Well, I was going to go over to Thea's today and work on the lace and sequin collar/breastplate for Vampire Ball. However, plans have changed to taking a lot of meds, and heading to the spa.

Stupid weather-triggered migraines.

(The new(ish) eating plan has helped a LOT with my general pain and inflammation. But changes in barometric pressure? Still trigger migraines. This is the lamest superpower ever.)
whisper_in_rage: (Default)

From: [personal profile] whisper_in_rage

Ah, I am so sorry your plans were derailed by a migraine! That is always upsetting. I hope that today is better, at least migraine-wise!
sistawendy: (blue corset)

From: [personal profile] sistawendy

The new superheroine, Barometer Woman? Sorry about the (apparent) head 'splody.

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