Over on FB today, after a few posts trying to identify a Seattle band from Back In The Day (it was Sky Cries Mary), I made the following post:

ALSO (since apparently I'm serial-posting while finishing my first pot of tea), what is it about the start of summer that makes me nostalgic for the Seattle Goth Experience of the 90s?

This is the time of year I get all wistful about shops gone by from the Ave (Junkman's Daughter, Body Scent, Twice Sold Tales, weird dark small coffee shops, and all the tiny import shops full of cheap silver jewelry and floaty skirts), and I want to burn a lot of incense (which I don't do because it doesn't agree with Pete's breathing.)

Anyway, my brain is an odd, odd place.

When my memory went WAITAMINUTE, I searched through my tags here.

I wrote a version of that post on July 22, 2015.

I guess what this actually means is that if someone were to start selling vintage goth magazines (mostly Ghastly and Bats and Red Velvet) and those black gauzy skirts with sequins and sparkly embroidery, they'd probably make a killing off of me.
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( Aug. 10th, 2016 02:33 pm)
Look, I know I can't collect and keep ALL of the goth fashion ephemera, but when I run across things like this eBay auction for the original Jeannie Nitro clothing catalog, I get all wistful and nostalgic.

(If any of you have vintage gothy clothing catalogs in need of a good home/scrapbook, let me know. I don't keep all of the gothy magazines anymore, but the clothing catalogs? Those are never leaving my clutching hands.)
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( Jul. 13th, 2016 04:30 pm)
Things that are hilarious to possibly no one but myself:

Thanks to a recent purchase at the MAC counter ("Last Dance" Dazzleshadow), I have pretty much recreated one of my favorite eye shadow palettes from the early 90s.

"Last Dance" - pale pink/gold, with tons of pink glitter.
"Sketch" - matte blackened burgundy.
"Plum Dressing" - satin cherry/plum.
"Mylar" - matte white.

Between that and the fact that Rituel de Fille's "Night Wanderer", layered over MAC "Nightmoth" pencil, is super-close to the original color of Revlon's "Blackberry" lipstick (not the modern formulation--we will not speak of that pale abomination), my ElderGoth roots are showing A LOT.

... actually, they are, and I need to dye my hair. Good thing I stocked up on SFX "Burgundy Wine" and Manic Panic "Vampire Red" recently.
I have a weird yearning to go browsing on the Ave in the U-District. But I know that what I really want is to go browsing on the 90s era version of the Ave, complete with the Body Scent, all the little Indian import shops that sold velvet skirts, belled anklets, silver rings, and incense, and Pier One Imports. And the Junkman's Daughter 2nd hand clothing shop, where I once got a fabulous black wool military frock coat; braid so old it was had turned a tarnished silver color, hook & eye closure all the way down the front, POCKETS, and a braid-decorated accordion pleated strip above the right breast that was (I think) designed to hold bullets. I used those loops to hold dried roses, and to loop belled anklets through. ALL THE JINGLING.

(Now that I'm thinking about it, I REALLY miss that jacket. I wonder if I can recreate it using one of the ChicStar frock coats as a base. Goodness knows I've got a stash of silver braid I could use!)

At least Gargoyles Statuary is still there, and apparently that's where Edge of the Circle Books is now! I still may wander over that way this weekend, even if it won't be the trip of my memories.
Last night, while soaking in the bath and re-reading The Vampire Lestat (it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, comfort reading is necessary), I realized part of the reason I love blackphoenixalchemylab's Blood Popsicle so. Yes, it is a perfect olfactory tribute to that scene from Only Lovers Left Alive, but it also reminds me of the Vampire Lestat scent from Body Scent, a long-since-vanished Seattle perfume shop.

Body Scent was a tiny store that specialized in scented oils. One wall of the shop was full of tiny shelves crammed with testers of the hundreds of scents they had, while the rest of the store had soaps, shower gels, lotions, oils, room sprays, and incense. You could buy vials of the scent oils, or have them blended into the lotions or other products. And in the early 90s, Body Scent created their own line of scents for The Vampire Chronicles.

IIRC, Claudia smelt sweet and powdery, Louis was green notes with a base of some dark wood, and Akasha was incense-y. But Lestat? That scent smelled like honey and red velvet, and I loved it. A part of me wishes I still had the empty bottle of it, but I’m consoling myself with the harsh truth that I do not need to keep every memento or trinket, there’s not enough room in the WORLD for that.

I know there are other shops around nowadays that offer similar services - custom scenting of skin care products - but there was something magical about walking into that tiny cramped shop. It was one of the places that I always stopped at when I was in the U-District; there, Gargoyles (which still exists, thank goodness!), and that one huge and labyrinthine store that was like a cross between a head shop, Spencer's Gifts, and a new-age "occult" store.

Now I am full of 90s goth nostalgia. I wouldn't want to live through it again, but it's sweet to think about.


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