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( Mar. 5th, 2017 06:05 am)

This is Guffe. He was very affectionate, and kept bashing his head into my arm, my hand, my face ... anything he could, really. He had a very squeaky voice.

Panter really wanted to investigate my espresso.

There were five other kitties, but none of them would hold still long enough for pictures. One of them, a big tabby named Tiger, thought pouncing at my skirts was the BEST GAME. I spent a little over two hours at Cafe Miaow, having a leisurely lunch and snuggling kitties.


Years ago, I had stick-straight hair. As time has passed (and possibly since I've stopped using permanent dye, and only use semi-perm conditioning dyes in vivid colors), my hair has become wavy. And, apparently, enlarges in wind and drizzle:

Now if it would only become curly!

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