Oh right, because there comes a point in every packrat's life where they need to clean and organize. And I'll admit, I do like the end result! It's just getting there is very tedious.

Day Two of the Great Decluttering! STATUS UPDATE:

  • Huh, I made a bunch of lace jabots some years in the past? I don’t remember doing that. But there they were, sitting in a hat box on an upper shelf.

  • I found the lost kingdom of black rubber bracelets.

  • THAT’s where that box of fans went! Into the bin for the Eldergoth Surprise Boxes you go.

  • Awww, remember when someone at Hot Topic HQ was lurking on alt.gothic and lifting phrases to be turned into stickers? I apparently bought a bunch of them, then put them “someplace safe”, where they haven’t seen the light of day for … well, let’s just say a while.

  • HOLY BATS A COMPLETE SET OF BPAL IMPS FOR THE ORIGINAL RELEASE OF AMERICAN GODS. I don’t know why you forgot about these, past self, but thank you?

  • That’s where those two tiny perfume bottle necklaces went!


And dust. So much dust, OMG.
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