Come ON, doctor. Call me back and let me know what my chest X-rays showed, and tell me if I have walking pneumonia. I certainly feel like I have walking pneumonia.

I am tired of being tired. And of having sinus headaches, and of feeling like my lungs are constricted.

We watched the first two episodes of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events tonight, and it is an utter delight. And, made me remember that I've never actually read the series all the way through! When I felt a little less woozy, I went and stared into the depths of one of bookcases; it turns out I have books 1 - 9. So I'm missing 10 - 13, plus The Beatrice Letters. (Interestingly, I have a copy of of Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Biography, too.) Time to check what used copies of the last 5 books are going for!

But the show! Oh, it's just note perfect. Every little visual detail is brilliant, and you can tell that NPH had a marvelous time being Count Olaf.

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