Apparently one of my automatic reactions to stress and the world turning into a dystopian YA novel is to become more elaborate and ridiculous with my look. Which means GLITTER.

So in addition to my new-found fascination with glittery, unnatural highlighter (MUFE Star Lit Liquid, and ColourPop's Monster and Over the Moon), I've been getting into filling my eyebrows in with glitter. Today I mixed aloe vera gel with some of my collection of cosmetic glitters to make gels, which will make applying sparkly eyebrows much easier.

The Stroppy One is resigned to my rekindled love affair with all things glittery, but is hoping I don't descend back into the madness of sparkly dusting powder or bath bombs.

Relatedly, Dear MCR, thank you for the song lyric that is the perfect tag for all of this. #SparkleLikeBowieInTheMorningSun

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