A question for the audience: am I crazy enough to take burgundy alcohol-based art markers and meticulously color all of the roses on a dark floral skirt I got the other day, because the roses are more orange and brick -toned than the photos on the listing appeared?

... I think this is a trick question. I just did a few test flowers, and they turned out beautifully. I foresee a lengthy clothing customization project in my future, because I'm pretty sure I AM that crazy.
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We had a day and a night of severe thunderstorm spun off one of the larger hurricanes. No power, couldn't settle to read, couldn't think because all that came to mind was disaster. I had two small dolls that had no waists for whom elastic did not work for doll clothes. I spent the dark hours sewing underwear right on the dolls with needle and thread, and then red for the girl and blue for the boy mini-check gingham outfits for them, complete with Pilgrim bonnets. Close focus, total absorbtion. Now I know why basketweaving class is so often prescribed.

If you have an evening when the brain raccoons won't leave you alone, this would be an admirably suited project.
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I've actually done that (but with fabric markers). I don't know if you're as crazy as I am!
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For the potential future satisfaction with a Just Right skirt instead of one that is relatively close, I say go for it.
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Makes sense to me ... and it's not really 'crazy', just a bit obsessive.
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Ma'am, if you're crazy, I'll be more than happy to enable you--I've used acrylic paint to similar purpose, to highlight details in fabric prints that had dulled with wear.
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From: [personal profile] full_metal_ox

(And, since I mispositioned the comment and see no means of editing it: I should clarify that I was addressing the OP.)
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From: [personal profile] melchar

No worries. And I'd be happy to enable her, too!

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