Apparently the Face Off show had a Monster High episode the other night? Various people told me about this, so I went looking for photos. And then started being somewhat snobbish over on Tumblr about the fangs on Draculaura.

Because those are not good fangs! They're clunky, and too big, and look weirdly sculpted!

Okay, yes, I am inclined toward being an elitist snob about vampire fangs, because I actually KNOW someone who custom fits and sculpts fang caps. (I need to call him, actually, because I need a spare set.) But hell, the various fangs available from Scarecrow Vampires are good, and available everywhere!

... I suppose there were restrictions around the contestants using pre-made FX products. But damn. Those are not good fangs.

(In the course of my mild fang snobbery ranting, I found out that there's a very well-reviewed custom fang making shop on Etsy! It looks like they use a process similar to what my fangsmith does.)

Yes, I know this is all ridiculous. But I need things to distract myself from the ongoing dystopian nightmare, and let's face it, vampire-related nonsense is my default setting.

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