I have a weird yearning to go browsing on the Ave in the U-District. But I know that what I really want is to go browsing on the 90s era version of the Ave, complete with the Body Scent, all the little Indian import shops that sold velvet skirts, belled anklets, silver rings, and incense, and Pier One Imports. And the Junkman's Daughter 2nd hand clothing shop, where I once got a fabulous black wool military frock coat; braid so old it was had turned a tarnished silver color, hook & eye closure all the way down the front, POCKETS, and a braid-decorated accordion pleated strip above the right breast that was (I think) designed to hold bullets. I used those loops to hold dried roses, and to loop belled anklets through. ALL THE JINGLING.

(Now that I'm thinking about it, I REALLY miss that jacket. I wonder if I can recreate it using one of the ChicStar frock coats as a base. Goodness knows I've got a stash of silver braid I could use!)

At least Gargoyles Statuary is still there, and apparently that's where Edge of the Circle Books is now! I still may wander over that way this weekend, even if it won't be the trip of my memories.

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Actually, Edge of the Circle's on Pike and Boylston down in Capitol Hill.

From: [identity profile] arinye.livejournal.com

Yay! That's actually *closer* to where I'm taking classes at the moment. Good to know, thanks!

From: [identity profile] windbourne.livejournal.com

As of Wednesday, they're still moving in, so I'm betting they're probably aiming for fully open in early August?

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I love walking down nostalgia lane with you. My walk would be the old Santa Cruz downtown shopping of the 90s.

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There's also the Goodwill (I've had amazing luck there with skirts) and, if you go up towards 50th, Lucky Vintage, which consistently has excellent accessories.

(We have no reason to go to the Ave regularly since the Comtinental closed, and I'm sad about the lack of regular, but way more sad that the Continental is gone.)
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From: [identity profile] solstice-lilac.livejournal.com

The Continental is gone?! Shows how often I get into Seattle.. but wow. I'm sad to hear this--we tried to hit the Continental every time we were in the area; they were really good.

From: [identity profile] icprncs.livejournal.com

Yeah, they closed just over two years ago. Demetre wanted George and Helen to be able to retire, which meant he needed to retire to look after them, and no one in the family wanted to run the restaurant, so they chose to simply close. I'm glad they weren't forced out like so many places here, but it was still heartbreaking to lose the place, especially as we were living in NJ at the time and didn't even get to say goodbye. The Continental was like a second home.

From: [identity profile] sistawendy.livejournal.com

I hear you. I miss '90s north Broadway in a similar way: the Pink Zone, Gravity Bar, the used record stores.

From: [identity profile] windbourne.livejournal.com

I miss Gravity Bar so much. I've tried many other juice bars and none of them are ever as good as my memories. ._.

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