They filmed a test scene!

My Summer as a Goth - Test Makeover Scene from My Summer As A Goth on Vimeo.

I, of course, think it's adorable. It's a gothy makeover AND it features my two favorite characters.
THIS WEEKEND, a new gothy shop opens on Capitol Hill. A new grown-up gothy shop! Carrying wares from local artisans, and from Heavy Red, Retroscope Fashions, Lastware, and Kambriel. I am ridiculously excited about this store, even if it spells doom for my pocketbook.

613 East Pike Street, Near The Corner of Boylston in Capitol Hill
Seattle, Washington

I'll be doing an in-store signing event there on Friday, September 2, at 6:30 pm. Please stop by, say hi, and browse the wares!


Guess what? It's time for another Time Traveler's Rummage Sale! Yep, the last one was so much fun, they organized another one. (Plus, it will be a month away from Steamcon III, and people will be looking for last-minute additions to their outfits.) Yes indeedy, I will be vending there! I've got Cranky!Bloomers! I'm culling my closets again! And oh my yes, the ever-popular Bags! Of! Mystery! will be back, filled with all-new mysterious goodies. (Let me put it this way: the Infamous BlueJay is clearing out her fabric and trim stash and handing things to me. Really, really nifty things.)

All Pilgrims Christian Church
500 Broadway E.
Seattle, WA

Noon to 6 pm


Some of you may remember there has been a Mysterious Project I have offhandedly mentioned. (And went on a trip to PDX for.)

Goth sign

Soon, SOON, I will be able to Tell All! Until that day (which might be, oh, next week), you might want to take a look at this blog for a sneak peek.
Let me tell you about a Kickstarter project I'm backing: Varney the Vampire: A Tale of Arteries and Absolution.

It's a 6 issue comic about Varney the Vampire. Who is real, wants to set the record straight after Bram Stoker plagerized his life to write Dracula, and has recruited his struggling screenwriter nephew to help him. Of course, there are some problems. Varney is feuding with a coven of witches, and his nephew isn't completely convinced that Varney is really who he says.

This is the sort of thing that makes me giggle. I have a ridiculous fondness for the sprawling penny dreadful tale of Varney the Vampire, and the idea of him wanting to finally claim the spotlight sounds like snarky fun. After I made my Kickstarter pledge for it (and convinced [ profile] skarrin to do the same), the writer Scott Massino contacted me via Twitter and FB, and we've been talking ever since. Scott is a good guy with a wicked sense of humor, and has been kind enough to send me art from the first issue. Also, this project is Scott's dream and his way of getting his life back after some really awful health issues that wiped out everything he had. (I was supporting this project *before* I knew that, but that information makes it even more impressive that he's doing this.)

This series is going to be all sorts of fun. Vampires! Pop culture commentary and snarky humor! Wonderful art by Marcio Takara (who did art for The Incredibles comic)! So go take a look at the Kickstarter page. If you decide to become a backer (and I hope you do!), tell 'em that Jillian sent you. Thanks!
I went to Sakuracon. On Friday night I had a panel (that lasted 2 hours, and the room was almost completely full, zomg!), but the rest of the weekend was free. I spent that time roaming around with the Infamous BlueJay, boggling at the scenery. Let me put it this way: Sakuracon is very much like experiencing hard-core sleep-deprivation hallucinations, but while being well-rested and awake.

I saw some AMAZING outfits and cosplay. I also saw some ... things ... that have permanently scarred themselves into my memory. I was fangirled at by a few people (which is always nice, because I like meeting the people who read my stuff), and I got to give a copy of the Gothic Charm School book to one of the designers for h.nanato/sixh, whose designs I've long admired in the pages of Gothic + Lolita bibles. (The embroidery! The asymmetrical details! The buckles! The skulls and coffins!)

(I totally used my "clout" that came with my "industry" badge to get front row seats at the h.nanato/sixh fashion show for the Infamous BlueJay and me, and only felt marginally silly about doing so. Look, the two rows they had set aside for "industry" people were almost completely empty, so it made sense to at least try to see if we could get seats.)

Today was cut short by one of the fastest-onset migraines I've ever suffered. It's finally starting to dissipate; I no longer feel like I'm going to throw up, thank goodness.

All in all, I had a wonderful time at Sakuracon, and would love to go back next year.
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( Apr. 8th, 2011 01:02 pm)
- The Stroppy One just got off the phone with the vet. Tzepesh is eating of his own volition, so they may not have to put the feeding tube in. We have an appointment at 4PM tomorrow which, if we're lucky, will be his discharge appointment. He's going to be on steroids for life, but that's no big deal, really.

We're going to go visit him today; when the Stroppy One visited him last night, Tzepesh had more energy and was very affectionate.

- Have I mentioned that I'm going to be at SakuraCon? I am! And I'm doing a panel/Q&A thing at 10PM on the Friday night of the convention. Come on down, say hi!

- For those of you who went and looked at my DW journal: No, I don't cross-post much stuff there. I mainly use it for reading the folks who have migrated away from LJ. (I am not planning on leaving LJ, for various reasons. Including the fact that long-ago, the StuntHusband gave me a permanent account. All my things are here!)

- Okay, why did none of you tell me that the Slayer & Rob Zombie "Hell On Earth" tour is playing Seattle in August? Yes, I plan on going. Rob Zombie puts on a fabulous live show, and Slayer is always fun. (Tho' come to think of it, I never really owned anything by them. Slayer were always one of the bands the assorted boyfriends listened to.)
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( Feb. 9th, 2011 03:23 pm)
ATTENTION SEATTLE-AREA TYPES! This Sunday, 2/13, I will be doing a reading at The Night Kitchen! The fun starts around 8PM, please come join me. Tasty tasty food, delightful drinks, and me reading from either the Gothic Charm School book -OR- from the serial I've been writing for Steampunk Tales! Plus the usual sort of answering questions and burbling.


Writing is happening again. I've worked on the Mysterious Fiction Project for two nights in a row, and by "working on" I mean actually KEEPING the words I wrote, instead of glaring at the document and deleting stuff. Today/tonight, I write the proposal for it, then send that and the sample chapters off to my Agent of Awesome. Dear 2011, you know what would make me really happy? Another book deal. Keep that in mind, okay?
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( Oct. 15th, 2010 12:11 pm)
Hey, that very talented (and handsome!) artist husband of mine has a blog!

Right now, he's working on a repaint of an unused Baron Sengir calendar image from 1995 and documenting the process. Very nifty!
Tonight I am a guest on Altered Realities Radio! 10:30PM EST (which is 7:30 for us West Coast types).

Tomorrow I will be vending at the Steampunk Swapmeet! Clothes, boots, bags, and the exciting and mysterious Surprise Bags! C'mon by!

September 18th
Noon – 6:00 PM
All Pilgrim’s Church
500 Broadway (lower level)
Seattle, WA
[ profile] cleolinda has a big long post about the convoluted mess that is going on with LJ and FB here: I really, REALLY suggest that you go read it.

The part from her post that I'm quoting here? Is very resonant for me. Because yes, Gothic Charm School is separate from LJ, and this LJ started out as a purely personal indulgence for me. But it has become more than that, so I'm looking at this whole mess as someone who is concerned about privacy and a writer who uses social networking sites for cross-promotion.

So what's upset me the most about all of this is the idea of
people getting pissed off and leaving Livejournal. I mean, they
should, if LJ is going to screw around like this, and I'm going to keep
telling you everything I find out; I'm upset about people having
to leave. can get pissed off and storm off to
Dreamwidth, but if no one's there, that doesn't help me in terms of what
this journal is for in the first place. But if I stay here and a
significant number of people leave, that's no good either. I've been
fretting about this for months--every time LJ does some new stupid
thing--but I'm finally just to the point where the best answer seems to
stay here and establish a mirror site on Dreamwidth. Because
it's clear to me now that I'm going to have to set up camp on
Dreamwidth--there are a lot of people who are not going to be able to
ignore this. On the other hand: "we will get twice maybe 3 times as
many people joining because of that."
That settled it for me. I have
to stay here for that. Meaning, "fandom" as fandom knows itself may leave
Livejournal, but Livejournal is not going to turn into a ghost town,
which is what I was most afraid of. If you're going to stay, I'm still
going to be here. If you're going to leave, I'm also going to be over
there. Maybe this makes me a terrible person for not flying the
colors and Taking a Stand, but I had to give follower counts and page hit
numbers in a publisher query the other week. These numbers actually mean
something for me. It is not in my best interest to pick either
Livejournal or Dreamwidth; it is in my best interest to stay on
both of them. Kind of like taking a second job to back up a
really crappy one, I guess.
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( Sep. 2nd, 2010 11:02 am)
I'm the Pinky Woman of the Month over at Pinky Vodka!

(You almost certainly need to be of legal drinking age to access the site; my apologies to the younger folks here.)

Thank you to Katy at Pinky Vodka, and a very, VERY big thank you to my friends who wrote them and suggested they interview me!

(Now the WA Liquor Control Board needs to catch up and offer Pinky Vodka for sale in this state.)

(Why do I like Pinky Vodka so much? The description: distilled five times from pure glacial water and slightly sweet winter wheat, Pinky is hand blended with violets, rose petals, and ten other botanicals to create a flavor kissed with the delicate fragrance of a midnight garden (we have champion Scandinavian wine tasters to thank for that). It's *gorgeous*.)
The Closet Culling Sale of Doom post will go up TOMORROW (8/13) at NOON PACIFIC STANDARD TIME! Tiny hats (Oh lord, lots of tiny hats)! Boots! Jackets, skirts, blouses, Lip Service stuff! And remember, I'm only taking PayPal this time around.


Oh Hot Topic clearance sales, how I love you. I decided to pass on the Low Shoulder band tee (a Jennifer's Body tie-in that I find amusing, but not amusing enough to spend even $6 on), but the same price for a fitted tee with the Bela Lugosi's Dead cover? Or a Motley Crue Shout At The Devil repro tour shirt? ::grabbyhands::


Hey, guess what? I'm a guest blogger today over at Witchy Chicks! (clicky-link!) Thank you to [ profile] mauraanderson for suggesting me!
And because [ profile] mauraanderson is threatening to post it if I don't. Soooo, last night KING 5 Evening Magazine aired the interview they did with me last year. If you want to see it, it's here:

(Oooh, maybe it'll give me an increase in sales for the book! That would be nice.)
So yes indeed, when I got home yesterday, there was a box containing the Sherlock Holmes blu-ray, the big Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland art book, and [ profile] gailcarriger's new book Changeless. Yay! I had congratulated [ profile] gailcarriger on Book Day in her LJ yesterday; she replied asking if there would be a photo of me holding her book, because she'd like to see that. How could I deny such a request?

Posted via

Those of you who look at Tumblr feed (clicky-link!) may notice a slight similarity to my outfit today and an certain Etsy listing (clicky-link!) I posted yesterday. I still covet *that jabot, scarf, and cuff set, too.

EDITED TO ADD: Whoops! I almost forgot! I updated the Gothic Charm School Events! page (clicky-link!) with my Norwescon schedule, plus info about the celedon CD release party and the reading at the Night Kitchen!
You know what one of the fantastic things about my current team is? Work at home Fridays. Yes, I got to sleep in a little bit today, and get to do my editing work in the company of the Stroppy One and the cats. Yay!

Tonight is a going-out-dancing night, with the StuntHusband, [ profile] kiltlad, and a special guest appearance from [ profile] caliban1227 and his lovely girl (who's LJ name escapes me at the moment). I ... have no idea what I'm going to wear tonight. Oh, the dithering! (The Stroppy One helpfully suggested "Clothes. Black ones. With some red.")


Promoting a talented friend! G.D. Falksen has a story that is eligible for a Hugo nomination!
It is The Strange Case of Mr. Salad Monday, (clicky-link!) which I thought was all sorts of clever fun. You can vote for it to get a Hugo nomination by going here.

(He is also up for getting a Campbell Award:

Now that I've made him very bashful by talking about his story, please go vote for him!


Okay, back to editing, and trying to determine if this headache is due to sinuses, not enough food, or not enough caffeine. Oh, and I should probably call my chiropractor, too.
Remember! This coming Sunday, myself and oodles of other talented people will be vending at the Mourning Market! 12-5PM at Club Motor (1950 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98134). I will be selling the Gothic Charm School book, art prints from the book, hand-embroidered "cranky" bloomers, and stripy heart brooches. Come on by and say hello!


Yes, I have been thinking about a second Gothic Charm School book. (Because I ... have too much free time? Something like that.) An obvious subject for me to expand upon would be fashion, because hello, I like talking about clothes. (I'm considering including a few tutorials, but I'm leery of treading over well-worn ground that others such as Voltaire have covered.)

Which leads to my question! What sort of things would you like to see in another Gothic Charm School book? Tell me in the comments. Brainstorming is fun!
Of Confiscated Clothing, Dangerous Classmates, and Disapproving Finaceés

This was another tough batch of questions. On the one hand, I'm glad people feel they can turn to me with these topics. On the other hand, ouch.

Huge thank-yous (as always!) go to the Finishing School of Flail, [ profile] maiaarts, and [ profile] staxxy. Now if the rest of you lovely folks could go forth and help promote the new column, that would be very helpful. Thank you!


Hey, if you're in the Seattle area, you should attend the next Mourning Market, on Feb. 7th! (clicky-link!) I will be vending this time, with copies of the Gothic Charm School book, art prints of some of the illustrations from the book, and various goodies like stripy heart brooches AND a few pairs of "cranky" bloomers! Show up!
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( Nov. 9th, 2009 03:52 pm)
A German reader of Gothic Charm School emailed me today, saying that they thought I should be a guest at the next Wave Gotik Treffen, especially since it will be the 20th anniversary.

Oh, don't I wish. I have wanted to go to WGT for YEARS.

The letter-writer went on to say that they don't actually know any of the WGT organizers, they just thought it would be a nifty idea. Over the next couple of days, I might do some poking around the WGT site and see if they even ever have non-music guests.

But yes. I would love to go to WGT, and to Whitby Goth Weekend in England. Quick, someone convince the organizers of those events they need to have me attend as a special guest!

(I figure I have nothing to lose by making this sort of general request to the universe at large. Who knows? It might actually work!)
Tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM (iiiiieeee!), I will be on The Menage. The whole thing will be webcast at, for those of you who want to watch and see how coherent (and charming, I hope!) I can be after staying up all night.


Last night, I deliberately stayed up until about 3AM. As in, didn't go to bed until then, instead of going to bed around 1-1:30 and being awake for ages. It was odd; it was productive writing time for me (yay!), but it felt very strange to be awake and doing things after the Stroppy One had gone to bed. Tonight, obviously, I'm not going to bed at all. My plan is to stay up until about 10:30 tomorrow night, and hope that this whole thing helps reset my body clock to a more daylight-friendly schedule.
Huh. With the exception of the signing at The Dreaming on Saturday (starts at 4PM! If you're in the Seattle-ish area, you should show up!), the Gothic Charm School book tour is ... done. Mind you, if some event somewhere contacts me and says "We'd love to have you as a guest, here let us cover your travel expenses!", then I will gleefully pack the giant suitcase and Go Forth. But as it stands now, the tour has wrapped up.

The book tour, as scramble-y and hectic as it was at times, was an amazing experience. Meeting people who like my work! Seeing friends, making new friends! Tea parties! Thank you to everyone who came to an event, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who put time and effort into helping make those events successful. The Flickr pool of book tour photos is here (clicky-link, of course), and if you have photos from any of the Gothic Charm School events, please add them there!

Now that the book tour is done, I will be focusing on writing new posts for Gothic Charm School, writing my blog for the Lip Service Webzine, working on the proposal for the next book project (eeek!), and oh right, job-hunting. (Anyone need an editor?)


Vampires. Right. We finished watching season 1 of True Blood last night. I enjoyed the show far more than I enjoyed the books. I am hoping that season 2 has more of a focus on the vampire side of the world, and less of Sookie being a twit. Yes, I would be quite happy to watch the Eric & Pam show, why do you ask? (I suspect that I'm going to be watching a double-feature of Near Dark and 30 Days of Night in the near future, because I can. I prefer my vampires to be menacing, not whiny.)

I also have a whole stack of new-to-me, possibly trashy, vampire books to read, thanks to the book tour stop at Powell's. Really, I do read other things besides paranormal genre fiction. I just really like paranormal genre fiction.


Today's To Do list: )

Aaaaand, coming soon to this LJ: hey, I haven't done any Shallow Fashion Details posts in a while, have I? I should. Oooh, and maybe a post of clicky-links of coveting! Everyone likes window-shopping, right? (Just nod in agreement here, folks.)
Today, we head to PDX for a reading & signing at Powell's. Ooooh, Powell's. Time to look for more vampire books I haven't read!

So, don't destroy Seattle while we're out of town. Also, stop summoning the orb. No more heat wave, please Cool and cloudy, that is what we want.

I guess I should go find all my summer gothy dresses now ...


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