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( Feb. 22nd, 2017 10:06 pm)
Hnnnng, Black Moon Cosmetics.

That's the Cosmic Eye Dust in "Cosmos", a pink/purple/gold colorshift glitter. It has a black pigment base, so as you blend it out, you get a lovely smokey effect with a haze of glitter.

SWEET SAINTED BOWIE I LOVE THIS STUFF. I need to buy the "Moon Rocks" color (silver with black), like, yesterday.

And *that's* the Black Metal liquid-to-matte lipcolor in "Armageddon". I'm a little less enthused with that. It's a fabulous color, and it's one of the better liquid-to-matte formulas out there, but it's still kinda drying. I will probably try it with lip balm over it (I'm already wearing lip balm under it) and see if I like it better.

However, there's a blackened rose gold color in the Black Metal lipcolor line. No, I don't want it for my lips. I want it as eyeshadow and eyeliner! (The very nice folks at Black Moon Cosmetics, in answer to my email, said they hadn't officially tested it as an eye product, but that they know some makeup artists have used it as such.) It would be such a great eye makeup color for me. Admit it, it would.

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