Yes? No?

On the one hand: B&W stripes! Giant red roses! Oooh, it's all very Night Circus, isn't it?

On the other hand, I can't tell if this is too busy. Plus, while it's a full skirt, it's also 100% polyester.

But let's be real here, I'll probably end up buying it.
Random Fashion Musing:

Lately, I have really gotten into the idea of dickies or lace collars. Now that warmer weather (ugh!) is looming, they're the perfect thing to keep my gothy antique aesthetic going while allowing me to not die of heat stroke.

Current favorite leaving-the-house outfit:

- Floofy skirt(s)
- Dickie
- Black tank top
- Lace overdress

Still all lightweight, breathable fabrics, but even fancier-looking that previous summergoth wear! And it turns out that there are a BUNCH of different dickie/collar styles on Amazon, because fast fashion or something.

Next, I need to look into making my own from blouses I find at the thrift store. Because I totally need more projects right now, yep.
cupcake_goth: (pondering)
( Sep. 14th, 2016 11:15 pm)
Seriously, where have all the ruffled poet's blouses gone? Why are they so difficult to find these days?! I swear, fast fashion companies are knocking off every other bit of 90s fashions, why can't they bring these back?

I'm hoping that I'll find a few in the "vintage Halloween" sections of the thrift stores. Because NO, I don't have enough of them. I need at least one more each in black and white silk.
So, everyone knows about my ridiculous obsession fondness for ruffly poet blouses, right? I have a (small, I swear!) collection of them, and yet, I am always on the hunt for more. And lately, I've wanted sheer ones. Don't ask me why, because it's not like I'd wear them without a slip underneath, but yeah. Sheer silk poet blouses. I think it's because sheer silk flows so luxuriously, so it really is the epitome of decadently lounging around and drinking absinthe by candlelight. Maybe.

Anyway, I have found two, two! Of the perfect blouse ... at prices I am not yet willing to bite the bullet on.

I would almost be willing to take the plunge on that black one (THOSE SLEEVE RUFFLES), but the bust measurements listed is exactly mine, with no ease. I'm not willing to spend over $100 on something I'm not sure will fit.

Can someone explain to me why I am randomly coveting the Cambridge satchel in oxblood? I mean, yes, it's a slightly larger version of the vintage Coach bag that I carry pretty frequently, and oxblood is a color that would go with my black/burgundy/pink/b&w stripe wardrobe, but those things still don't explain why I keep looking at them!

I'm not ever giving into this craving, because I have my one Expensive Statement Bag (my LE Haunted Mansion Dooney & Burke bag), and I certainly don't need another. I am taking this craving as proof that I will never, ever be 100% content with whatever bag I'm carrying, and I should just. stop. looking.
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( May. 18th, 2015 07:27 pm)
Why are we suddenly searching for a black sequined shrug/bolero? WHY?

Okay, yes, sparkly. Ooooh, funeral sparkle.

Yes, such a thing would look really cute over black sundresses & floofy skirts.

But really? Don't need one.

(Note to self: hey, you have to go to Ross/TJ Maxx anyway ...)
Long, full black skirts with sequins/beading/embroidery. You know, the sort that SOME of us would purchase at the Indian import stores in the University District or Pike Place Market.

In other words, I want back some of the skirts I had in the 90s. Which are shockingly hard to find on eBay/Etsy, and involve using search keywords that are actually slurs, but clueless sellers still use as a description.

I can blame part of this craving on Jupiter Ascending. Funeral sparkle! Black sequin accents on everything! But I suspect some of this craving also comes from discussing upper-class witch fashion in the Harry Potter 'verse with [Bad username or unknown identity: thatyourefuse"]. Dense black-on-black embroidery. Subtle beaded charms sewn into clothing. Yes. I want this.

So! Anyone have suggestions of where else I can look for these skirts?
Remember those huge crescent moon brooches from the 80s? Silver(tone), covered in rhinestones? Every vaguely witchy girl I knew in the scene had one?

I want one again. The one I had went walkabout years ago, and now I want to replace it. I want to wear it with my planchette brooch!

Hi, I want all the jewelry that looks like it could be vintage haute couture hexing accessories. Or, as I told [ profile] minim_calibre today, I have accepted that I want to dress like the vaguely Victorian lovechild of Stevie Nicks and Lestat. Velvet, lace, and witchy bling! Deliver them to me!


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