I did not move into the Haunted Mansion. Not for lack of trying, tho', because I went on that ride TWENTY TIMES IN FIVE DAYS. Yes, seriously, and that's a new record for me.

I went on other rides, too. Pirates, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad, the teacups (wheee! spinny!), Alice's Adventures, the carousel, the Tiki Room, the Jungle Cruise, Monsters Inc., ... I just went on the Mansion the most. Because it is my spiritual home.

I also went to the Bats Day Black Market, which was lovely, and saw a bunch of my loved ones who live in CA. I miss everyone already.

In case anyone didn't see the photos and wants to, everything got posted to my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gothiccharmschool/

Now I catch up on work for two days, then head off to PDX for the Vampire Masquerade Ball.
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( May. 3rd, 2017 10:17 pm)
Goth Upkeep has been done (including a gel manicure).

Travel info and park passes have been printed.

The Very Large Suitcase is packed. (Multiple fluffy skirts and lace dresses, bloomers, a parasol, and a hatbox holding TWO epic gothy sunhats. Look, if I could have steamer trunks and a valet to travel with, I WOULD.)

The carry-on is packed, except for the things that go in last-minute. Meds, makeup, phone charger, Merricat Bunny.


Why yes, I may be a little giddy about this.
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( Apr. 18th, 2017 09:55 pm)

Why yes, I have pretty much planned my outfit for the actual day of Bats Day (the Sunday), and have almost completely planned the rest of my wardrobe for the rest of trip.

I'm trying to concentrate on other things that need to be done (oh, work stuff, writing a new Gothic Charm School post, finalizing details about Vampire Ball and working on one of the accessories I'm going to be wearing at that), but OMG DISNEYLAND.

... in many ways, I am a very simple creature. Give me vampire books, decorative boys in eyeliner, and repeated trips through the Haunted Mansion, and I am entirely happy.
Tomorrow morning I get on a plane with the StuntHusband and GO TO DISNEYLAND! We don't come home until Monday!

Bats Day!

Seeing a bunch of my friends who live in CA!


:: runs around like a sugared-up toddler ::
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( May. 17th, 2015 08:44 pm)
The Very Stripey Outfit I wore to go out last night was, in part, a trial run of my outfit for the Bats Day Swinging Wake evening. Wheee, gender-swap Beetlejuice! But I have some decisions to make:

Crazy Hair
Pro: In keeping with the character!
Con: Time-consuming. Time which I could be spending in Disneyland!

Giant Stripy Hat
Pro: So! Easy! Plus hatpins!
Con: Packing yet another giant hat. I'm already going to be packing one for daily wear at Disneyland.

No matter which I end up doing, I will be doing Beetlejuice-esque makeup. Because that is FUN. And the outfit will probably involve a high-collared (sleeveless!) white shirt and a black cravat, because if I'm doing gender-swapped Victorian Beetlejuice, I might as well go all the way, right?

[Poll #2011379]
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( May. 5th, 2015 03:42 pm)
So I thought I had decided on what I was wearing to the Bats Day Swinging Wake masquerade, but it turns out masks/costumes are compulsory. I don't like wearing masks with my glasses (ugh!), and contact lenses are no longer possible for me. So, my options

- I could pull together the Victorianish genderswapped Beetlejuice outfit again, but I don't know if I want to deal with the makeup and the elaborate hair. Tho' it is a pretty awesome outfit.

- I could wear the soon-to-arrive black sequined full skirt, the Suspiria Gown from Kambriel (probably worn backwards, with the hood transformed/bound up into a jabot, and with a waist cincher), Dramatic Makeup, and a top hat with a face-covering veil, similar to this one:

I dunno. And I have three weeks to make up my mind.
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( Feb. 18th, 2015 10:35 pm)
I have managed to be upright and working TWO days in a row now! Thank G-D my job is work-from-home, but still! I had enough brain to do dayjob stuff!

Yeah, this flu that is going around? HORRIBLE. I am looking forward to a time when my ears don't pop and click every time I swallow or try to breath deeply. I'm also looking forward to not coughing all the damn time, but I've been told by folks who've already been through this that I'll be waiting a while on that.


BATS DAY! Yes, I am going to Bats Day this year! Hotel & flights are booked, whoo! The Stroppy One is not going with me (he's not a huge Disney parks fan), so the StuntHusband is coming along. This will be HILARIOUS.


Sooooo, I may have spent the evening unstitching the lining of a vintage purse to make it easier to sew the skeleton hand onto the front. What? Everyone needs hobbies.
A co-worker just asked me if I knew what the best "haunted house" -type events or attractions were in the Seattle area. I told him I had no idea, but I'd ask some friends for recommendations. Help me, LJ hivemind! I have no idea what groups even host haunted house attractions anymore.


In other news, please remind me that I cannot deal with 3" heels for long stretches, no matter how pretty or gothy the boots may be, so I should just stop looking at the Fluevog site RIGHT NOW.

(Yes, I periodically visit the Fluevog site and sigh wistfully over the Countess Olivia and Dame Agnes boots. (clicky-links!) I know they'd kill my feet. But gracious, they're pretty.)


In other other news, hey, who else is going to Bats Day in November? Because we're going! Yes, the combination of it being in November (instead of August) and it being right before my 40th birthday means that we're going. Direct some sympathy toward [livejournal.com profile] stroppy_baggage, because he's not a huge fan of theme parks and really didn't want to go to one again for a couple of years. But he loves me, and knows that I've wanted to go to Bats Day for aaaaaages.


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