(Those of you not into magic or witchcraft, feel free to scroll by.)

As you may remember, I spent a not inconsequential bit of the past two weeks having bad nightmares and generally feeling really off-kilter. It felt like there was some sort of sharp, abrasive quality to the air. I am legendarily bad at creating or maintaining wards, so I texted my big brother and let him know I needed him in his role as magical tech support. He came over Friday evening.

"The energy in here feels like static. Really bad static", says he, proceeds to do the whole Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (something I have never managed to completely memorize, but I'm working on it*), then reset the house wards. I stand by and join him in doing this each time, but I always need him to take the lead on it. The weird, abrasive quality went away, and it felt like after a thunderstorm. Inside the house. Yeah, it's a thing.

Today, I finally managed to go do what I'd been intending to do since last week: go to the neighborhood park that includes a beach for Puget Sound. I waded out into the (cold, so cold!) water, stood there for a few minutes, collected some water in a bottle, then came back out and collected sand in a small jar. Both of those things are now sitting on my altar.

* The only part of the LBRP I'm good at remembering is calling on the Archangels, and that is entirely because Kate Bush actually included a version of that in her song Lily. Again, if I'm learning a melody and lyrics, I will remember it forever.
oldhalloween: puka_pudge (Girl with Stars)

From: [personal profile] oldhalloween

Love that you can get magical house calls!
The down side of being a solitary practitioner is sometimes it nice to combine energy. Happy to hear your house is in order.
bork: Bones Hillman (Default)

From: [personal profile] bork

This sounds cool, and also exactly what was needed.
m_cobweb: (witch & stars)

From: [personal profile] m_cobweb

I posted on Twitter that I think our house lies awake at night plotting ways to get my goat, to which my friend replied, "Time for a cleansing?" Further thought convinced me that was worth trying, so last weekend I smudged--and promptly went back to Seattle, so I don't know yet if it worked. I'm also not sure if the most recent burned-out lightbulb was from before or after that--they've been going out more than once a week since we moved in, and there are a ridiculous number of them of all different types.

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