cupcake_goth: (Leeches)
( Jan. 9th, 2017 03:18 pm)
Hey, it's the Monday of the hell deadline week! You know what would be fun? If my body decided to have a massive flare-up of my chronic pain issues! And exhaustion! SO MUCH FUN.


And since it's Monday, the spa (my home-away-from-home) is closed, so I can't go soak for a few hours. Yes, I took a bath loaded with Epsom salts, but I have been spoiled with my spa membership, and soaking in the tub at home is nowhere near as comfortable anymore.

::sulks, takes more anti-inflammatories::


In other news, my deadline stress is manifesting in an obsessive need to search for long black or burgundy velvet coats or jackets. "Jilli, you are always searching for those things", you mutter. Well, yes, but not every day without fail. Right now? That's my main sanity break activity while I wait for content to validate and compile.

I'm also looking at slightly dangerous jewelry. I am desperately coveting this necklace from The Small Beast:

So deceptively simple! So pointy and stabby! Yeah, I'd probably accidentally injure myself with it, but goodness, I want it.

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