I am rethinking parts of my outfit for Vampire Ball.


. . .

I know. I KNOW. I am ridiculous. But while I liked the burgundy lace dress and burgundy skirt at Bats Day, I don't think it will be elaborate enough for VMB, even with the addition of the sequinned lace collar/breastplate. Also, I cannot find the antique sequinned velvet & lace overskirt that I was planning on wearing over the burgundy skirt. The house has eaten it.

The outfit I'm kinda-sorta planning, and will do a test-run of tomorrow:

- Ankle-length, accordion-pleated A-line metallic silver skirt, worn over a petticoat, which means it won't be pleated anymore, but have interesting textural details.

- Ankle-length black tulle skirt, which has 3 layers of wide tulle ruffles, trimmed in black lace.

- Black satin overbust corset.

- Black lace dress, which I will do a quick bit of gathering to two points in the back so it has a sort of polonaise effect.

- Black sequinned lace collar/breastplate thing.

- Hair pulled up (with a teased fall to add a lot more volume without having to completely backcomb my real hair), sprayed with micro-glitter spray, and a black and blackened-burgundy rose crown.
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