Today our internet provider was doing work in our neighborhood, which mean ahahahahahah no internet. As someone who works from home for a tech company, this was less than ideal. In theory, at least. In reality, I worked on content offline, and occasionally checked my work email via my phone.

The Great Decluttering of the bedroom is almost done. There's one small corner left, and that's probably not being touched until next week, because two and a half days of yanking everything out, sorting and boxing things, and cleaning has left me a leetle worn out.

I bagged up 35 t-shirts to donate. I still have a large drawer-full that I'm keeping, because you will pry my concert shirts out of my undead hands. My vintage The Cure shirt! My Sisters of Mercy shirt from the early 2000s! OMG MY DAVID BOWIE SHIRT, from ... again, an early 2000s tour. (Pardon me while I get angry all over again about the ex-boyfriend of mine who made off with a lot of my old concert shirts. I had a shirt from the Sound + Vision tour. HAD. Grrrrr.)

Anyway, progress on the Great Decluttering!
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From: [personal profile] kitchenmouse

I completely understand about the t-shirts. I'm going to cut mine up and turn into a quilt. Super simple one, but it will have all those t-shirts that bring great memories.
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From: [personal profile] sistawendy

MY DAVID BOWIE SHIRT, from ... again, an early 2000s tour

Was that the tour on which Moby opened for him? I heard an interview with Moby when he told the story of how Bowie invited him, and he had to reply like a normal human, but on the inside he was having a squeeful fangirl freakout.

And a pox on your ex-boyfriend! May the shirts burn his nipples.
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From: [personal profile] m_cobweb

I still have my Glass Spider tee. <3 <3 <3

(And a memory of finding my New Order tee in my mom's rag box! Which I rescued forthwith.)

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