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( Feb. 24th, 2013 02:36 pm)
I may have just figured out what to do with my hair/wear on my head for Vampire Ball at the end of next month. It will involve modifying an existing fascinator, but that should be easy enough. Now to find gray velvet roses and feathers ...
If you don't, it was this post, back at the end of February.

Anyhoodle, I had decided to sell that ivory & black striped Ralph Lauren blazer, because I just couldn't get it to sit properly on me. Which made me a little sad, because it's a great blazer. Except it didn't sell at the Time Travelers' Rummage Sale, so it came home and sat there, waiting for me to get around to taking some photos and putting it online.

(You can see where this is going, can't you?)

A few nights ago, during the traditional round of stare at the ceiling, waiting to fall asleep, I realized that I hadn't tried one of my usual jacket alterations, and I certainly had nothing to lose if I did try it and it didn't work. So last night, while watching a movie, I split the side seams from the hem to just below the waist, sewed some (amazingly tacky, WTF J. Peterman?) metal/rhinestone buttons into the interior of the hem for weights, and then finished all four of the new seams. Today I wore the jacket out. Oh hey, guess what? It no longer pulls/creases/crumples weirdly at my hips! It fits the way I wanted it to! I wasn't continually tugging at the hem!

So yay, I have (temporarily, I'm sure) soothed my never-ending craving for MOAR STRIPEY BLAZERS, with something I already owned. I'm kind of ridiculously smug about this.
So, I have this stripy blazer. It's by Ralph Lauren (thank you, Marshalls!), it's got a lovely shape, and I've done some tailoring to it to make it fit me even better. But the black stripes are a skosh narrow. They are not wide enough for my preferred Beetlejuice/circus aesthetic.

While I was waiting (and waiting, and waiting) to fall asleep last night, I was thinking about this blazer, and what I could do to it. "Oooh!" I thought, "I could take some 7/8" black ribbon and sew it down each stripe. Huh. Or I could paint over the stripes."

Now, in the vaguely rational light of day, I realize I perhaps should get a sanity check on these ideas. That's where you people come in.

2 photos of said blazer back here )

[Poll #1822431]

Help me, LJ hivemind! Be my sanity check! (Stop laughing.)
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( Jul. 31st, 2011 07:42 pm)
Today was busy. In addition to brunch with fabulous people, today was the big supply run for Mourning Market items. Blick art supplies, two thrift stores, Marshall's, Michael's ... I'm sure I'm forgetting somewhere.

Anyhoodle, I now have 8 pairs of blanks to make Cranky!Bloomers!! I have teacups to paint! I have books to make roses from! But it was a lot of running around, and now I am going to fall over. And watch episodes of True Blood with the Infamous BlueJay and Heather, because that's how we decompress around here.
I have been saying for ages that I need a summer version of my usual top hat. After noodling around teh interwebs, I found a place that sold straw versions of my preferred hat shape!


After an evening of watching a silly movie (2009's Dorian Gray, which is very pretty) while doing a lot of sewing:

All I have left to do is add a hat band and feathers. Yes, my crafting/D.I.Y. urge when it comes to my wardrobe kind of borders on mania, how clever of you to have noticed.
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( Jul. 28th, 2011 03:48 pm)
Since LJ is still trying to decide if it's really alive or not, I should probably get in the habit of posting here a bit more often, shouldn't I?

There's also the Google+ whatsit, but I haven't done ANYTHING with it, other than look at the mounting "So-and-so has added you to their Google+!" messages.

So. The super-secret gothy project that I was in PDX for over the weekend went well. I'm still fighting with the annoying Lyme Disease + what feels like a squillion other health issues. I still get randomly weepy about Mom. Oh, and my dayjob ends ... tomorrow, which means back to job hunting, which I loathe. Yes, I am a bundle of joy today. I devoutly hope that all of you peeps are feeling better than I am right now.

(This will all pass, I know it, and I'll probably be in a better mood, oh, tomorrow. But right now? Not so much. Feh.)

Since tonight is the Stroppy One's game night, I think I will spend it on the couch, watching comfort movies and working on a couple of my craft projects that have been waiting for my free time. Do I have free time right now? Oh goodness, no. But I am by G-d declaring tonight Free Time anyway.
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( Mar. 12th, 2011 06:07 pm)
The thrifting Powers That Be withheld their favor today. Okay, sure, I found a pair of pinstriped PVC trousers from Lip Service, and two tea cups with heart-shaped saucers, but did I find an ivory wedding dress at a reasonable price? Oh no, I did not. If I had realized LAST WEEKEND that I needed one, I probably would have found one. Hmmph.

I wonder if I can sweet-talk [ profile] maiaarts or my Dad into running to St. Vinnie's tomorrow? Is it worth it? Or should I just bite the bullet and make a long, vaguely Victorian-ish skirt from the bits and bobs of ivory fabric I have around. Questions, questions.
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( Mar. 5th, 2011 06:05 pm)
(But still no photos. I'll try and take some tonight, but I plan to be busy writing and doing a sewing project.)

Today, the ever-delightful [ profile] celadon_noise (hubby of [ profile] maiaarts, and the musical genius behind the "Dark Decorum", the music that is used in the Gothic Charm School videos) took me thrift shopping. He goes thrifting like I do: quickly. Sure, I can bimble around a thrift store and take ages, but my preferred method is a brisk pace, and seeing what jumps out at me.

(Yes, that's how I found the Fluevogs yesterday.)

Anyhoodle, we hit ::stops to count:: four thrift stores; three Goodwills, one Value Village.The loot, in list form: )

Aaaaaand, I may have figured out the solution to my need an ivory top hat dilemma! I will take one of my black top hats that is the right shape, and cover it with ivory lace. (As in, cut out and fit pieces, then tack them down with matching thread. Fiddly, yes, but something I can probably do in an evening while watching silly movies.)
(Mostly prompted because I have put Coppola's Dracula on in the background while I work. Oooh, Tom Waits as Renfield!)

Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions for how to accomplish the Dracula text skirt! I kind of want to create two versions of it:

- One with sections of text hand-written on the panels. ([ profile] kambriel and [ profile] staysonpaper, I want to talk to both of you about this crazy notion!) Do I want the text to be silver, or do I want to research using bleach pens? Hmmm.

- One made from custom-designed fabric. I have a hazy vision of ornate "picture frames" that contain excerpts in a fancy font. And bats.

I've wanted to do custom-designed fabric via Spoonflower for ... about as long as I've known about Spoonflower. The only catch is that the person who is the talented artist and graphics person of the household is fairly consistently busy. I know the design I want, but I do not have the skills to create it. So, I wait for the Stroppy One to have a break in his schedule.

(Well, two breaks in his schedule. Because the first bit of free time he has is going to be used up in designing the tattoo I'm getting in memory of Mom.)
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( Jan. 18th, 2011 02:00 pm)
Otherwise known as "what happens when Jilli sees things on tumblr, then realizes she has the supplies upstairs in the storage room":

(Yes, I had a spare pair of black flats AND an assortment of spikes. What?)

(Yes, I wore them to the office today. No writer is going to sass ME, I tell you what. Now if only the threat of spiky shoes would get the network to obey me.)

In other news, guess who just stapled the arm seam of her vintage blouse after it ripped? I'm just telling myself I'm oh-so-deathrock. Or something.

In other other news, Dear LJ front page, having one of your spotlight communities be one about tarantulas? With its creepy-crawly user icon? NOT OKAY, THANKS.
There's a Kickstarter for the amazing Transmetropolitan 2011 art book, which is going to feature some brilliantly-talented artists. Including my husband. If you can donate, please do!


Things I don't have time for (nor budget, really):

- I need to learn how to do stencils on fabric of somewhat elaborate fonts. I have a D.I.Y. project that depends on it. What I REALLY want is to embroider some phrases (in really elaborate fonts), but since (1) my embroidery skills aren't all that, and (2) I do not have the budget for a fancy-pants embroidery machine, stencils are probably the easier option.

- I need one of the 12 pound bag of bones. Yes, I do. I have at least three different projects that rely on my having reproduction human skeletal bits, not just hands. Anyone want to get me a bag of bones? ::grin

Another thing I don't have the budget for:

- [ profile] maiaarts and her hubby (who I think has an LJ, but I don't remember it at the moment) (EDIT: Ah-ha! [ profile] celedon, thank you [ profile] staxxy!) gave me a vintage fortune-telling tea cup for my birthday last month.

I really shouldn't become obsessed with collecting fortune-telling tea cups. I know this. But look at this one on eBay! Ooooh.


Okay, I must go Do Stuff, as I have plans for this evening!
I am getting dressed up and going out tonight! I'm not going to dance AT ALL, which makes me a little sad, but I know is the right thing to do. But I'm going out! I get to see people! Wheeee!

(EDIT: I just realized this means that I could dress up in an impractical-for-dancing manner. Ooooh. Time to go stare at the wardrobe.)


A look inside my brain: last night, while waiting to drift off to sleep, my brain goes "Hey, remember that one black skirt? The one you haven't worn in, like, a year? How about adding rows of black ruffles on the back panel, and two rows of black velvet buttons in the front? That sounds like a good plan." So now I have a new sewing project. On top of the gazillion other sewing projects. First I need to check my stash of button blanks and make about 20 black velvet buttons ...


I managed to get some writing done last night, yay! I have blown the deadline I set for myself, thanks to the continuing rounds of the Plague, but am determined not to fret about it. It is not the end of the world if I take more time to work on it and have more to send off. IT ISN'T, BRAIN, SHUT UP WITH THE FREAKING OUT, OKAY?


Tumblr just weirded me out a bit, in a nostalgic manner. An old photo of me in my big-haired, quasi-Deathrocker stage just surfaced on a Tumblr I follow. The photo has been online for a few years now, but I don't remember if I ever posted it on Tumblr. Wacky! Hey [ profile] jola, I'm assuming your Big Hair Challenge is about current-day big hair, not images from the Wayback Machine?
Thank you, [ profile] cupcakegothmom, for entrusting me with your Elna sewing machine.

Thank you, Infamous BlueJay, for getting me the automatic buttonhole attachment.

(I'm almost done with the alterations to a blazer that didn't quite fit. One pot of pink dye, a seam ripper, two lengths of D-ring tape, some ribbon, and nine buttons later, and it will look fantastic.)

(Oh argh, I have to iron the dratted thing. Hmmph.)
[ profile] corbaegirl very, um, helpfully points out that the "Ghastlies" fabric comes on a mauve background.

So, pink-toned and spooky? )

What I would probably do with the fabric is use it as a center panel in a 4-panel knee-length full skirt, with the rest of the panels made from black fabric. And with a 10" wide border of the "Ghastlies" on those black panels. (Which may be a bit beyond my pattern-drafting and geometry skills, but we'll see.)

I need to find someplace near me that has the mauve background version in stock, so I can take a look at the color in real life. Because my GOODNESS, that fabric is cute.
Look at this Alexander Henry "Ghastlies" fabric! (clicky-link to Etsy!) Ooooh, wouldn't it look darling as the border on a fluffy skirt? Help me decide, LJ Hivemind!

[Poll #1597752]
You know what happens when you're sick? You get fidgety. So over the course of a week, I finished an accessory I'd been thinking of.

A Cupcake Goth Deathrock spiked cuff )

Two layers of black velvet ribbon, gathered pink Venise lace, spiderweb-patterned tulle, and cone spikes. (I know I'm still sickly, because setting the grommets for the ribbon ties to go through and putting the spikes on made me really tired.)

The Stroppy One thinks it might be a Bit Too Much. I, however, am delighted with it. And now, of course, I'm idly considering making a b&w striped version of it.
- Thanks for all the input about the deathrock safety pin blazer idea, folks! I spent last night with the seam ripper and safety pins, and I think the jacket turned out splendidly. I am thinking of wearing it to Mourning Market on Sunday.

- Which leads me to my next point: Seattle people! Go to Mourning Market on Sunday! 12 - 5 PM at Motor, 1950 1st Ave S. Support your local alternative craftspeople!

- Last night, while the Stroppy One was working on a project and I was putting safety pins in a blazer, we watched The Vampire's Assistant. I was very pleasantly surprised by it! A far better movie than I had expected, and my only real quibble with it is also the reason I haven't read the Circ du Freak series: ZOMG GIANT SPIDER, DO NOT WANT, THANKS. Yes, the movie version of Octa was bright red and blue and a bit cartoonish. Still moved like a damn spider, and that's a big part of my phobia right there. Let's just say there were sections of the movie where I shrieked, hid behind [ profile] clovisdvlbunny, and waited for the Stroppy One to tell me when it was safe to look at the screen again. Hi, I'm a goth and I'm terrified of spiders.

- PSA for Aromaleigh users: the Voile and Glissade foundations are being discontinued, as are Pure Cover and Pure Rouge. Argh! I am consoling myself with the knowledge that mineral makeup doesn't ever go bad, and so have made an order to stock up on my precious Alabaster Glissade (with an extra jar of Ghost, just to be safe). And on my next Aromaleigh order, I need to stock up on the Bleeding Poppy and Skeleton Key shades from the limited edition Victoria's Revenge line.

Okay, time to finish my second pot of tea, edit some more docs, and then go play with makeup.
Sooooo, I've been looking at a lot of deathrock photos and pictures from this year's WGT over on Tumblr. Which is making me crave adding deathrock-y elements into my Victorian Cupcake Goth attire. I'm already going the route of layers of shredded tights and fishnets, but now I'm contemplating going one step further.

No, not shaving the sides of my head. Can you imagine what the Stroppy One would do? Sheesh.

I have an unlined, princess-seamed black blazer, made from stretch twill, that closes in the front with buckles instead of buttons. Notched lapels, and faux corset-lacing in the back to adjust the fit. I am thinking of taking my trusty seam ripper to the back seams, the seams where the sleeves connect to the blazer, and maybe the front seams. I'd open all of those seams up, and then "sew" them back together with safety pins. Many, many safety pins. And then wear the blazer over a high-collared, ruffly striped blouse and fluffy striped skirt. With petticoats, of course.

I can picture it clearly in my head, and *I* think it would look great. But I realize that sometimes I get these ideas, and I am ... easily blinded by the "Ooooh, shiny and new!" aspect of them. This is where you people come in!

[Poll #1576905]
Hey, sewing types! Refresh my memory: didn't Jo Ann's have a fabric last Halloween that was a stretchy knit that was pre-distressed? I could swear I've seen listings for such a thing on eBay under the name "zombie knit", but of course I can't find any now.

(I've been looking at a LOT of deathrock-y type photos lately, and I kind of want to create a deathrock-ish version of one of my usual outfits. High-collared, frilly blouse, full ruffly skirt, but with overlays of tattered and shredded fabric. Have I lost my sugar-enhanced mind? I dunno. It sounds fun to ME, anyway.)

(Heeeeeey, I think I have about 4 or 5 yards of heavy-weight fishnetty fabric upstairs in the storage room ...)

(Or I could get a lace blouse from a thrift store, distress it/melt holes in it, and wear it over a camisole. But what to do about the skirt?)

(I like parenthetical statements!)
(Because today's Work At Home Friday involves helping out with a looming content freeze, so I'm not going to be around much.)

Have any of you ever had something engraved? I have a possibly clever plan involving getting some silver items engraved, but I have no idea what sort of price range I'm looking at. It wouldn't be zomg! fancy designs, just words.

Or is there a way to do at-home engraving and get professional-looking results? (I'm assuming no, but you people are clever.)

Thanks for any answers, gang! Now, back to line edits.


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