I heard back from the doctor. My X-rays were clear, and there are no signs of pneumonia. Sooooo ... I feel like crap because ... because?

I've sent email to the doctor (because it was the front desk who called me and relayed the info), saying that I've been following her instructions for treatment since I saw her on Monday, I'm not seeing a noticeable reduction in my symptoms, and what else should I do? Should I be on a round of antibiotics, just in case?

Bleah. As Minim pointed out to me, it's entirely possible I had a strain of flu that didn't come with congestion, and I'm slooooooowly recovering from it.

Of course, it's also entirely possible that my body just was REALLY unhappy with the level of deadline stress I put it through, on top of stress from holidays and January in general.

Anyway, yay? Not pneumonia?

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