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 The weekend was a bit of a loss. I had social plans for Saturday night, but another of the OH MY G-D please can I have a short coma happened, complete with aura, flashing lights, vertigo, and nausea. This makes the 2nd one in a week, which is new. I really, really don't want to start taking the Topamax twice a day, because the possible short and long-term memory side effects freak me the hell out. After some research, I figured out why my neurologist doesn't want me to try Imitrex as an interrupt med: it can have a MAJOR interaction with my daily Escitalopram. So right now, all I can do if I get one of the death migraines is to have a LOT of electrolytes, take Benadryl, and pass out on the couch.

All this meant that Sunday was full of brain fog. I struggled past it to knock at least one writing-related thing off my to do list, but damn, I have never worked harder to write 800 words in my LIFE. And then I spent the evening doing hand sewing for my Vampire Ball outfit. 


I am starting to wonder if the upswing in death migraines is due to Yet Another Sensitivity. Did you know that if you're sensitive to gluten, you can develop a sensitivity to corn? And reactions can include brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, and migraines? Guess who indulged in some tasty corn mesa treats two weeks in a row? Oh, and it turns out the 0 carb sweetener I use is fermented from corn. >.<

So I'm doing an elimination test, and in two weeks time I'll have another couple of pupusas, and see if it triggers anything. I am less than thrilled about this.  


Today! Go over the Stroppy One's feedback on my descriptions for my Patreon levels. Set up the ringlight and camera and film a few test videos. More sewing. Maybe laundry. Definitely dither more about my outfits for Sakuracon. 
 You can summon three people from the great beyond for an evening of dinner and conversation. Who are your choices? 

For me? All three are writers. (I thought about choosing David Bowie, but realized I'd be too starstruck to talk.)

  • Tanith Lee.
  • Angela Carter.

Women who gave me lush, lurid, purple prose and played with language, of course I want to talk to them.

But my absolute #1 choice, no question:

  • Ray Bradbury. Not only is Something Wicked This Way Comes one of my all-time favorite books, but his short story "Homecoming" directly influenced who I am today. Dad read it to me when I was five or six, and that was it. I was a weird little kid anyway, but learning about The Family, those people of dark magic and oddity? I knew instinctively that they were my people.
 I spent 2 hours at the zoo today! It was cold and damp! And I didn't care, because I spent the entire time in front of the red pandas!

The twins are heading off to their new homes next week, so there are only a few days left to see them. After watching them sleep for a half hour or so, I said we should probably go look at other animals, and swing back by before the zoo closed at 4. The Stroppy One gave me a very patient look, saying, "Jilli, the ENTIRE reason we're here is so you can see the red pandas before they leave. I don't care if we spend the entire time in front of them; I expected we would".

They napped! They clambered around their trees! They glaumphed! (One galumphed right toward me!) One investigated the tree stumps for snacks! They snacked on their new delivery of bamboo! OMG RED PANDAS!

Once the twins head out, then Carson will be back on display. Hazel is in seclusion with Yukiko, in the hopes of more babies. (MORE BABIES!)

 SakuraCon is next week, and thanks to the friend I'm going with, we're staying a block away from the convention center. It's a local con, so daytripping would have been easy, but the Infamous BlueJay decided she wanted a place to retreat to as needed. (She also bought my ticket, because while she likes going and seeing all the cosplay, she is an epically introverted misanthrope; I'm her stunt extrovert. I will interact with the people, she will stand by me and look at the costumes and study technique.)

Anyway, what this means is I need to plan my wardrobe for three days, because I won't have the luxury of changing my mind. 

  • Lestat Is My Aesthetic: long black skirts with petticoats, whatever stereotypical "vampire" blouse I have with the most lace ruffles, RED VELVET FROCK COAT, and no idea what hat or if I'm just going to leave my hair down.
  • Time to Join the Circus: long ruffled b&w striped skirt with petticoats, the skirted velvet waistcoat with the lace appliques on the collar and hem, the Kambriel Bastian shirt, and a top hat. I'm dithering about if I want to wear the matching jabot, or if I want to go for a ruffled black lace jabot.
  • Floral Goth (the outfit I'm least certain about): the long Chiroptian Garden skirt (flowers! bats!) with petticoats,  one of my long waistcoats with the pointed hem, aaaaaand? I'm currently leaning toward the Kambriel Shadowen blouse, with a lace collar and maybe a pink lace jabot? Some sort of giant hat with veiling and flowers? Or a super-floral fascinator? 
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( Apr. 9th, 2019 12:26 pm)
 Sunday I played V:tM, then went home with a migraine only slightly worse than the one that sent me to Urgent Care a few years ago. Monday's migraine was milder, but still meant I couldn't do anything other than flop on the couch, get a lot of electrolytes into my system, and stare blankly at the TV. Oh, and ask the FB hivemind if any of the other migraine peeps had taken Topamax, and what their experiences were.

While some folks said it worked great for them, and the worrying side effects passed after a few weeks, pretty much everyone else said "OH G-D NO IT WAS HORRIBLE", mostly related to hellacious brain fog/word loss/short-term memory loss to the point of not remembering a lot that went on while they were taking the med. As I've already got brain fog and word loss issues thanks to my chronic illnesses, I don't want to even take a chance about doubling down. So if (well, when) I get hit with a migraine that bad again, it's just going to be Benadryl, electrolytes, and possibly praying for a very short-term coma. 

But today is better! Today is so much better! I may be able to Get Things Done!
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( Apr. 6th, 2019 12:29 pm)
 Oh hai nightmare about living in an abandoned falling-falling apart apartment while having a kitty to take care of and my teeth crumbling out of my mouth. Haven't had you in a while, would rather not have had you last night.
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( Apr. 5th, 2019 12:00 pm)
  •  My local spa, AKA my living room. Because when I'm in horrible pain, soaking, sitting in the infrared sauna, and splurging on a scrub for the full-body massage effect, the spa is a lifesaver. (It's also my living room, and one of the few places that mutes the Brain Raccoons' hit single "You have things to do, why are you being lazy?")
  • Thanks to a friend, I have a ticket to go see Ghost in September! Yesss, bring on the theatrical satanic metal.
  • I had a pretty good idea for some of the backer-only blog posts I'm going to do for the Patreon.
  • I may have another paying freelance gig coming soon.
And a thing that counts as good because it involves proving I have self-control: I'm not engaging with anonymous messages on Tumblr that want to drag me into the purity wars about Ao3 being awful because they host fic with dark and upsetting concepts. I think the anons would deny that they're having the same moral panic that led to the PMRC and the Satanic Panic over D&D, but I'm not even engaging with them to say that! 

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( Apr. 3rd, 2019 06:30 pm)
 I have Done Things:

Today I tested the clip on microphone and bluetooth remote with the phone camera, and everything is fine. I recorded a short test video (not of myself, but panning across the vampire bookcase with me talking), and it worked pretty well. Tomorrow I use that as my first iMovie edit project.

Also tomorrow I am going to set up the ringlight/camera mount and record a test video OF MYSELF to figure out the best distance, angle, and so on. 

Oh, and I've ink painted all of the lace appliques for my VMB outfit, almost finished the hat, and made a matching ruffled lace tie-on collar/ruff thing. (That's going to be tied around my neck, with the burgundy rhinestone dangle necklace worn over it.)

Mind you, I also need to finalize the Patreon text so I can submit my page for review, write a Stereotype Technology post to publish next Wednesday, start writing some of the posts that will be available at specific Patreon levels, and figure out what the hell I'm wearing for the three days of SakuraCon, because the Infamous BlueJay decided to get a hotel room a block away from the convention center so we have a place to flee to if we need to rest. The room also has a kitchenette so she can "cook proper meals". I told her if she makes any jokes about ethical butchers or cannibal puns, I'll .... probably laugh, to be honest.

(Someday we'll get our act together to do a "Victorian" cosplay of Hannibal and the Dire Ravenstag. Her in a plaid suit, me wearing something that involves a feathery bustle. It'll be great! If we ever get our act together. :D  )
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( Mar. 27th, 2019 12:53 pm)

First things first: New post time at Gothic Charm School, with a more complex answer than perhaps the questioner expected: Why Do Guys Like Goth Girls?


(So far the comments have been reasonable. Fingers crossed they stay that way.)

Next: I'm about 80% done creating the Patreon page. My plan is to submit it for approval by Friday, and launch it mid-to-late April. I've scaled back on my planned benefits for the tiers, because I can add additional tiers and benefits as I'm ready. Because launching sooner with less content is better than not.


The Brain Raccoons have been pretty loud this week, and I hate them. I know next week will be better, because my brain chemistry usually settles down after a few days. But for now, it sucks. I'm trying to just ignore their chittering voices and Get Things Done.

 Yesterday was the first V:tM game, and it was ridiculous fun, and included the exchange "Shit, we're going to have to go to Elysium." "Dammit. Do we want to pre-func at my place?" There was also a whole exchange about a mandrill on stage, and did the band write their songs in the key of mandrill. 

After the game, I hung around so Rhias, Monty, and I could watch The Dirt, the Motley Crue biopic adapted from their autobiography of the same name. It was trashy fun; we mocked the wigs, and we spent a lot of time nitpicking the timeline. "Wait, that's not how that happened according to the book." "That song is from the album after this tour", and so on.

The biopic glossed over a lot. No surprise, as they could only cover so much in a 2 hour biopic, but it presented them as rebellious, kinda gross and skeevy rock stars with drug problems, instead of the MASSIVELY gross, skeevy, and misogynistic drug-addled rock stars they are. 

Don't get me wrong, I unironically love their music, and whooo, Nikki Sixx was super-pretty in his younger years. But they were terrible people. They were physically and sexually abusive predators who used their fame to do horrible things. But they never hid that. With Motley Crue, you knew exactly what you were getting, and they never tried to present themselves as people who actually cared about women. Which is why I'm ... not willing to give them a pass for what they did, but I accept it as part of the package.

So yeah, the biopic was fun. They also cast Douglas Booth as Nikki Sixx, which means the appropriate level of trashy pretty was met.

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( Mar. 23rd, 2019 01:04 pm)

That was a lot of fun. There actually was a moment where I punched the air and whispered "Fuck YES!" to myself.

As everyone else has said, the music was great. And once again I was reminded that while Courtney Love is a terrible person, she writes really catchy songs. 
  • It's the Stroppy One's birthday! Yaaaay!
  • The Mueller Report dropped today. Please oh please let it nail the horrible orange fuckhead to the wall.
  • Supernatural announced the show is ending after the upcoming 15th season. I stopped watching it about 8 years ago, but damn, I have a lot of friends in that fandom. 
  • My Chemical Romance, one of the bands of my heart, broke up six years ago today.

Yeah, today is weird. 

I have swapped out the buttons and done the crushing process to the fabric of the new silk velvet frock coat, yay!

The weather in Seattle is having an unseasonal spike of sunny and warm, boo!

I am a delicate mossflower with a preference for velvet coats, I do not approve of this.

(I'll probably end up wearing the coat as part of one of my outfits for SakuraCon next month, but still. I want to wear it NOW.)
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( Mar. 19th, 2019 12:16 pm)
The Stroppy One comes home today! My sleep will stop being so fragmented!

... I should probably stop burning scented candles now.

(For those who know my bachelorette habits, I finished my rewatch of Hannibal last night. So there.)
I'm posting this to all my social media accounts, because I want to cast as wide a net as possible.

I need (need!) a copy of the vintage gothic romance paperback The Sutter House, by Ellen Orford.

If any of you find it for sale with the cover intact, TELL ME.

(I have no idea if the book is any good. But Sutter was my maiden name, and I NEED THAT BOOK.)
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( Mar. 12th, 2019 12:43 pm)
Last night before going to bed, writing my to do list: "I'm going to be productive! The list is smaller than what I want to get done, so I'm being super-reasonable!"

Today, huddled over my cup of coffee, my body has informed me that MAYBE some of that to do list will get done, but the main thing I'm doing today is figuring out what transportation service I'm going to use to go to the spa.

To do:

- Take out the garbage
- Collect the neighbor's newspaper and mail while they're out of town
- Watch a Masterclass lesson
- Anything else I have the energy to get done without pushing myself.

Stupid body. Stupid weather changes.
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( Mar. 11th, 2019 02:28 pm)
And in world domination plans:

Blood and Bustles

:: smiles in a secretive manner, goes back to writing ::
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( Mar. 11th, 2019 01:41 pm)
The lace that I'm cutting appliqués out of for my deep burgundy VMB outfit? Indeed, warm-toned instead of cool toned, EVEN THOUGH the Stroppy One and I checked the color coordination multiple times at the store before I bought a few yards.

But! I discovered a solution that doesn't involve me going insane and hand-coloring each appliqué with a Copic marker! I ended up going to Ben Franklin with [personal profile] minim_calibre yesterday (she needed emergency cosplay supplies), and it turns out that the hot new fad for craftsy suburban moms is alcohol ink painting. As in, using alcohol-based inks (the same thing that is in Copic markers) to paint and decorate things, like glass ornaments and so on. The thing about the alcohol-based inks is that they are permanent on non-porous surfaces, including polyester fabric. And sequins. And there are applicators that are handles with replaceable felt disks, so you can apply the ink over a large area without using a brush.


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( Mar. 10th, 2019 12:42 pm)
To Do Today:

- Some small household chores.

- Complain some more about Daylight Savings Time, even if only to the cats.

- Look at the lace appliqués and taffeta polonaise in daylight to figure out if the lace is indeed a smidge orange-red, instead of blue-red. (This is frustrating, because the Stroppy One went with me to be the color-check person when I bought the lace, and I even made sure to wear the skirt that matched the polonaise.)

- If so, figure out the fiber content of the cord/floss of the appliqueés. If it's rayon, I can probably dye them. If it's a polyester blend, resign myself to coloring all of them by hand with Copic markers. I wonder if I can paint on the Copic ink with a larger foam brush, so I can cover more area?

- Get some writing done.



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