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([personal profile] cupcake_goth May. 28th, 2017 01:57 pm)

  • I have deleted my LJ. That was very bittersweet. I also posted about it over on FB, mostly in the hopes of luring more people over here to DW. I want there to be a return to long-form blogging on a social network,
    complete with people commenting! Will it happen? No idea. But I want it to.

  • Over on Tumblr and FB, I burbled about the silver replica of the ankh from The Hunger that I have, and how I'm constantly on the search for another one, because what if I lose the one I have?! This led to someone putting me in touch with the original silversmith here in Seattle, so I messaged him. Yep, he can still make them, but with the effort involved and the rise in silver prices, it would cost $250. I still may save up for it.

  • UGH, summerlike weather. I'm not ready for it. No, I never will be.

  • I have been successfully talked out of the Killstar mesh Lilith maxi dress. I was eyeing it because I have a ridiculous weakness for nu-goth pop culture occult clothing, and I was idly thinking that (much like the other ridiculous occult symbol dress I bought from them years ago) I could add wide lace gores to the sides and back of the skirts, then wear it over a sundress and petticoats. But as a few people pointed out, the black-on-black embroidery would only show up over skin or light colors, so it wouldn't look the way I wanted it to. ALSO, I wasn't seriously considering buying it, because I have recently learned that Killstar has a habit of ripping off ideas and designs from independant designers, and I don't want to support that.

  • But silly pop culture occult clothing! What I should do is buy a bunch of the black rayon sundresses from Dharma Trading Co., then have Thea paint things on them for me. Because summer is when I revert to my full-on witchy Stevie Nicks fashion roots.

  • What else? Now that work stress has dropped and I'm on new brain meds, I've been able to brainstorm some other projects. We'll see if I can make this summer a productive one, writing-wise. (In addition to finally (FINALLY) tackling the Great Uncluttering.)

  • But tomorrow? Tomorrow I am spending on the couch, reading vintage gothic romances. While wearing a ruffled white nightgown. Because I CAN.

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From: [personal profile] fufaraw

I have paid time on two LJ accounts, so I'm not deleting either just yet. I'm using the time to...ah, harvest...things I don't want to lose, and I'm still commenting on flist posts of people too reluctant to migrate. Yet. But no posts on either LJ, except for xposting from DW. Oy, such a tangle to sort out. Why so complicated, life?

While OH is away on family bidness, I'm shelving books and media. And quickly realizing we have officially Way Too Much media and books. But at least some of it is seeing the light of day, again. I'm also cowering inside, with sunny-side windows and doors closed, and shaded ones open, with fans pulling in cooler air from the woods and exhausting warmer air, and maintaining a gentle circulation throughout. And dreaming about central AC. When we moved away from the southeast US, who knew we'd be bringing the need for AC with us?

Shaded afternoon and early morning forays to water the flowers, and otherwise staying as shaded and cool as possible. And no cooking! It's almost a vacation!
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From: [personal profile] dark_phoenix54

Dharma has black on black rayon sundresses!??!?! *scurries away*
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From: [personal profile] chelseagirl

Long-form social blogging is the best -- but I say that realizing I probably spend more time on Instagram than anywhere these days, for vintage clothing and sewing feeds, mostly. I do hope the LJ to DW shift keeps people more active, rather than being a brief blip.
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From: [personal profile] oldhalloween

The Twitter and Facebook world hold no appeal so Dreamwidth was the only answer.

Started wearing the dark linen pieces last week. I need to dye some blue linen pants black. My back isn't up for it yet.

Monday couch day because I was over doing. Might be a Doctor Who marathon day.
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From: [personal profile] carmenbeaudry

I've also been trying to promote a return to LJ-style blogging. I don't know how successful it will be, but I've also promised myself to post more. I really miss the community on LJ, especially the costuming groups.

Black rayon sundresses sound good.
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From: [personal profile] sistawendy

I want there to be a return to long-form blogging on a social network,
complete with people commenting! Will it happen? No idea. But I want it to.

You speak for me.

UGH, summerlike weather. I'm not ready for it. No, I never will be.

You most certainly do not speak for me. :)

Great Uncluttering

My ears just perked up. Does this mean a yard sale is in the offing?

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