Random Fashion Musing:

Lately, I have really gotten into the idea of dickies or lace collars. Now that warmer weather (ugh!) is looming, they're the perfect thing to keep my gothy antique aesthetic going while allowing me to not die of heat stroke.

Current favorite leaving-the-house outfit:

- Floofy skirt(s)
- Dickie
- Black tank top
- Lace overdress

Still all lightweight, breathable fabrics, but even fancier-looking that previous summergoth wear! And it turns out that there are a BUNCH of different dickie/collar styles on Amazon, because fast fashion or something.

Next, I need to look into making my own from blouses I find at the thrift store. Because I totally need more projects right now, yep.

Good thing I have been unearthing all of my lace dresses. Stupid burny orb thing.

Why can't I kill people with my brain? Whyyyyyy? It would make me feel SO much better.
I have been saying for ages that I need a summer version of my usual top hat. After noodling around teh interwebs, I found a place that sold straw versions of my preferred hat shape!


After an evening of watching a silly movie (2009's Dorian Gray, which is very pretty) while doing a lot of sewing:

All I have left to do is add a hat band and feathers. Yes, my crafting/D.I.Y. urge when it comes to my wardrobe kind of borders on mania, how clever of you to have noticed.


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