 2006, designed by Gerard Way of MCR. Which I wanted when it was originally released, but couldn't quite convince myself to buy it. (The fandom had not fully claimed me at that point.) I figure none of you are quite as crazy as I am, and thus will not bid on it.


I have the best friends in the world. I know I've said this before, but it should be repeated. Thank you, everyone, who has been propping me up.

It's an almost hour-long video with song breaks and commentary from Dr. Death Defying, in his lair at WKIL. More of their LARPing, and I am utterly charmed by it. Also, I want a plush toy of Apocalypse Mouse. Someone find me one!

(Yeah yeah, I've got stuff to do today, like make lunch and go renew my ID. But ZOMG NEW MCR.)

("DESTROYA"? Fantastic.)
- Tomorrow, the entire Danger Days album will be streamed at noon PST! Why yes, I'll listening.

- The video for "Sing" premiers on Thursday!


Aaaaand, tour dates!

Fri, 04/01/2011 Roseland Theatre
Portland, OR

Sun, 04/03/2011 Showbox Sodo
Seattle, WA

[ profile] cass404, we need to coordinate ticket plans. Because we're going to both shows.

I am really excited that they're not playing stadiums this time. Roseland is where I saw them on the Black Parade Is Dead! tour, and it's a great venue. Showbox Sodo has some flaws, but it's still MILES better than the WaMu stadium where I saw them on the Black Parade tour.

Now if someone could just arrange to bring me the band for my birthday on Wednesday, that would be perfect. ;)
Let's see: the nice MCR site sent me a download of "Save Yourself (I'll Hold Them Back)" (it will send the download to anyone who gives them their email addy); "Zero Percent" (the b-side for "Na Na Na (Na Na Na)") was "leaked"; and "Sing" (the new single) has been released, with a trailer available for viewing on their website.

I WANT THE ALBUM NOW. RIGHT NOW. (I also want the comic book. And tour dates.)

MCR is playing a handful of dates as part of various larger line-ups for radio station holiday shows. NOT one in Seattle, dammit. I have to wait until the official "World Contamination" tour dates are announced for the US, and hope for Seattle to be on the list. I mean, I'll quite happily travel to PDX to see them, and am planning to no matter what. (Yes, I will travel to go see the silly MCR boys. Don't even try to look like this information surprises you.)


Okay, now I have to come up with the energy to unpack, and then to start making chicken soup. Guess who came back from L.A. fighting off a cold? Yeah, let's just hope it doesn't turn into the plague that's been going around Seattle.
Wheee, the video for MCR's "Na Na Na" premiered!

Oh BOYS. That was fun. Silly, ridiculous, and fun. I can't wait to read the related comic book.

(Yes, there is going to be a related comic book. Hello, do you know anything at all about Gerard Way?)

Grant Morrison as the bald, menacing bad guy! Frankie helping the little girl fire a rocket launcher! The ridiculous secret identity names the boys have! (Gerard is "Party Poison", Mikey is Kobra Kid? Okay.)

I need my own copy of this video, right now. WHY IS IT NOT AVAILABLE FOR INSTANT PURCHASE, ITUNES? YOU THWART ME.

(Yes yes, I am supposed to be writing this very instant. A new MCR video means I take a break and indulge in fangirl flailing.)

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( Oct. 12th, 2010 08:47 pm)
Over there in LJ, I have posted a tutorial for the blood spatter manicure. Boy are people going to look at me funny when it's not October and I'm still painting my nails like this.

In other news, I have failed to get any substantial writing done on the fiction project for, oh, a few days now. I open up the file, write a few sentences, and then get stuck. It's not that I don't know what is going to happen, because I do! But getting the words out of the dark and cluttered part of my brain where they're hiding? That is a bit difficult right now. Which, of course, makes me freak out and get even more stressed, and that doesn't help the writing process any, either. Gaaaah.

(Really, I am getting kind of freaked out about my inability to make any headway on the project. The Self-Esteem Monsters in my head *love* this sort of situation, because it gives them an opportunity to slither out of their caves and whisper things like "WE KNEW YOU WEREN'T REALLY A WRITER. THE FIRST BOOK? A FLUKE. WHY ARE YOU TRYING, YOU'RE A TALENTLESS HACK." I am trying very hard to ignore the Self-Esteem Monsters, because I (mostly) think they're lying. But some days it's harder to do than others.)


So. Should I pre-order the upcoming MCR album from iTunes, even tho' I am going to assuredly want a physical copy of the CD? I suppose if I get myself the digital version, I can put the physical version on my holiday wish list, thus ensuring my parents can indulge in the Christmas tradition of buying me music performed by pretty boys with loud guitars ...
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( Oct. 7th, 2010 06:46 pm)
Day two of exhaustion, brain fog, cramps, and general wooziness. I am starting to suspect that, period-wise, I get either COMPLETE EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN, or feeling like I'm coming down with the flu. I don't like either choice, obviously.

While being flopped on the couch today I did manage to get a GCS update written and sent off to my awesome beta readers. Next, I will try working on the fiction project and hope that Words Are Not Gone.

In geebling fangirl news (you've missed such updates, admit it): the video for "Na Na Na" by MCR premiers on MTV next Thursday night. I hope it will be available on iTunes VERY SOON afterward. Also, they've posted the information for the Danger Days: "California 2019 Edition" Box Set of the album. (clicky-link!) CD, photo book, "bad luck" wooden bead bracelet, ray gun, mask, and 3-song EP from The Mad Gear & Missile Kid. (No, I don't know who they are, either.) This may come a shock to many of you, but I'm NOT purchasing this.

(Stop asking if I'm delirious with fever. I'M FINE.)

I think it's a nifty collection of stuff, but it doesn't have me pawing at the monitor in the way that the pretty black velvet limited edition box for The Black Parade did. So, not buying it.


Wow, I would like to stop feeling quite so head-spinny now. I have things I need to do!
Full track list and release date for the MCR album! 15 tracks, to be released November 22nd. Whee! I wonder what sort of super-deluxe limited edition is going to be offered for sale. Yes, I will probably purchase said fancy version. (I admit it: not only do I have the fancy version of The Black Parade in the pretty velvet box, I have the special edition of The Black Parade Is Dead with a Dia de los Muertos mask. I was very excited when I figured out that I had gotten the mask Gerard designed.)

"Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)" has its US release to iTunes on Tuesday the 28th! I am hoping the video is released at the same time. Please?

I am not going to get to watch Vampire Diaries tonight, as I got a late start to some stuff I needed to do. I will not be able to see the season premier for Supernatural tomorrow night, as at the time it airs, I will be off to the gothy club with the StuntHusband. So I will watch them both on Saturday night, while I prep for the Giant Gothy Yard Sale that happens on Sunday.

Fandom glee! I keep seeing posts from people talking about wanting to put together Fabulous Killjoys -themed costumes. Eeeee! So fun! So ... totally not my thing, so I won't be going to quite that fannish extent, but I am very excited to see what other people do. (Look, Black Parade could almost have been costumed out of my closets, that one was a no-brainer for me.)

How much do I love that there is a line of "Shut up and lemme see your jazz hands"? OH MY GOD.

The announcer on KROQ confirmed the album is being released on Nov. 22nd - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ME. Yes, I would like it hand-delivered by Gerard, thanks. Just ignore The Husband rolling his eyes so hard that they may get stuck in the back of his skull.


::twirls around in glee::


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