cupcake_goth: (sparklefang)
( Jan. 13th, 2017 07:52 pm)
I turned off my work computer at 4:30 today!

Mind you, it was mostly because the rest of my team were offline (they're in Ottawa, so are 3 hours ahead of me), and I'd done all I could until someone sends me more feedback. Aaaaand I'm going to be working tomorrow, doing last minute documentation updates and publishing.

But still! It's almost 8pm, and I'm not still chained to the work computer!


I feel like there's other stuff I want to talk about, or that I should be talking about. But I cannot brain right now, so whatever those things might be, they're not apparent. I'm looking forward to having the brain to do writing of my own again. I've given myself a deadline of end of next week to look at things for a Gothic Charm School post, and the start of February for getting back to work on fiction.

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