Happy Sad: Today was Mom's birthday. I miss you Mom.

Happy: Today was also the birthday gathering for my best pseudo-sibling, Jeff! With a whole bunch of people I'm very fond of, including Dad and his ladylove!

Happy Sad: This weekend is the last for the Dilettante Mocha Cafe up on Capitol Hill. Yes, there are other locations still open, but I don't know if any of them will offer the full menu that was always available at the Capitol Hill location, and none of those other locations will have the chocolate martini bar. Which, admittedly, was a relatively new-ish thing; it wasn't part of the original Dilettante, but was a delightful addition when it moved a few blocks north on Brodway.

The Capitol Hill Dilettante was open for 41 years (at two different addresses), and I'd been going there for about 32 of them. Dad first took me there when I was 9, as a special treat during our father-daughter holiday shopping trip. In the crazed heyday of being in the Camarilla (AKA my Tragic LARPing Past), we held board meetings there, making ourselves sugar-drunk and dizzy with caffeine before meeting up with the rest of the fanged masses to run around pretending we were oh-so-elegant creatures of the night. After I fled left the Cam, there were still frequent late-night visits so the Stroppy One and I could indulge in decadent cake and coffee.

Once we moved from The Hill, we didn't visit there as often, but we did go: there were occasional social gatherings there for chocolate martinis and nibbly food, or there would be something to celebrate that required something slathered in the Ephemere truffle sauce. And of course, every Easter there was the obligatory visit to get a chocolate bunny for Clovis Devilbunny.

Our plan was to go for one last visit, so I could get a chocolate martini (vodka shaken with that Ephemere sauce, with additions -- I was particularly fond of the one with orange liqueur), and a last slice of Rigo Jancsi to take home. (Signature Hungarian Classic Torte: Chocolate mousse, chocolate génoise, raspberry preserves, chocolate truffle glaze.) But everyone else also was there for one last visit, and it was a 45 minute wait for a table, with staff that were clearly scrambling to take care of things. So we got two slices of Rigo Jancsi to go, along with some brandied cherries in dark chocolate, and a bottle of bittersweet Ephemere sauce so I can make chocolate martinis at home. Or just eat the stuff by the spoonful, because I'm totally a grown-up like that.

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