I was idly reminiscing about the old seagoth shopping trips, where everyone would meet up at one spot, and then we would carpool to various thrift stores.

And then my brain went "Wait, didn't one of the recent net.goth Convergences have an event where they chartered a bus and did the same sort of thing?"

So now I am pondering the logistics of organizing a gothy shopping trip where we charter a bus and hit four or five thrift stores. Everyone pay a certain amount toward the cost of the bus, and off we go.


- No worrying about ratio of drivers to non-drivers.

- I could promote this on FB as a "shopping with Auntie Jilli" event, and I'm pretty sure the babygoths would come out in droves.


- Cost, obviously.

- Would there be enough interest that translated to people actually paying the money to do this?

- Do I really want to / have time to organize an event?

In other words, my brain is ridiculous and perhaps not to be trusted.
On Saturday night, there's an event (in Tacoma!?!): 2015 Gothic Witches' Ball (clicky-link goes to the FB page for the event.)

The StuntHusband and I don't have super-high hopes for the event, but are going, mostly as an excuse to Dress Up and Flounce Around. I will be wearing a wine velvet polonaise that my darling [livejournal.com profile] kambriel made for me ages ago (and I haven't had a chance to wear!), with a jet beaded collar tacked over it. And my elaborately feathery witch's hat.

::points at post title::

I think I'm going to add a giant lace bow and jet-beaded buckle to the hat.

::points at post title again::


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