A post by [personal profile] graveyardrabbit reminded me I wanted to post about perfume!

As some of you probably know, BPAL makes pretty much all of the scents I wear, with one exception from LUSH, Lord of Misrule. (Patchouli, vanilla, and black pepper.)

From BPAL, I generally wear the (limited edition, long out-of-stock) Blood Popsicle, inspired by the movie Only Lovers Left Alive. Their description is "The scent of frozen Type O Negative". My description, from the review on the Gothic Charm School site: “The good stuff”. Honey and amber and salt, wrapped in blood-red velvet. The perfume version of a shiver of delight." I LOVE this scent, and am very glad I stocked up before it went away.

I *thought* that Blood Popsicle was going to be the only scent I wore, forever and ever, world without end, but then BPAL went and collaborated with one of my favorite jewelry designers, Bloodmilk. Enter Owl Moon (dark, rooty, sweet patchouli swirled with honey), and Silky Bat (sugared patchouli).

(Hi, my name is Jilli, and I have a patchouli problem.)

But! But! I was noodling around Etsy, looking through scents named or described as Hecate, when I found House of Orpheus. I'd heard good things about them being an especially witchy/magic -focused scent maker, and then I found their Amunet perfume:

Amunet is a natural perfume by house of Orpheus. A classical Oud, made with spicy notes of cassia, black storax extrait, agar wood oil, and made with an antique Egyptian paste of civet and musk. Amunet is exalted with the lunar oils of silver and the alchemical oil of distilled scorpions. Because this perfume is made with antique ingredients it will be limited in quantity. Once it is gone it will be gone forever.

Amunet is the hidden one, the high priestess, a tattooed goddess in human form. A dark feminine divinity, associated with witchcraft and feminine powers of creation and destruction. To wear this perfume is to embody that which is the high priestess in the major arcana of a dark and beautiful tarot deck. As the mysteries of the feminine are also the mysteries of blood the perfume is the color and thickness of blood…
A talismanic perfume for women who embody the divine feminine with authority and perpetuate its mysteries no mater the cost.

Well then. It doesn't have patchouli, but it absolutely sounds like something I should have. I am impatiently waiting for my order to arrive.
sistawendy: (eye forks)

From: [personal profile] sistawendy

I have a patchouli problem.

Patchouli smells like burning tires to me. And as someone who hangs with the hippies, that's a real problem for me.
sistawendy: (drama)

From: [personal profile] sistawendy

I have to admit I'm curious about how good patchouli smells. I realize this may mean that you'll turn me on to yet another addiction, but I'm willing to take the risk.
graveyardrabbit: (Default)

From: [personal profile] graveyardrabbit

I love Blood Popsicle! It's become one of my default perfumes (even though I was only able to get one bottle when it was available.)

House of Orpheus sounds right up my spooky alley. I think I Very Much Need Raven (Created as a custom talismanic perfume for the embodiment of the trickster, magician, storyteller, and shape changer that is Raven, a ritual olfactory mask. yes please.) Also Vanilla Knife, because a perfume (or really anything else) called Vanilla Knife is absolutely something I need in my life.
solstice_lilac: (blood popsicle)

From: [personal profile] solstice_lilac

I'm a little leery of perfumes with a honey note--I'm always sure they'll be too sweet for me. But how does Blood Popsicle get "salt"? I can imagine what that might smell like, and it must work to tone down the sticky-sweetness of honey too, but I don't think I have smelled anything like that!

I also have a patchouli problem. I was pretty sure "Silky Bat" would be too sweet for me, too, but single-note patchouli can be pretty gnarly and I figured the sugar would bring out the forest-earth-exhaling-at-night, slightly dark-chocolate side of patchouli that I like. Which it did. I can't wear it at work, though, it's just too strong on me.

I definitely don't need to buy any more new fragrances, maybe for the rest of my life, but since it is autumn I am really craving something new!
staxxy: (Default)

From: [personal profile] staxxy

Amunet sounds like one i would really love. But my patchouli problem is thT i am allergic to it.

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