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([personal profile] cupcake_goth May. 28th, 2017 01:57 pm)

  • I have deleted my LJ. That was very bittersweet. I also posted about it over on FB, mostly in the hopes of luring more people over here to DW. I want there to be a return to long-form blogging on a social network,
    complete with people commenting! Will it happen? No idea. But I want it to.

  • Over on Tumblr and FB, I burbled about the silver replica of the ankh from The Hunger that I have, and how I'm constantly on the search for another one, because what if I lose the one I have?! This led to someone putting me in touch with the original silversmith here in Seattle, so I messaged him. Yep, he can still make them, but with the effort involved and the rise in silver prices, it would cost $250. I still may save up for it.

  • UGH, summerlike weather. I'm not ready for it. No, I never will be.

  • I have been successfully talked out of the Killstar mesh Lilith maxi dress. I was eyeing it because I have a ridiculous weakness for nu-goth pop culture occult clothing, and I was idly thinking that (much like the other ridiculous occult symbol dress I bought from them years ago) I could add wide lace gores to the sides and back of the skirts, then wear it over a sundress and petticoats. But as a few people pointed out, the black-on-black embroidery would only show up over skin or light colors, so it wouldn't look the way I wanted it to. ALSO, I wasn't seriously considering buying it, because I have recently learned that Killstar has a habit of ripping off ideas and designs from independant designers, and I don't want to support that.

  • But silly pop culture occult clothing! What I should do is buy a bunch of the black rayon sundresses from Dharma Trading Co., then have Thea paint things on them for me. Because summer is when I revert to my full-on witchy Stevie Nicks fashion roots.

  • What else? Now that work stress has dropped and I'm on new brain meds, I've been able to brainstorm some other projects. We'll see if I can make this summer a productive one, writing-wise. (In addition to finally (FINALLY) tackling the Great Uncluttering.)

  • But tomorrow? Tomorrow I am spending on the couch, reading vintage gothic romances. While wearing a ruffled white nightgown. Because I CAN.

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