I am. If I post more, other people will post more? Or something.

ANYway, last night I did a bunch of prep work on the lace collar/breastplate thing that I plan on wearing as part of my Vampire Ball outfit, including the vintage sequinned collar that Thea found for me at a yard sale. All of that looks great, and I'll sew everything down tonight.

However (and you totally knew there was a caveat, didn't you?), the (amazing! wonderful!) resin bobcat skull that I bought is too big to work as I envisioned. It's a great piece, and Ann did a fantastic job on it. But it's too thick? Too much depth? It just doesn't look right on the lace collar/breastplate, and makes the whole thing veer into looking like a Halloween costume. A well-made Halloween costume, but. Not the aesthetic I'm going for.

So! Lots of digging through jewelry boxes later, I have a couple of pieces that may work for the focal centerpiece at the neck. I'm also going to go through Thea's stuff on Saturday, and I have a huge vintage black rhinestone brooch coming to me from eBay. If I'm really lucky, the whole thing will be finished before I leave for Bats Day.


I LEAVE FOR DISNEYLAND IN ONE WEEK. ::flails excitedly::

Huh. I should write up my packing list.
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