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( May. 15th, 2017 12:15 pm)
Let's see, where were we ... last week, I returned from Disneyland (yes, I miss the Haunted Mansion, thank you for asking), worked two days, and then hopped on a bus to Portland for the Vampire Ball.

What these photos don't really show: the almost entire can of glitter hairspray that I covered myself with. Every Halloween season, Value Village/Savers stocks glitter hairspray that is not really hairspray, but is microglitter in an aerosol. It is AMAZING. It is also insidious; I suspect I'm never going to get all the glitter out of that dress, which is fine with me, but The Husband will make That Face about it.

The event was lovely; in fact, it was one of the better VMBs of the past few years. There were a wide range of performers, and the new layout of the Melody Ballroom was wonderful. While I missed the previous stage (which has been removed in the remodel), having the stage directly opposite the doors to the main ballroom was great.

Rhias came down for the event -- her first ever time at VMB! -- and had a great time. She looked fantastic, and the headpiece she made was epic.


Sunday morning, before I wandered off to the bus home, I indulged in a stuffed waffle at the hotel restaurant. (Stuffed with Brie and ham, and topped with pear compote.) It was delicious. I am paying for it now. I know part of what I'm feeling is exhaustion -- it's been a busy couple of weeks! -- but the upswing in brain fog and joint pain? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's due to the whacking great block of carbs & gluten I had. I guess I know for sure now that I can't eat like that anymore? Ugh, send coffee and laudanum.
tl;dr background: work is INSANE right now, my stress levels are through the roof.

But you know what? Tomorrow, the new Anne Rice book comes out. Yes, a new ridiculous, cracktastic chunk of vampire fiction.

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis. Which, according to back-cover copy, includes aliens.

I am back from my California expedition. The Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco concert was fantastic. There's something about stadium concerts with loud guitars that fills me with glee. FOB performed two of my favorites from the new album ("Alone Together" and "Just One Yesterday"), and one of them from Folie A Deux ("Twenty Dollar Nosebleed" - with the cutiehead lead singer from P!atD!); if they had performed one of my other faves from Folie ("27") I probably would have hurt something laughing. They didn't perform my absolute favorite from Infinity On High ("Hum Hallelujah") , but that's okay - see previous statement about possibly injuring myself from laughter.

The time hanging out with Cass was wonderful, and I am once again mad about the lack of teleportation technology.


Today I had a preliminary phone interview with an HR munchkin at a local tech company, and hope to hear back from them about scheduling the next step in the interview process. I followed that up with applying for UI, which has got to be one of my least favorite things to do in the world. Tonight, I write. Tomorrow, I write. I WILL be productive, yes.

There had already been a trip planned for me to go to visit [ profile] cass404, because we are going to the Fall Out Boy concert on Sunday! But then stuff and drama happened with my job, and the very thoughtful Stroppy One suggested I see how much changing my ticket cost so I could extend my stay.

So hi. I'm in the desert. With Cass. There will almost certainly be shenanigans. We're going to see FOB and P!atD, of course there will be shenanigans.
Stuff I have done over the past few days. I'm writing it down because I have a terrible habit of thinking I haven't gotten anything done and ZOMG crisis!

If you really want to know, feel free to click )

Still to do for this week:

Somehow I thought this list would be shorter )
I survived being a daywalker today. I can't really talk about the project yet, but I can say that it was lots of fun, worth getting up at 7AM ::yaaaaawwwn::, and was the most organized and professionally-run photo/video shoot I've ever been to.

I promise that as soon as I have the go-ahead, I'll tell you folks all about what the project is. Today involved a lot of flailyhands and exclamations of glee, I can tell you that much.

[ profile] cass404, because she is a GENIUS, booked massage appointments for both of us for the afternoon. It was exactly what I needed; now let's see if it helps stave off the post-event crash that is a cranky-making side effect of my assorted wacky illnesses.

Tonight, we are going to flop on the couch, toodle around the interwebs, and watch movies. Oh, and eat ice cream with fresh strawberries, an important part of quality flopping time. Tomorrow is SLEEPING IN, oh bliss! And maybe some wandering around, but that entirely depends on if PDX ends up with a tiny taste of the heatwave that is happening everywhere else in the US.

When I get home next week, it's the last few days of my dayjob, and going full-bore into prep for Mourning Market on August 21st. Time to make more Cranky!Bloomers and other goodies!
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( Jul. 21st, 2011 06:22 pm)
Random things:

- I'm in Portland! (And it sounds like roughly a gazillion people I know will be here over the weekend.) I'm here for one of my regular visits to [ profile] cass404, with an extra bit of secret side project meetings. So, y'know, fun and hijinks! The only downside is that one of the secret side project meetings is at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday. Oh dear. Everyone think awake thoughts at me on Saturday, please?

- Speaking of Portland, oh hey! GearCon is happening this weekend, and a bunch of nifty people will be there, including Cherie Priest, Unwoman, and oodles of other steampunk-y types. I don't know if I'll be able to manage stopping by, but I may try.

- If you're in Seattle on Friday night, you should go to El Corazon to see Shedu! If I were in town, I'd be out to cheer them on, so obviously some of you peeps should go do that for me.

- A cool and badass thing related to SDCC happening this weekend: . A Tumblr blog dedicated to taking and posting pictures of the creepy asshats who try to take surreptitious up-skirt photos of women at the con. I fully support this sort of public shaming for those jerks, and have been telling everyone I know online about the project.

- Event Advance Warning! I will be vending at Mourning Market in August! Cranky!Bloomers, literary roses, copies of the Gothic Charm School book and art prints, and (if I have the time to make another pair) spike-adorned shoes. (The time-consuming part is needing to take photos of the process, so I can post a tutorial on GCS.)

So! Stuff! Things! I hope all of you folks are doing well.
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( May. 19th, 2011 08:55 pm)
Oooh, ocean!

Proof that I did not burst into flame, even in direct sunlight!

I now have a rock from the beach, and a small container of sand. I might have waved said container around while gleefully sing-songing "I have a jar of dirt! I have a jar of dirt!" Maybe.

(Yes, a PotC reference. OF COURSE I am looking forward to the new movie.)

Thank you to [ profile] cass404 (and her mom!) for a lovely day. Now we will have yummy food, and I will go back to reading work documents.
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( May. 17th, 2011 03:41 pm)
Due to a combination of a whole bunch of things, it was decided that I should visit PDX. So for this week, I am working REALLY remotely. As in, from [ profile] cass404's couch. Whee!


Completely unrelatedly: since I don't read fashion magazines anymore (except for the annual Fall issue of Vogue that's roughly the same size as a phonebook), has there been some sort of fashion memo that dark cherry/plum lipsticks are back? Chanel may not be making Vamp anymore (the fools!), but Wet & Wild has "Cherry Crush", which is a dead ringer for it, and Sephora's version is "Crush". Which means, yay, I can stock up on my lipstick color!

(Yes, I have a small box in the 'fridge that I keep tubes of lipstick in. Look, when you have very specific requirements about lipstick colors, you learn to stockpile when those colors come briefly into fashion.)


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