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( Jun. 29th, 2017 05:37 pm)
Welp, it's time for me to go to my doctor and get some recommendations for specialists and/or tests.

  1. To see if there's a visible or obvious reason why the vertebrae at the base of my skull slide slightly out of alignment so damn often. Because wheee, that's one of the migraine triggers, I know that much.

  2. To see if there's some sort of test that can be done to determine the cause of the sinus migraines, because we're in the season where they ramp up dramatically. Is there some sort of plant or spore that's present during the summer that I'm allergic to? Is it some sort of weird seasonal pervasive barometric issue?
    (Weirdly, for all that I hate the burning orb, the sun and heat don't really cause me problems when I'm in California, so I suspect it's something environmental.)

One of the massage therapists at the spa is good at scalp and facial massage. And by good, I mean a miracle worker who I think presses my sinuses back into place, and make the sinus migraine retreat. But flinging myself into her merciful hands every week seems a bit much.

... at least I'm not in pain now? I've got the fuzzy brain and incoherency of a post-migraine hangover, but I don't want to drill holes in my face anymore.
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( Jun. 26th, 2017 09:28 pm)
I have turned into some sort of ridiculous food hipster. Well, only a little bit? Maybe?

  • Because I am a lazy cook AND I am kinda-sorta following a ketogenic diet, I am perfectly willing to keep my freezer stocked with bags of pre-made cauliflower "rice". Tonight it meant I could make a faux mac 'n cheese. The cauliflower rice made a good binder/vehicle for ALL THE CHEESE (and bacon).

  • Speaking of cheese, I Have Opinions about what brand of the puffed cheese bites are the best. (They're ... baked puffs of cheese. That's it. Om nom nom.) For the record, Trader Joe's makes the best ones.

  • Did you know that there are organic, non-gmo pork rinds and pork cracklings? I bet you didn't. Not gonna lie tho', they're delicious. And fill that need salty crunchy snack NOW craving that I still get.

  • But you want really ridiculous food hipster? There's a store in PDX I may have mentioned before: The Meadow. They sell cocktail bitters, fancy chocolate, and fancy salt. That's it. I just mail-ordered cocoa nib and vanilla sea salts. (To be fair, it's one of my favorite stores in PDX, and I try to go there when I'm in town. But still. I just mail-ordered fancy salt.)

... and that's not even getting into how our household only buys coffee from a local artisan coffee roaster and uses a cult favorite coffee press every day.
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( Jun. 25th, 2017 10:43 pm)
Cartomancy, but no kitty; she’s bimbling around the basement, looking for another giant moth.

Halloween Tarot: Four of Pumpkins (Four of Pentacles).

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( Jun. 24th, 2017 10:49 pm)
Cartomancy and kitty!

Halloween Tarot: Page of Ghosts (Page of Cups).

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( Jun. 22nd, 2017 10:29 pm)
Cartomancy + kitty! And trying out my new sparkly gold fountain pen ink

Halloween Tarot: Six of Imps (Six of Wands in traditional decks).

Six of Imps and Miss Erzabet No Biting
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( Jun. 20th, 2017 08:29 pm)
Last week, The Husband was gone, off doing the Artist Thing at a M:tG event in Vegas. This means that even tho' my usual bedtime routine involves sleep meds, my sleep was not ... how should I put this? Restful. Constant waking up to various degrees.

Then, to add another layer of sleep deprivation: Today was the start of three days of early morning planning meetings for work. I'm in favor of planning meetings! I totally support having them! But almost my entire team is located in Ottawa, which means East Coast time zone. Today's meetings started at 6am my time, and went through (with breaks) to 1pm. Wednesday's round of meetings start at 7am, and then back to 6am start for Thursday. This sort of schedule, combined with my delayed sleep phase disorder, means that I'm going to feel off-kilter jetlagged to hell without any travel for all of this week.

Aaaaaaaand, on top of all this: I had an awful migraine all day yesterday. On top of the off-and-on migraine I'd had for a week. I finally agreed with The Husband that maybe my neck was out? And yeah, I probably should make an appointment with the chiropractor? So I went in this afternoon, and my chiro cheerfully informed me that not only was my neck out in the usual spot (right at the base of my skull), but that my lower back was out on the right side, and oh hey, I had a rib out of place on each side, in different spots.


After lots of clicks and crunches, hey presto! The migraine immediately lessened. The chiro also told me that according to my chart I come in every two months or so, which means that my idle thought that I should get some sort of x-rays or other imaging done to see if there's something going on with my neck needs to be not so idle anymore.
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( Jun. 18th, 2017 10:19 pm)
Dragged the cards out of their resting place in an iron cauldon.

Halloween Tarot: King of Ghosts (King of Cups in traditional decks).

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Change.

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( Jun. 12th, 2017 11:08 pm)
Today our internet provider was doing work in our neighborhood, which mean ahahahahahah no internet. As someone who works from home for a tech company, this was less than ideal. In theory, at least. In reality, I worked on content offline, and occasionally checked my work email via my phone.

The Great Decluttering of the bedroom is almost done. There's one small corner left, and that's probably not being touched until next week, because two and a half days of yanking everything out, sorting and boxing things, and cleaning has left me a leetle worn out.

I bagged up 35 t-shirts to donate. I still have a large drawer-full that I'm keeping, because you will pry my concert shirts out of my undead hands. My vintage The Cure shirt! My Sisters of Mercy shirt from the early 2000s! OMG MY DAVID BOWIE SHIRT, from ... again, an early 2000s tour. (Pardon me while I get angry all over again about the ex-boyfriend of mine who made off with a lot of my old concert shirts. I had a shirt from the Sound + Vision tour. HAD. Grrrrr.)

Anyway, progress on the Great Decluttering!
Oh right, because there comes a point in every packrat's life where they need to clean and organize. And I'll admit, I do like the end result! It's just getting there is very tedious.

Day Two of the Great Decluttering! STATUS UPDATE:

  • Huh, I made a bunch of lace jabots some years in the past? I don’t remember doing that. But there they were, sitting in a hat box on an upper shelf.

  • I found the lost kingdom of black rubber bracelets.

  • THAT’s where that box of fans went! Into the bin for the Eldergoth Surprise Boxes you go.

  • Awww, remember when someone at Hot Topic HQ was lurking on alt.gothic and lifting phrases to be turned into stickers? I apparently bought a bunch of them, then put them “someplace safe”, where they haven’t seen the light of day for … well, let’s just say a while.

  • HOLY BATS A COMPLETE SET OF BPAL IMPS FOR THE ORIGINAL RELEASE OF AMERICAN GODS. I don’t know why you forgot about these, past self, but thank you?

  • That’s where those two tiny perfume bottle necklaces went!


And dust. So much dust, OMG.
Today was the start of the Great Uncluttering, which is going to be an ongoing project this summer. Today was the day I tackled the bedroom. My main goal was to completely clear the area behind the dresser/in front of one of my wardrobes. That's the section where all the shoes and boots live, and it usually turns into a heap of petticoats and skirts.

I was ruthless about sorting through some bins that lived in that corner, that were full of fabric scraps and assorted paper. A whole lot went in the trash and recycling, and there are multiple bags of fabric pieces that are going to the local thrift store to be recycled there.

Or, as I said over on Tumblr, STATUS UPDATE:

  • Not devoured by petticoats, boots, or velvet skirts.

  • Have discovered the bedroom floor in that corner.

  • Have culled a whole bunch of clothes (including vintage Lip Service) for selling later. (eBay or Poshmark? I need to figure that out.)

  • Put together an entire bin of gothy accessories, fabric, and ephemera for upcoming Eldergoth Surprise Boxes.

Over on FB today, after a few posts trying to identify a Seattle band from Back In The Day (it was Sky Cries Mary), I made the following post:

ALSO (since apparently I'm serial-posting while finishing my first pot of tea), what is it about the start of summer that makes me nostalgic for the Seattle Goth Experience of the 90s?

This is the time of year I get all wistful about shops gone by from the Ave (Junkman's Daughter, Body Scent, Twice Sold Tales, weird dark small coffee shops, and all the tiny import shops full of cheap silver jewelry and floaty skirts), and I want to burn a lot of incense (which I don't do because it doesn't agree with Pete's breathing.)

Anyway, my brain is an odd, odd place.

When my memory went WAITAMINUTE, I searched through my tags here.

I wrote a version of that post on July 22, 2015.

I guess what this actually means is that if someone were to start selling vintage goth magazines (mostly Ghastly and Bats and Red Velvet) and those black gauzy skirts with sequins and sparkly embroidery, they'd probably make a killing off of me.
Random Fashion Musing:

Lately, I have really gotten into the idea of dickies or lace collars. Now that warmer weather (ugh!) is looming, they're the perfect thing to keep my gothy antique aesthetic going while allowing me to not die of heat stroke.

Current favorite leaving-the-house outfit:

- Floofy skirt(s)
- Dickie
- Black tank top
- Lace overdress

Still all lightweight, breathable fabrics, but even fancier-looking that previous summergoth wear! And it turns out that there are a BUNCH of different dickie/collar styles on Amazon, because fast fashion or something.

Next, I need to look into making my own from blouses I find at the thrift store. Because I totally need more projects right now, yep.
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( May. 31st, 2017 01:56 pm)
Things I need to do, that I probably won't have time to until ... this weekend?


- Write down my notes/brainstorm ideas for Wacky Project, so I get them out of my head, can create an outline, and start talking to people about what I want to do and how to go forward.

- Write down the notes about the OTHER project.

- Read B's stuff, give him feedback.

- Look at J's resume, give him feedback.
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( May. 28th, 2017 01:57 pm)

  • I have deleted my LJ. That was very bittersweet. I also posted about it over on FB, mostly in the hopes of luring more people over here to DW. I want there to be a return to long-form blogging on a social network,
    complete with people commenting! Will it happen? No idea. But I want it to.

  • Over on Tumblr and FB, I burbled about the silver replica of the ankh from The Hunger that I have, and how I'm constantly on the search for another one, because what if I lose the one I have?! This led to someone putting me in touch with the original silversmith here in Seattle, so I messaged him. Yep, he can still make them, but with the effort involved and the rise in silver prices, it would cost $250. I still may save up for it.

  • UGH, summerlike weather. I'm not ready for it. No, I never will be.

  • I have been successfully talked out of the Killstar mesh Lilith maxi dress. I was eyeing it because I have a ridiculous weakness for nu-goth pop culture occult clothing, and I was idly thinking that (much like the other ridiculous occult symbol dress I bought from them years ago) I could add wide lace gores to the sides and back of the skirts, then wear it over a sundress and petticoats. But as a few people pointed out, the black-on-black embroidery would only show up over skin or light colors, so it wouldn't look the way I wanted it to. ALSO, I wasn't seriously considering buying it, because I have recently learned that Killstar has a habit of ripping off ideas and designs from independant designers, and I don't want to support that.

  • But silly pop culture occult clothing! What I should do is buy a bunch of the black rayon sundresses from Dharma Trading Co., then have Thea paint things on them for me. Because summer is when I revert to my full-on witchy Stevie Nicks fashion roots.

  • What else? Now that work stress has dropped and I'm on new brain meds, I've been able to brainstorm some other projects. We'll see if I can make this summer a productive one, writing-wise. (In addition to finally (FINALLY) tackling the Great Uncluttering.)

  • But tomorrow? Tomorrow I am spending on the couch, reading vintage gothic romances. While wearing a ruffled white nightgown. Because I CAN.

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( May. 26th, 2017 03:11 pm)
Soooooo I've talked about this ridiculous modified* ketogenic diet that I'm doing, and how much it's helped with my inflammation and chronic pain issues. And it has, a LOT.

I've also talked about how I'm not actually doing it for weight loss, but that's a side effect I'll happily take.

Today I pulled some things out of the depths of the closets. I'm not gonna lie, being able to fit back into a couple of the bat wing hem overdresses that the Infamous BlueJay made me is fantastic.

*Modified because I have not actually started tracking my macro nutrients yet, I've just been eyeballing it. (I figure if I'm eating more fat than protein, and as few carbs as possible, I'm doing okay, and my results so far seem to support that.) I have to look into the various tracking apps and make sure that calorie counting is optional on them. Counting calories is a fast track to Crazytown for me.
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( May. 25th, 2017 11:05 pm)
Thanks to a community I read here on DW*, I have learned there's a whole area of K-beauty products that I was oblivious to.

Gold. As in actual gold, the metal, included in sheet masks, facial cremes, primers, and toners.

Now, I will admit, the wacky skin mask sheets are like catnip to me, which is why I own something called SNAIL BEE ESSENCE. (To be fair, my skin really likes that mask, but still. SNAIL BEE ESSENCE.) But gold! There is something so deliriously ridiculous and over-the-top about smearing gold on your face that I'm completely charmed by the idea.

Plus, as an added bonus, the mangled translation of product text is something to behold. How can you not want a cosmetic product with sell text like It's one of the masks that could make my face super soft inside out! You can feel the softness just by pressing into your cheeks and it gives that "boing boing" effect, loosely translated to "bouncy bouncy".

BOING BOING. BOUNCY BOUNCY. Sure, let's apply those adjectives to skin!

*This will possibly out me to other people on that anon community, but I think I already know the (two?) people who read my DW and that comm.
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( May. 18th, 2017 10:07 pm)
I apparently am still in the denial stage about the news about Chris Cornell. I won't say it doesn't seem possible, but it still seems unreal.

I never really knew him, but the Seattle music scene in the late 80s / early 90s was an incredibly small world. I ended up at basement shows and house parties with a lot of people who went on to become famous in the grunge scene, and I will always have a lot of emotions tied up in that music.

One of the best concerts I ever went to was the KISW Rising Star show on November 17, 1988. The lineup:

Mother Love Bone*


Jane's Addiction

Today's news also sent me on a weird search for the existence of a Soundgarden t-shirt that I owned long ago, bought at the show they headlined for Bumbershoot 1990. I found it on a Japanese vintage clothing shop, where apparently it sold for almost $200. My shirt has long since vanished, thanks to one of my exes. I'm connected to him on FB; I'm a tiny bit tempted to message him and see if he still has my damn shirt, because I want it back. But I think I'll let that bit of the past go, and just think fondly of the concerts. (Not of the ex, that's for damn sure.)

*(And I still have moments of being mad at Andy Wood for the waste of his life and talent.)
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( May. 15th, 2017 12:15 pm)
Let's see, where were we ... last week, I returned from Disneyland (yes, I miss the Haunted Mansion, thank you for asking), worked two days, and then hopped on a bus to Portland for the Vampire Ball.

What these photos don't really show: the almost entire can of glitter hairspray that I covered myself with. Every Halloween season, Value Village/Savers stocks glitter hairspray that is not really hairspray, but is microglitter in an aerosol. It is AMAZING. It is also insidious; I suspect I'm never going to get all the glitter out of that dress, which is fine with me, but The Husband will make That Face about it.

The event was lovely; in fact, it was one of the better VMBs of the past few years. There were a wide range of performers, and the new layout of the Melody Ballroom was wonderful. While I missed the previous stage (which has been removed in the remodel), having the stage directly opposite the doors to the main ballroom was great.

Rhias came down for the event -- her first ever time at VMB! -- and had a great time. She looked fantastic, and the headpiece she made was epic.


Sunday morning, before I wandered off to the bus home, I indulged in a stuffed waffle at the hotel restaurant. (Stuffed with Brie and ham, and topped with pear compote.) It was delicious. I am paying for it now. I know part of what I'm feeling is exhaustion -- it's been a busy couple of weeks! -- but the upswing in brain fog and joint pain? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's due to the whacking great block of carbs & gluten I had. I guess I know for sure now that I can't eat like that anymore? Ugh, send coffee and laudanum.
I am rethinking parts of my outfit for Vampire Ball.


. . .

I know. I KNOW. I am ridiculous. But while I liked the burgundy lace dress and burgundy skirt at Bats Day, I don't think it will be elaborate enough for VMB, even with the addition of the sequinned lace collar/breastplate. Also, I cannot find the antique sequinned velvet & lace overskirt that I was planning on wearing over the burgundy skirt. The house has eaten it.

The outfit I'm kinda-sorta planning, and will do a test-run of tomorrow:

- Ankle-length, accordion-pleated A-line metallic silver skirt, worn over a petticoat, which means it won't be pleated anymore, but have interesting textural details.

- Ankle-length black tulle skirt, which has 3 layers of wide tulle ruffles, trimmed in black lace.

- Black satin overbust corset.

- Black lace dress, which I will do a quick bit of gathering to two points in the back so it has a sort of polonaise effect.

- Black sequinned lace collar/breastplate thing.

- Hair pulled up (with a teased fall to add a lot more volume without having to completely backcomb my real hair), sprayed with micro-glitter spray, and a black and blackened-burgundy rose crown.
I did not move into the Haunted Mansion. Not for lack of trying, tho', because I went on that ride TWENTY TIMES IN FIVE DAYS. Yes, seriously, and that's a new record for me.

I went on other rides, too. Pirates, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad, the teacups (wheee! spinny!), Alice's Adventures, the carousel, the Tiki Room, the Jungle Cruise, Monsters Inc., ... I just went on the Mansion the most. Because it is my spiritual home.

I also went to the Bats Day Black Market, which was lovely, and saw a bunch of my loved ones who live in CA. I miss everyone already.

In case anyone didn't see the photos and wants to, everything got posted to my Instagram:

Now I catch up on work for two days, then head off to PDX for the Vampire Masquerade Ball.


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